Women’s pride nft

women's pride nft

The artwork in the WAW nft collection includes over 200+ special attributes created by the talented artist Sara Baumann.

She is also known as “Sparky” who pursued her career as a full-time Occupational Therapist, working in the hospital system, while she selling her NFT art on the side.

The bold NFT project was launched back in October 2021 and the initial art collection of 10,000 pieces sold out on launch day!

**Check out this interview about the NFT artist onMedium.

The NFTs (non-fungible tokens) were intentionally equipped with weapons like daggers, brass knuckles, and nunchucks to help showcase and bring more power to women in an era where they were viewed as less powerful.

Women’s pride nft collection

OpenSea marketplace homepage (the largest NFT marketplace).

Note: Any user can view the current and past activity for any nft collection listed on OpenSea for the last 7, 14, 30, 60, and 90 days, the last year, and the all-time history of the NFT.

The NFT collection is also listed 19th on the top nft charts at crypto.slam.io (where you can find current NFT data, nft rankings, sales volume, market cap, etc.), as you can see in the image below.

Here is some additional data from crypto.slam.io (broken down by each month) for World of Women (WoW) non-fungible token showing the amount of USD and ETH transacted, the amount of unique buyers, and the average sale of their NFTs.

**Please Note:All rankings and data for the nft projects listed in this blog can change at any time. This data was acquired in February 2022.

Women’s pride nft

Alpha Girl Club

About the Alpha Girl Club (AGC) NFT collection

Who are the Alpha Girls?

The now sold-out Alpha Girl Club (also known as “AGC”) is an NFT art collection of 10,000 hand-illustrated alphas ranging from eye-catching colors, traits, and themes.

The theme of the collection is NFT experiences should be felt in the physical world, not just online in the metaverse and online.

The NFT project also offers exclusive IRL (in real life) experiences, events, airdrops for any AGC holders, community, or NFT collectors where they will receive goodies and collectibles.

The art project is also creating custom tools like wallpapers, shirts, merch, poster export, and more.

On the other hand, AllBright Meta is a well-known women’s network that is launching an HQ in Decentraland.

What else is the company doing to empower women?

Masha Vyazemskaya, head of communications at Rarible, comments on the company’s work towards gender equality: “In tandem with our support of female NFT creators, we also champion women leadership within our organization. Alongside myself as the head of communications, Rarible has recruited stellar women to help pioneer our initiatives.”

She continued, “We are on a mission to continuously support the groundbreaking women that have contributed so much to our platform and the NFT ecosystem as a whole.
One way we do so is by promoting female-led projects on Rarible.”

Through this work, Rarible is quickly becoming a leader in bridging the NFT gender gap.

Nyla’s NFT collection quickly made history and gained mass mainstream attention where a variety of news outlets started talking and writing stories about her nft project and celebrities like Eva Longoria, Logan Paul, Reese Witherspoon, and many others purchased her nft artwork.

You can see in this quick video where Eva Longoria displays her Long Neckie Ladies NFTs, plus other NFTs in her personal metaverse space.

Here’s another image from Nyla’s Instagram account where she highlights one celebrity from her NFTs Holders Club.

Nyla displays the nine Long Neckie Ladies Logan Paul purchased from her nft collection for around $37,000 or at the time 12.3 ETH.

The inspirational teen NFT artist has been seen on CNN, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Investing.com, Black Enterprise, AfroTech, plus many more.


If you’d like to hear more about what Reese thinks of The Flower Girls NFT listen to this recent podcast episode by nft Now.

Reese Witherspoon shares her story of how she got into NFTs and how she hopes to establish equitable gender representation in NFTs and web3.

“As I got more educated about NFTs I realized there’s just so much opportunity for women to own their own work…..

I think it’s really important as new worlds are being built that we bring consciousness to female creators and female entrepreneurs that is an opportunity to own your work in perpetuity.”

Would you like to learn more about the Flower Girls NFT or community? If so, check out any of the links below:

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  • OpenSea Marketplace

  • Twitter

  • Website


This data was acquired during the month of February 2022 at the time of writing this blog.

