Where my vans go nft

where my vans go nft

His collection is such a success that you now have to bring 37 ether to buy one of his works.

Another unique take is the Twin Flames Collection by Justin Aversano where he showcased hundred-plus photos of twins.

If you are more into artsy or poetic photography, the Painted Poetry by Brendan North might be your cup of tea. Brendan plays with words and mostly human subjects to convey ideas in black-and-white shots.

These are some of the greatest successes from last year, but every day new collections are minted. Where my vans go minting price was 0.25 ether 6 months ago. Just to give you an example of how quick things can go.

If you want to be successful in buying and selling NFT, you need to see the future value of a project when it is launched. Find unique things that you think have never been done before, those could be your one-way ticket to the moon.


Where my vans go nft

His daring photography has always turned the heads of people across the US and other parts of the world, which also got him featured on various top media outlets of the world.

Today, he is also the man behind the unique NFT collection called “Where My Vans Go,” which is all about 119 iconic images that have been created by him in the span of three years across the whole of the US. He mentions how this series represents the journey he has been walking on as an artist and person.
His iconic images have spellbound people and investors in the field, and more and more of them are looking forward to its potential and exponential growth.

NFT revolutionizes how digital creators can sell their work, and at its forefront are NFT photography and art. This new opportunity to sell and expose art invites more and more creators daily.

What is NFT, and how does NFT art finance work? How to sell NFT art? We’ll cover these and similar questions further in this article.

1. What Is NFT Art?

NFT stands for non-fungible token and is a digital unit for a blockchain certifying a digital asset’s uniqueness.

Here’s the word to note: “non-fungible,” meaning anything unique, non-exchangeable, and cannot be reproduced to anything of equivalent value. The best examples of non-fungible assets are artworks, photographs, music, and real estate.

On the other hand, a fungible asset is anything common, exchangeable, and reproducible to something of similar value.

Community moderators often hold giveaways and raffles as perks as well.

One of the communities Beiting belongs to is Royal Society of Players, “an exclusive NFT community” with “an unmatched collection of 10,000 hand-made NFT playing cards.” In a description of the community’s function and benefit, its website reads, “[T]hese cards are so much more than they appear — they are in fact your keys to the Royal Society. For Players looking to join the next soirée, and connect with your peers both in the metaverse and in real life, we invite you to join the club and mint your cards, which have conveniently been left behind around the room for you to admire, cherish, and collect.”

“Royal Society of Players is a strong community with a lot of Cincinnati members,” says Beiting.

One of his NFT collections on OpenSea is titled “Where My Vans Go;” piece #104 in the collection was initially listed with a floor price of 10 Ethereum, and its current owner is now asking 871 Ethereum (roughly $2.7 million) for resale.

Photographs courtesy NFTxCincinnati

VanSickle says Wright’s situation is precisely what makes the NFT marketplace for artists so groundbreaking. “Anybody has this opportunity,” he says. “There are new superstars being born through NFTs. A whole different class of people outside of the art institutions is deciding what’s good and what has value.”

UNFIT co-curator Noah Beiting says the community aspect of the NFT world is a major draw for enthusiasts as well.

Users can engage in conversation, network with like-minded folks, bond over shared interests, and play a role in creating and supporting projects formed by the community.

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Reido (@reidoNFT)

An OG ape, photographer, creator of the bored ape degenerate club and wicked ape degenerate club reido has been paving the way in the NFT space. Reido is the creator of ape wearables, and the doctor you need to see when you need some drip for your ape.

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Drift (@driftershoots)

Issac “Drift” Wright is literally taking the NFT scene to new heights in the NFT art space. His collection where my vans go is a breathtaking collection of photos of his vans with incredible backgrounds.

Every photo he risks his life and freedom, the latter has happened in the past. Check out the collection and his twitter for more from drift.

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Timpers (@TimpersHD)

In addition to being a BAYC OG Timpers is also an Artist/Nounder at nounsdao and owner at TBAchronicles.

Army paratrooper and current urban explorer, was arrested in January 2021 for breaking into and trespassing in multiple buildings in Cincinnati. He was caught after posting the dramatic images of his shoes high above the urban landscapes on his Instagram account, DrifterShoots.

His NFT collection “Where My Vans Go” is a darling of collectors.

Discouragingly, the NFT space is male-dominated. Over the past 21 months, women account for just 16% of the NFT art market, according to a report published by the research firm ArtTactic.

Additionally, 55% of all NFT sales are by 5% of artists (16 artists in total).

Also be aware of the tulip mania, just because it is hot now there is no guarantee that your freshly bought NFT will keep its value. So we recommend buying art you like. Because there is always a change that it will go to zero.


How to sell my Photography as NFT Art?

So maybe safe to be on the selling side, you can sell Photography as art by minting it and exhibiting it as a part of reputable marketplaces. NFT photography can provide a viable source of income for photographers as long as they can produce unique pictures. After all, NFT especially values uniqueness, and anyone that can produce it has a good chance of selling it with higher NFT values.

Furthermore, it is also a smart way to make the most of your shots.

Even after you tokenize your shots, you can still reproduce and sell them on stock photography sites, for example.

Its value is also generated not by artistic institutions but by members of the NFT community themselves—one of the technology’s main draws, Van Sickle says. When an artist releases an NFT for sale, he or she sets a “floor price,” which is the most affordable rate, and then a community of NFT collectors and enthusiasts drive the piece’s value up or down.

He likens it to the stock market, in which demand and perceived value are in constant flux.

Take, for example, photographer Isaac “Drift” Wright, one of eight artists being featured at the UNFIT gallery. In his bio, he describes himself as a U.S. Army special operations veteran who’s learned to cope with PTSD through urban exploring.

That typically involves scaling various sky-scraping urban structures and capturing photos of the view below him.

It also gives the artist basically an annuity, in a sense, on the resale of the artwork.”

When an artist sells one of his or her works as an NFT, it becomes a digital piece of content. Yes, it can be viewed by anyone in the digital space, but with it being non-fungible (a.k.a.

non-replaceable) only one person can claim ownership. NFT creators earn royalties, too, through each resale.

“If I was selling a physical painting through a gallery and the transaction happened, I would make my cut and the painting would go somewhere on a collector’s wall and that’s it,” VanSickle explains. “The collector has control. They can sell it for a profit and they take the money, and I never see it again.”

Artwork created as an NFT, however, can be viewed by anyone in the digital space and can be bought and sold virtually, and it stays in exactly the same condition forever.

Quick & Easy Purchase Process.

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