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As Wu-Tang producer Tarik “Cilvaringz” Azzougarh and group leader RZA retained IP and other rights in the album, their cooperation was an important part of orchestrating the deal.

In working with both the U.S. Government and Wu-Tang rights holders, PleasrDAO joined forces with NFT consultancy group 6 Agency — headed by Grammy winner DJ RAC, Georgio Constantinou and Jesse Grushack — for the multimillion dollar purchase.

“This album is one of the most significant chapters in modern music history, ushering in the concept of scarcity in music, which has continued to build its way into digital art,” Georgio Constantinou of 6 Agency said in a statement to nft now.

Wu tang nft

An unheard hip-hop album once owned by the US Government now has an NFT. The new owners of the (in)famous Wu-Tang Clan album ‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’ have revealed themselves as PleasrDAO, a “collective of DeFi leaders, early NFT collectors and digital artists.” They have minted an NFT to represent proof of ownership.Why it’s important

This is just the latest twist in the album’s story.
The album has become almost mythical amongst fans despite them never having had the chance to hear it.

  • It was written and sold in 2015 as a protest about the state of the music industry but many say it was hijacked.
  • This latest development seems to take it back to its intended purpose and should let fans hear it for the first time.

Wu tang album nft

The NFT will include never-before-released music from Method Man, 3D animations, and apparel.

Essentially, in terms of apparel, the NFT owner can get a VIP rewards card from the American rapper’s clothing line Tical Athletics. Last year, Method Man also launched a cannabis brand that leverages the name Tical as well.
The Wu-Tang rapper coined the cannabis term ‘Tical’ back in 1993 and it’s been represented in hip-hop culture ever since. The Tical World NFT art will also be signed by Method Man and the artist Smetsky.

Method Man Teams up With Flow Blockchain and Tunego

The NFTs will feature the only copies of the original Tical World characters which will be issued on the Flow blockchain, the same protocol that issues NBA Top Shot.
NFT collectors will be able to capture “community-owned crypto-characters,” according to a write-up published by Rolling Stone.

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That was a concern; is anyone going to buy it now that Shkreli’s got it?” Bozorgmehr acknowledges. “If you were being asked to part with millions of dollars and the previous owner was Shkreli, apart from not wanting to be associated with his profile, what if this guy’s got copies? He could just put it out there.”

On top of that, the involvement of the feds made some crypto-heads nervous. When Grushack started soft reach-outs to gauge interest in the community, he was met with responses like: “DOJ?! I don’t want to have my name anywhere near that!”

Johnson with other members of PleasrDAO, which he describes as “a collective of artists, anons, crypto degens, cypherpunks, and visionaries.”

Griffin Lotz for Rolling Stone

Grushack and Constantinou embarked on a monthslong “crawl through the whales of crypto.” Their pitch? “Hey, we have this thing.

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Payne, El Camino, Rome Streetz, Shyheim, Rahzel, Kyah Baby, Willie The Kid, Solomon Childs, Erick Sermon, Keith Murray, Mally G, Nicole Bus, P.U.R.E., Wize Beatz, and more. Mathematics will be releasing a short film alongside the LP and an NFT collection.

The Mathematics NFT Collection, “No Pork On My Fork,” is available for purchase today at themanbehindthew.io with Mint listed at .04 ETH.

About Mathematics

Ronald Maurice Bean, AKA Mathematics, is not only the official DJ for the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, a platinum-selling producer and considered by many as the gatekeeper of the Wu-Tang sound is also the creator of the infamous and iconic Wu-tang logo.

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With the support of TuneGO, it is possible to own both the original physical, and digital, renderings of Tical World comic characters, all minted via the blockchain. As more artists introduce creative content through the minting of NFTs, we can help them prove they own what they create, and trade what they create as unique assets that can’t be copied or replaced.”

The enhanced, patented TuneGO Vault, launched earlier this year, is a first-of-its-kind solution giving artists and labels full control over the entire creative process, providing the ability to establish a chain of custody for a song, or pieces of artwork, prior to the minting of an NFT.

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Marshals is just the latest odd episode in the life ofOnce Upon a Time in Shaolin, which was bought by an anonymous entity in July. On Wednesday, a group called PleasrDAO revealed that it was ultimately behind the purchase, which cost the collective $4 million.

Wu-Tang auctioned off the album, which was both lambasted as an elitist stunt-art hoax and embraced as a shrewd protest against digitization’s erosion of music’s value, for $2 million in 2015. The buyer back then was Martin Shkreli, a hedge-fund and pharmaceutical executive who was quickly becoming one of the most reviled men in America.Once Upon a Time in Shaolinwas subsequently seized by the U.S.

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Wu-Tang Clan’s Ticalion Stallion Method Man to Drop ‘Tical World’ NFT Comic Art

Clifford Smith Jr., better known by his stage name Method Man from the rap supergroup the Wu-Tang Clan, announced plans to launch a non-fungible token (NFT) collection called “Tical World.” The tokenized comics and Killa Beez-centric art was designed by the New York artist Alex Smetsky.

Wu-Tang Member Method Man to Launch Killa Beez-Centric NFTs

The popular member of the rap supergroup Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man has revealed he’s stepping into the non-fungible token (NFT) industry. Method Man is releasing an NFT comic series called the “Tical World” chronicles and “Part 1: The Origin,” which offers a slew of features from the Wu-Tang rapper.

Then, they minted the Wu Tang clan’s album ownership deed as a NFT.

Actually, the NFT collectors are famous for tokenizing the original ‘dog meme’ back in June for $4 million.

Originally, US government seized the album from pharmaceutical kingpin, turned felon, Martin Shkreli. In fact, it helped cover the balance of a $7.4 million forfeiture money agreement that was part of Shkreli’s sentencing agreement in 2018.
Shkreli, who is still serving out a seven year prison sentence, bought the album for $2 million in 2015.

A short history of “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin”

“Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” is the seventh studio album from American hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan. Incredibly, they only made a single copy upon its release in 2015.

Doge meme and purchasing Edward Snowden’s “Stay Free” artwork for 2,224 Ether, first approached the DOJ in April. Deal talks heated up by June and were finalized a month later.

PleasrDAO did not return requests for comment, but attorney Peter Scoolidge, who handled the purchase for the collective, told The Post that the group could exploit the intellectual property rights of the album by expanding ownership of the album to fans, for instance.

“From my perspective, the coolest aspect of the album is the creative use of property and contract rights to the music as an element of the art,” he said.

The lawyer, who was one of the few people to listen to “Shaolin,” added that he expects the collective to throw exclusive listening parties or gallery-style exhibitions to the album.

“It’s great music,” Scoolidge said of the album.

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We are proud to work with Method Man, and a variety of other artists, to secure the ownership rights to the content they bring to today’s audiences in new ways.”

The environmentally friendly Tical World™ uses Proof-of-State design principles via Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain, consuming thousands of times less energy than traditional Proof-of-Work blockchains like Ethereum. Combined with the TuneGO Vault, Method Man’s first NFT drop incorporates the world’s most advanced and environmentally friendly technology solutions for content security, creative rights protection, and equitable royalty collection.

“The patented TuneGO Vault complements blockchain technology by adding an extra layer of transparency that enhances the long-term value of an NFT’s artwork and creative content throughout its lifespan,” said John Kohl, Co-Founder and CEO of TuneGO.

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