Would you like to learn more about the Rebel Society NFT or community? If so, check out any of the links below:

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  • OpenSea Marketplace

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  • Website

7. The Flower Girls NFT

About The Flower Girls NFT Collection:

The Flower Girls is an NFT collection that consists of 10,000 unique Flower Girls that were generated from over 950 hand-drawn traits.

The up-and-coming NFT project was created by Varvara Alay on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Flower GIrls collection is also a charitable one.

Emerging Artist of the Year and the Future 50’s most influential people in tech in 2021.

Nyla has also created a few other NFT collections like:

  • https://opensea.io/collection/timepieces-woty

  • https://opensea.io/collection/long-neckie-0001

Would you like to learn more about the Long Neckie Ladies NFT art collection or community? If so, check out the links below:

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  • Rarity

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  • Website

Final Thoughts + Resources

There’s no doubt why each one of these inspiring women-led NFT collections was highlighted.

These empowering and motivational women, girls, and the examples in this blog highlight the many benefits of learning about NFTs, web 3.0, the blockchain, and crypto.

We hope to remind all the innovators and disruptors, who will notice our Boss Beauties portrait as they walk the halls of the NYSE that women can be everything they want.”

Make HISTORY with us!!! 🚀🚀🚀

Funding a SCHOLARSHIP in honor of Louise Jones, the YOUNGEST woman to have a seat at the NYSE!✨

Currently displayed outside the iconic Muriel Siebert Boardroom, honoring the FIRST woman to EVER have a seat at the NYSE!✨https://t.co/l8G8cvscM4pic.twitter.com/coGkndSgle

— Boss Beauties (@BossBeautiesNFT) October 18, 2021

Would you like to learn more about the #BossBeautiesnft collection or their community? If so, check out the links below:

  • Discord

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  • OpenSea Marketplace

  • Rarity

  • Twitter

  • Website


She’s been suffering from severe ME/CFS for 20 years, preventing her to live a normal life, let alone persue her artistic path so she needs our help.

  • Donated 15.7717 ETH (49k) to Rockflower Fund: a charity auction won by Gary Vee was sent to the RockflowerFund which connects catalytic funding to local initiatives in emerging economies seeking to improve and elevate the lives of women and girls.

  • Donated 15 ETH (48k USD)toCode To Inspire: WoW ran a charity auction for WoW #0 and all profits were sent to support Girls in Afghanistan.

  • Donated 2.62 ETH (11,500 USD) for la Maison des femmes: Through our Mother Earth Muses project, we donated to support women victims of domestic abuse.

  • Donated 17.15 ETH (40k USD) to She’s the first: An organization that funds and supports local solutions to educate and empower girls across 26 countries.
  • NFT space and how only a small percentage of NFTs come from women artists.

    After learning more about what other women were doing in this space, I was inspired to create my own NFT.

    However, we quickly found out that generative art isn’t easy; I put in hundreds of hours of work to create over 300 traits, and my dad spent weeks learning about the tech stuff.”

    Currently, on OpenSea, the Girlies NFT collection is listed at a floor price of 0.125 ETH and has traded 4.2k volume traded in ETH.

    Here’s some data on the Girlies nft collection from LooksRare and Niftygateway.

    The data from LooksRare shows 59.31 total volume in ETH equates to $172,182.86 in USD.

    Then from Nifty:

    **Please Remember: All rankings and data for the nft projects listed in this blog can change at any time.

    Would you like to learn more about the World of Women (WoW) NFT or their community? If so, check out the links below:

    • Discord

    • Instagram

    • OpenSea Marketplace
    • Rarity

    • Twitter

    • World of Women (WoW) Website

    2. Boss Beauties

    🔥A FREE BONUS resource by Boss Beauties: What is an NFT? NFT 101

    About Boss Beauties NFT Collection:

    The motto and inspiration behind this trending NFT project is,

    A woman can be anything she wants.

    Boss Beauties is a woman-led NFT initiative of 10,000 unique, strong, and independent women created by Lisa Mayer (who has been helping empower women for 10 years).

    The mission of this NFT project is to educate and empower the next generation of women and girls.

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