Who to follow on twitter for nft

OohShiny account tweets about the most recent happenings and news in the Metaverse, highlighting any new and unique NFT projects. They have discussions with new creators who wish to get advice on the progress of their projects.

Follow for: emerging projects in the NFT space, advice for creators launching new projects.

Also on:Opensea

11.@Digitalartchick– 155k followers

Another pseudonymous account is @Artchick NFT influencer on Twitter with over 155k followers, very active on the platform, sharing views and opinions about the space.

She is an NFT creator with a background in UX design and painting and clothing and pattern design in the physical world.

Who to follow on twitter for nft

I couldn’t feel my fingertips. My whole body was shaking.” (sic)

Check out Micah’s website to buy their best work!



FEWoCIOUS, the pseudonym of a 17 year-old-artist who builds dreamlike computerized art.She turned to art to cope with difficult home life and isolation in a new school.

“If I’m painting, I don’t want to wait for this paint to dry.
I’m sad. I want to just put it all out there.” says FEWoCIOUS who initially took money for art in NFTs as a scam. “I was like, what’s the catch? And they’re like, ‘no, we just want you guys to actually get noticed and compensated for your work and be seen as almost like a physical artist.’”

FEWoCIOUS, one of the biggest NFT artists,in her last high school year hasn’t zeroed in on pursuing art yet.

Who should i follow on twitter for nft

I think this project, having done very little, is already further along the track to success than the large majority of other projects that exist at the moment.




  • Mint Date: 20 August 2021
  • Mint Time: TBA
  • Mint Size: 9999
  • Mint Price: 0.045 ETH
  • Twitter Following: 2648
  • Discord Following: 537
  • Average Following: 1693

This is another upcoming avatar project – this time based on sloths. Not much information is available on this yet at the time writing – but I would be wary of the disparity between its Discord and Twitter numbers.

I’ll be updating the numbers on this project as the days go by on Twitter – but if nothing significant changes then I would recommend staying away from this project (for now).

Who to follow on twitter for nft news

As many regulations are still vague as the world of crypto and NFTs grows and develops, individuals like him will become even more in demand.

Moreover, he is also a regular contributor to the Rug Radio channel, where he primarily focuses on topics around new regulations and how they will shape and change the industry. Follow his account for the latest update regarding the latest news and advice.

He doesn’t have quite the following as other accounts yet; however, we expect it to grow as the industry develops and the need for crypto lawyers increases.

Follow for: DeFi, crypto, NFTs criminal defense law, latest news, regulations, updates.

Also on:LinkedIn


This ‘NFT Obsessed’ person conducts a live NFT-themed show on Youtube and has featured on CBC Radio, CoinDesk, and Reuters. The NFT Influencer is the founder of Metakey, a cross-chain crypto token for the metaverse.
He joined Twitter in May 2018 and has 88K followers.


Bryce is a professional Axie Infinity trainer and a Twitter NFT Influencer with 85.5K followers. If you want to learn the Axie game, don’t miss out on his Twitch and Youtube videos.

Bryce is also the co-founder of the Loot Squad Scholarship. Those people who cannot afford to buy an Axie can borrow a team of 3 Axies to kickstart their game.

The scholarship is very useful for the players in developing nations who are leaving their jobs to play and earn.


The last NFT Influencer on our list is none other than Morten Christensen, the founder of Airdrop Alert.

OS mobile app right now.

Lastly, your NFT needs to be stored in one of the following cryptocurrency wallets:

  • Argent
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Ledger Live
  • MetaMask
  • Rainbow
  • Trust Wallet

You need to have the app for your go-to wallet installed on your phone for a smooth connection with Twitter.

If you have all the right tools, adding your verified NFT to your profile only takes a couple of minutes.

  • From your profile page in the iOS Twitter app, tap on the “Edit profile” button to the right of your profile photo.
  • On the “Edit profile” page, tap on the camera icon over your profile photo.
  • Tap “Choose NFT.”
  • If this is your first time connecting a cryptocurrency wallet to your Twitter account, you may be served a Twitter Blue Labs explanation of the feature.

YouTube: 5.24 Million Followers.

  • Faze Banks NFT wallet address: 0x7d4823262bd2c6e4fa78872f2587dda2a65828ed
  • Faze Banks OpenSea: https://opensea.io/ricky
  • Faze Banks NFT value (DappRadar): https://dappradar.com/hub/wallet/eth/0x7d4823262bd2c6e4fa78872f2587dda2a65828ed

Jake Paul

A professional boxer and one of the highest-paid Youtube Vloggers. His net worth was estimated at $30 million, with an annual income ranging between $10- $20 million.

His social media following continues to surge 4 million on Twitter, 17.5 million on IG and 20.4 million subscribers on Youtube.

Paul is famous for his celebrity fights, and his recent defeat of Ben Askren was memorialised as NFT. The minted image of the knockout “The Chosen One” was recently sold on Nafter marketplace for $40,000.
Numerous NFTs have been minted to tokenize his many fights.

He has a vast social media following of 1.1 million on Twitter, and his engagements cover various niches in the crypto space, including NFT sales and upcoming projects.

In his recent financial endeavours, he has partnered with Owl Ventures to support Polkamon. Polkamon is creating a collectibles and gaming ecosystem where the in-game assets are NFTs.
Oli currently has 39 NFTs in his OpenSea account, including MekaCats, Genzee, Legendz, etc.

  • Oli White NDT wallet: 0xe033b12daf37e64d6e664ac5b8eb839ce5b749db
  • Oli White OpenSea: https://opensea.io/Snipe_Snipe
  • Oli White DappRadar: https://dappradar.com/hub/wallet/eth/0xe033b12daf37e64d6e664ac5b8eb839ce5b749db

Final note: beware of scammers and impersonators.

You can access the feature from Twitter’s side menu to sign up. The service is also available in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Once you’re signed up for Twitter Blue, you must access Twitter on an iPhone($264 at GameStop), as the NFT feature is currently only available on iOS.

The company said NFT profile pictures will roll out to Android and the web at a later time.

In the Twitter app, go to your profile (which you can access from the side menu), and you should get a notification about setting your profile picture to an NFT. To get the notification you can go to a profile of someone who already uses an NFT in this way.

NFT aggregators

Once NFT projects get close to launch, they often reach out to aggregation sites, like HowRare.is for Solana, Rarity Tools for Ethereum, and NFT Calendar.

Just like flight aggregators like Kayak or Expedia, these sites aggregate data from various sources and present it in an easy-to-use format. The same concept applies to NFT aggregators; they aggregate data from various sources to give you a better idea of what the market is offering at any given time.


Minting Monitors

Tools like icy.tools and whatsminting.live monitor all NFT contracts being minted on Ethereum so you can see a real-time feed of NFT mints.

This means you’ll be right at the forefront of the NFT market as new projects launch. You can use this information to identify promising projects before anyone else, and then you can jump on them before they blow up.

There is also this cute Baby Walrus Gang that commits to raising awareness of ocean wildlife protection and fund on ocean conservation foundations.

The social media landscape in the NFT space

In terms of market outlook, NFTs are gaining massive traction in western markets. While they are still in the education phase in Asian markets, we can observe emerging efforts and awareness. For instance, Digital Art Fair and NFT galleries in Hong Kong, new Asian players entering the NFT space such as Singapore’s top virtual influencer, Rae with significant followers on Instagram and Weibo, and EVOS Esports – the number 1 esports organization in Southeast Asia.

In the social media landscape of the NFT world, most of the engagement occurs on the most crypto-friendly platforms – YouTube and Twitter.

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