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Wellness nft

If you can launch an off-the-shelf NFT service to help develop NFT ventures, you could become one of the most popular white label platforms in the blockchain industry.

8. Become An NFT Artist

Even if you’re not the savviest physical artist in the world, there’s nothing stopping you from producing digital art, even if it’s abstract. Then, you can convert the art into an NFT and market it on popular forums such as Reddit, DeviantArt, or Wetcanvas.

9. Create NFT Collectibles

As a digital medium, NFTs lend themselves well to preserving and authenticating collectibles. For example, you could mint NFTs out of authentic collectible items, such as sports trading cards or autographed photos.

10. Launch An NFT App

Centralized apps for buying, selling, trading or even minting NFTs are likely in high demand.

Wellness nft

Besides offering a seamless player experience, Scuti.ai allows game developers to monetize their content through AI models. Powered by Reality Gaming’s DAT Platform, the marketplace will enable players to purchase in-game assets with complete ownership, without even leaving the game lobby.

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Reuben Jackson

Reuben is a blockchain security consultant living in NYC, helping organizations fundamentally redesign experiences to create new sources of value while digitally reinventing operations for greater efficiency.

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Co-founding AussieMates with her brother after seeing the gap in projects successfully merging physical and digital experiences. She enjoys music, sport and performance art outside of work. Follow her here @bmuse90.

Adrian (@amusenft) Co-Founder

Adrian is Cofounder at AM8 covering theback end techof the project; direction of smart contract development, development of art generation, business administration and investor relations.
With a background in engineering he has found himself in the audio-visual space, working across a number of different technologies, from project management to coding. He sees the future og NFTs as integrated into day-to-day life. Outside of work, he enjoyed a semi-professional career in rugby union and still enjoys playing the game today.

Using a combination of 3D modelling, augmented reality and VR technology, you’ll be able to take your digital roo anywhere you want, while they’ll be working in the background to bring you ongoing rewards and access to resources, events and more!

Mates Helping Mates

We’re looking after our mates. Which is why we’ll be developing programs specifically tailored to Down Under Club members. Plus our community will dictate who we donate 50% of our resales to every year.
More detailshere

Adventure On Us

With the introduction of Golden Cockatoo Trading, two lucky Down Under Club members and their mate will be able to fly anywhere in the world, on us.

Co-curated by Santiago, the featured digital pieces were chosen for their ability to harness the power of light to symbolize a revolution of optimism, hope and productivity.

“We look forward to collaborating with ArtRepublic to bring art, tech and wellness into the public forum as they are aligned with Seva. Love’s metaverse for a good mission of social and planetary transformation,” said Chopra

The digital auction raised over $150,000 in NFT sales so far. Notable sales included BREAKFAST Studio which sold for 18ETH/ $79,833; Emersion by REO which sold for 10 ETH/$40,000 making it the highest sale for the artist yet; Levitating Lady, a photograph and first NFT created and sold by Marcus Smith sold for 2 ETH $8,681; Color Flow Study, an exploration in color movement in 2021, by Zach Lieberman sold for 6 ETH $26,042.

As this technology is based on block chain technology, the ownership of the asset cannot be tampered with for the reason that it is available on a distributed ledger that has no single location for tampering. Digital twin technology will evolve as a medium that creates correlation between real and virtual world.

Recent Strategic Attempts by Companies and Investors

In March 2021, Tapinator Inc., a smartphone gaming company, developed NFT500, which is a subscription casting service and collection platform focussing on blue chip NFTs. “Casting” refers to something different to normal NFTs.

This means that when you buy any piece from Chains NFT, you acquire both the object and the digital NFT representation of the jewelry.

Their unique approach and one-a-kind designs help them stand out, cementing their place in the fashion and NFT industries. In about seven weeks, Chains NFT has grown organically to over 23,000 members on Discord and 10,000 on Twitter.

Their roadmap has made it possible for them to reach their goals and close the gap between the fashion industry and the NFT space, building a community of high-end jewelry lovers. Jacob Bamdas, the co-founder and a well-known crypto investor/trader, notes that they aim to build a winning platform for buyers and change the game in the NFT marketplace.

Chains NFT is minimizing owners’ profit by redirecting proceeds back into the project to maximize its potential, benefitting the users.

The platform allows users to trade, rent, lend, and borrow in-game consumables, digital art, domain names, and various NFTs.

The platform, committed to offering its users true ownership of virtual items, seems poised to take a significant stake in the NFT industry. Any user who holds NFTs and stablecoins can generate extra income through the platform through the lending and borrowing options.

Enjin & Health Hero Team Up for NFT-Based Wellness App

Full-stack blockchain firm, Enjin, has partnered with Health Hero, a digital health platform focused on user engagement, to build an innovative NFT-based wellness app called Go! By Health Hero.


There’s also a Discord community where Leisure Creature holders can meet up and Leisure Project has tweeted that it intends to fund five “Creators and Doers Grants” of $10,000 each with the funds going to members of the Leisure Creatures community working on innovative and creative projects of their own.

Michaelsen says Leisure is making efforts to ensure that it won’t wreak havoc on the planet, from how they’re handling the NFT tech to not caving to industry insiders who pushed for the drinks to be bottled in plastic.

“We’ve worked with an extremely talented development team which has enabled us to reduce Ethereum Gas transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain network to be as low as possible. We are very proud of the work that has been done by our team on this topic.

Now it is possible to re-sell a virtual product in-game between users, and what’s more, it opens the possibility of being able to transfer virtual products outside the game. In the case of gaming, as opposed to digital art, the potential for the secondary market is high because users are more likely to quickly re-sell their NFT products. In fact, it is estimated that as much of 75% of transactions in this segment are secondary sales.

Crypto currency Usage in the NFT Market

Crypto currencies are commonly used for buying and selling NFTs because of the security they offer.
There are several different crypto currencies being used in the NFT market. Ethereum was the first block chain to support NFTs and is still the most popular.

Folks can find mentorship, support and guidance in the crypto space by being part of a community.

‘The evolution of the ‘blue checkmark”

Obviously, not everyone can afford to spend thousands — or even hundreds — on NFTs.

But “flex” and community have become so sought after that it has even led to a demand for renting NFTs.

Through reNFT, customers can rent NFTs for a few months to jump-start their engagement with the crypto community. So far all have been gifted, but Nick Vale, co-founder of reNFT, says renting an NFT is somewhat of a reputation voucher.

Vale has seen at least one user’s social media engagement skyrocket after replacing his social media avatar with a “rented” CryptoPunk for three months. It allowed the user to make a name for himself in the space, Vale says.

And this could just be the beginning.

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