We are the walrus nft rarity

we are the walrus nft rarity

A collection of 3,333 walrus NFTs minted on the Ethereumblockchain. Each based walrus is unique and is randomly generated from a pool of numerous hand-drawn traits. There are no duplicates of the 3,333 walruses in the collection. Our team has been very thorough in regards to the quality of the art so that, while some walruses may be a lot cooler than others, they all look great! These Based Walruses will forever dwell in the arctic sea and coastlines in the metaverse.

Minting will be available right here on our website.

Right before launch, we will link our smart contract for any users that wish to mint directly through the contract (please do so at your own risk).

We are the walrus nft rarity

We Are The Walrus

We Are more than a JPEG.

We Are a community, a family of dreamers.

We Are each fiercely independent yet united by a common creed

We Are the Walrus

8989 unique, big, bold and beautiful NFTs

Living on the Solana Blockchain

Want to know more, read our manifesto

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Walrusmania!! Beatles inspired We Are The Walrus one of the top new NFT collections

Much like the iconic band that is the inspiration behind We Are The Walurs, this recently launched NFT collection has taken the world by storm. The collection of 8989 unique and quirky Walrus avatars sold out in record time when they launched in December.

NFTs in general are a phenomenon that are growing exponentially day by day.
There are a wide range of NFTs that are disrupting the arts world. Many prominent musicians have entered the space either through collecting NFTs themselves or through releasing their own NFTs in the form of music, cover art, merchandise and much more.

Clothes, hairstyles, glasses, colours and symbols are cleverly peppered into the collection making this the clear collection to be part of for anyone who loves the Beatles. There are even four legendary NFTs in the collection that resemble the Fab Four themselves.

The name of the collection is obviously an ode to the song “I am the Walrus” and the team behind the collection has said that they are using the Beatles as their inspiration to infuse this collection with the values that came to represent them in their unprecedented careers; Love, Creativity, Inclusivity, Peace, Togetherness and Innovation.

One of the greatest things about NFT collections is that it is a membership into a club.
There is a special bond between people who own an NFT from the same collection.

So far they have already burnt 733 of the collection. This deflationary mechanism will help WATW increase in value over time.

So far Solana NFTs have flown under the radar compared to the Ethereum projects such as Bored Apes but this could all change very soon.

Open Sea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world has just announced they will begin to sell Solana NFTs on their platform and We Are The Walrus has been chosen to be one of the first Solana projects they will offer. This could very well be the beginning of WalrusMania!

Will WATW become the official NFT of Beatles fans? Only time will tell.

But if the existing herd members have their way it certainly will. They are about to launch a #PaulIsTheWalrus and #RingoIsTheWalrus marketing campaign with the hopes of one day getting Paul and/or Ringo to change their avatar to a WATW NFT.

Twitter where anyone who has a WATW as their avatar follows others that do as well. There is also a huge community of over 23k in their discord group with special channels for Beatles talk and trivia.

This bringing together of community could make WATW a fun, creative vessel to unite Beatles fans from across the world.

There is, of course, a lot of financial speculation in NFTs at the moment. With some NFTs increasing in value by millions, many people are now flooding the space in hopes of making a quick buck.

Although this does happen, NFTs are much more than that and are only scratching the surface of what they can become.

Thankfully, in the spirit of being accessible to all, We Are The Walrus launched their collection on the Solana blockchain. Solana is an alternative to Ethereum, the main blockchain for NFTs at the moment.

Now that would be fun.

The Beatles were the most innovative artists of their time. Having an NFT collection (the innovative artform of our time) that pays homage to the greatest band that ever lived seems to have resulted in something extremely special.

Like the Beatles themselves this project has a rare opportunity of appealing to both hardcore and savvy NFT collectors as well as bringing in those new to NFTs. This combination will, I believe, create a Walrusmania that will last for a very long time.

The community of WATW is welcoming and inclusive and they especially are looking to welcome Beatles fans with open flippers.

If you’re interested in joining the herd but are intimidated by your lack of knowledge around NFTs just reach out to the team on Instagram or Twitter.

What the Walrus?!

The human race are destroying the natural habitat of the beautiful walrus.

Some of the strongest and most brave walrus have come together and are infiltrating the human world. Blending in with the humans, the army of walrus are gathering important intel and are preparing to take over the world.

World of Walrus is a collection of 6565 unique characters.

Each Walrus has a 1 in 18 000 000 chance of being created, and are randomly generated from a list of traits making each Walrus rare on its own. Of course, some are more rare than others.

This NFT collection is the first step into the World of Walrus.

Solana has one major advantage to Ethereum, it has extremely low gas fees. So there is no barrier to entry for anyone. Using Ethereum can often cost a few hundred dollars in gas fees just to purchase or sell an NFT, Solana costs a few pennies.

This has ensured that there is no barrier of entry for anyone interested in owning one of these Beatles inspired characters.


Walruses were minted at its launch in December and sold-out immediately but one can be purchased on the secondary market at the moment for approx $65 US. An incredible bargain considering some of the most rare in the collection have sold for over $20k US.

Another unique feature of WATW is that the collection is deflationary.

This means the project buys back Walrus NFTs from the open market and burns them forever. Their goal is to go from the original 8989 down to 5000 over time.

We are aiming at evolving according to the community.

What do I get?

You get an amazing World of Walrus NFT which you can sell, use as your profile picture or just hodl. Walrus owners get a vote in the Walrus revolution and early access to new projects.

When will the sale launch?

Public sale November 20th.

There will be no presale or whitelist as we want a fair launch for everyone.

What is the mint price and how big is the supply?

The mint price is 0.03 ETH each. There will be a total of 6565 Walrus

What is fair launch?

We want everyone to have an equal chance at securing a Walrus.

We have also seen high and unexpected spikes in gas lately. Lastly, we want people from all around the globe to be able to get a Walrus.

Prominent artists like Deadmau5, Kings of Leon and Snoop Dogg are just a few examples of musicians who have taken the NFT leap.

The most popular form of NFTs at the moment are avatar collections, with the most prominent one being the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Most commonly these collections are of fun, creative animal drawings that people collect and use as their social media avatar.

Each NFT in the collection is completely unique. Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Curry, Paris Hilton, Eminen and Madonna have all purchased Bored Apes and used them as their social media avatar.

We Are the Walrus is the Bored Ape Yacht Club for Beatles fans. The collection, drawn by an artist who previously worked for Disney and Pixar is layered with Beatles references.

As the community grows and the project moves forward, holders will be rewarded in unique ways and community members will be able to participate in fun events.


Phase 1

Nov 20 – Public Sale starts with fair launch

Dec 1 – Holiday Giveaways start

Dec 20 – Special Christmas Challenge with Special Prices

Phase 2

Walrus Merch

Meme Contests


Rarity Tools / Rarity Sniper

Phase 3

Community decides the next step


Who is behind the project?

We are a father and son team who fell in love with the NFT community and wanted to create our own community of Walrus. Our aim is to create an engaging and fun community, and the NFT series is just the beginning.

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