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The project has an average community size but with a very proportionate distribution among Twitter and Discord (1,2k Twitter & 1k Discord), which in my books usually means a legitimate community. The attention that the project gets is amazing and without any giveaways attracting it. Discord is run by Moderators that is not clear if they are part of the team but are all very friendly and helpful. Finally, some engagement with other CNFT projects is noticeable as well from the fanarts created by the artist.

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I can tell that a lot of work was put into this creation.

Woodlands nft

In the latest edition of our interview series we talk to the man behind the unique NFT project, Wood Lords.

Differing from a lot of CNFT drops these NFTs start life as physical bits of wood, cut and shaped to form faces and accessories before being transferred to the digital world to be finished off.

Tell us a little about the project, what type of artwork is it, what size drop?

Season one mint will be 1000 (One thousand) unique tokens.

The project began as an idea of combining a couple of things that I love. First is woodworking and the second is new tech!

Each Wood Lord starts with a hand carved block of wood locally sourced and a few accessories.

Woodlords nft

The process of producing each NFT is a very manual process and it starts with wood carving, wood sanding and finding the right accessories for each character. After that I set up the correct lighting and take a photo.
Once I have a few raw images, I move to the iPad and start processing these images and bring them to life as new characters.

What makes this project unique?

Wood Lords are unique because they are real-life art pieces that can be bought in our auction and displayed on a mantel or desk to go with the NFT in your digital wallet.

The uniqueness of Wood Lords comes from the fact that these are handmade objects, and some of the wood pieces used in this project are shaped by the random forces of nature like oceans and streams.

I have a collection of wood pieces that I acquired while going on hikes or trips to the beach.

In the example structre I only have one chracter morpheus

Metadata Setup

Metadata files don’t need to be full and rather only the placeholders you will provide based on the project policy you created.


In order to upload you will need to run upload.py -h to see the help messages.

❯ python3 upload.py -f morpheus –ids 0501 INFO: Working on asset WoodCastleProject0501 Delete

If you made mistakes and you want to deleting a token from the API you can do so with the delete.py -h script.

Minting Token

On the day of mint you might want to mint some random tokens or minting specific tokens with token-ids, you can do that with the mint.py -h script.

You can also mint.py to mint random token for your team.

Daisy’s Date – Cardano NFT

A concept that reminds me of Bridget Jone’s Diary, with a touch of romance and the goal to support real-life relationships.


The main character of the project is called Daisy and the concept is around her life. We are going to see her life as if we could watch a tv series.
In other words, through art we will be able to experience Daisy with her friends, on her dates, as a wife, mother and grandmother. Furthermore, the team states that their goal is to promote healthy relationships.
As far as I can understand it will happen with the metadata suggestions. For instance, you will have the choice to follow such a suggestion and possibly improve your relationships with friends, family etc.


The team consists of three members: a lead developer, an artist, and a social media manager.

This will give the lucky person an opportunity to own a physical Lord and be able to switch its features to match their NFTs.

Season Two

More awesome things to come, we are in the testing phases of different materials and characters to fit in the Wood Castle universe.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far with this project?

It is so fun to deal with all the challenges with this project. I like a good challenge, that’s how I stay in the zone and focus more on the task.

The main challenge with Wood Lords is ensuring the quality of the images are up to standard.
I hate to see imperfections in the images, because of that I take my time in creating and processing these images.

Still patiently waiting for Hydra!

Is there a roadmap for the future of the project?

Yes, we are planning the following:

Season One

Everyone will be able to get their hands on a Wood Lord! This will be a General Availability mint.

There will be a total of 1000 NFTs Each NFT will be unique (1 of 1) 10 Characters will be announced Drop Dates will be in winter of 2021


An Auction will be held for a chance to own a physical Wood Lord. The main pieces used in our Wood Lords will be put together as a set with all the different eyes, hats, features and shipped to the highest bidder.

I hope at some point one of these minting services would consider evaluating CNFT projects before publishing.

Just like any reputable book publishers. A top publishing house won’t publish any book! They study the script and weed through books before publishing.

We do need more of that!

What about the team behind the project? Tell us a bit about the team and what has lead you to this project.

For the most part this project was a one man show. From conception until a few weeks ago I was running the show alone.

I had the idea and just ran with it! My experience in woodworking helped a lot.

I’ve built a few wood art pieces before but they were mostly to hang around my home office or give out to friends and family.

After browsing around the CNFT community I did notice that nobody is using organic materials.

Find her @callnighthawke

What got the team interested in Blockchain and NFT’s?

A friend had mentioned Bitcoin a while back, however I just recently got more involved in the technology and started a Cardano node to understand how inputs & outputs are created.

I read more about the technology of blockchains and the use cases. I think IOHK is doing a great job with decentralization and community building with a big vision to give the unbanks a more stable financial life.

NFTs on Cardano are great because they are native and with smart contracts enabled last month we are on the right track.

Not enough time is my biggest challenge.

Of all the platforms you could have chosen to launch on, why Cardano?

Main reason for choosing Cardano was the team behind Cardano and the amount of research that was put into building the blockchain.

Second, the community is a very close-knit group especially in the NFT space. In addition to the fact that Tokens are native assets and transaction fees are low.

IOHK is doing a great job at building the community.
I recently got involved in voting for cool projects to be funded in the Catalyst Project which is super cool as it unlocks the creativity of the community. Anyone can submit a proposal and we all vote on it.

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