Visa nft whitepaper

Еще компания расскажет, как использовать невзаимозаменяемые токены в бизнесе.

Платежная система Visa приобрела NFT-арт #7610 из коллекции CryptoPunk, об этом компания сообщила в Твиттере. Стоимость покупки составила 49.5 ETH или $165 тыс, согласно информации маркетплейса Larva Labs. Сделка состоялась 18 августа.

В посте о покупке Visa отмечает, что «в течение 60 лет собирала различные исторические артефакты». В их числе первые бумажные кредитные карты и первый терминал для оплаты картой на точках продаж.

Коллекция состоит из 10 тыс пиксельных изображений лиц представителей панк-направления музыки. Все изображения разные: «нет двух совершенно одинаковых», говорится на странице коллекции NFT-маркетплейса Larva Labs. Кроме людей, в коллекцию также входят зомби, обезьяны и инопланетянин.

Visa nft whitepaper

Consumers that interact with crypto often prefer the ‘non-custodial’ model, as it gives them full control over their assets. As an example, platforms like SuperRare 10 and OpenSea 11 integrate non-custodial wallets, which means the consumer is responsible for securely storing the private key that allows them to access and to trade their NFTs. Each of these platforms has connectivity to specific third-party crypto wallets that provide encryption and security to users.

By contrast, including a custodial solution can help provide a broader audience easy access to a business’s platform.
If using custodial solutions, it is important that the solution is from a trusted brand with strong security, as it will be responsible for safekeeping the NFTs on behalf of the consumer.


All brand names and logos are the property of their respective owners, are used for identification


Visa nfc white paper

Blockchains like Flow, Polygon, and Solana already use this, and Ethereum is working on developing a Proof of Stake model to support NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. This is a particularly important consideration for businesses focused on sustainability.Licensing and T&Cs:

It is important to be clear what rights are bestowed to owners of the NFTs, and whether these are the same or separate from the rights associated with the material object the NFT refers to. These terms are generally provided contractually in Terms and Conditions from the creator or the ecosystem operator’s platform rules.

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Thị trường non-fungible token (NFT) đã đạt doanh số 2,5 tỷ USD trong nửa đầu năm 2021. Các công ty lớn như Visa tiếp tục làm nổi bật ngành công nghiệp đang phát triển nhanh chóng này.

Quyết định gia nhập thị trường NFT của Visa dựa trên đánh giá công nghệ cơ bản và khả năng nó lĩnh vực này trong việc phục vụ như một “phương tiện đầy hứa hẹn cho sự tương tác của người hâm mộ”, theo một whitepaper được công bố gần đây của gã khổng lồ thanh toán toàn cầu.

Whitepaper của Visa đã mô tả NFT là một sự đổi mới quan trọng trong thời kỳ đại dịch, vốn khiến cho việc tham gia các các lễ hội âm nhạc, giải trí và thể thao trực tiếp trở nên khó khăn hơn do lệnh hạn chế đi lại.

Commerce is evolving, and innovations such as crypto and NFTs are likely to shape sports, entertainment, and other communities going forward.”

Crypto cheerleader

This whitepaper comes hot on the heels of Visa’s monumental NFT purchase. Last week, the company purchased its first NFT for $150,000 — a famed CryptoPunk collectible.

However, throughout the past year, the financial services provider increased its footprint in the space. Visa’s crypto products have skyrocketed in popularity.
The Visa crypto-linked card surpassed $1 billion in usage in 2021 and it released its first crypto-rewards system in a partnership with BlockFi.

This bullish stance on the crypto community doesn’t seem like it’s a fad in the company’s strategy.

Aktuell wird dieser für eine Million US-Dollar gehandelt.

Was sind NFT überhaupt? Cuy Sheffield, Leiter der Krypto-Abteilung bei Visa, beantwortet die Frage so:

NFT sind eine Möglichkeit, das Eigentum an einem digitalen Gut wie einem Bild, Video oder Text darzustellen. Im Internet gibt es seit der Gründung keine Möglichkeit, den Besitz eines digitalen Gutes zu beanspruchen. Denn die meisten Dateien können unbegrenzt kopiert, eingefügt und geteilt werden. NFT sind einzigartige Token, die verwendet werden können, um die Herkunft, Authentizität und den Besitz eines digitalen Mediums zu zertifizieren.

Visa-Engagement im Krypto-Sektor wächst

Visa ist mit einer Marktkapitalisierung von 500 Milliarden US-Dollar eines der größten Unternehmen der Welt.

We’re excited to work with this growing community to make NFTs useable and accessible in a variety of contexts.”

But why CryptoPunks? There are thousands if not millions of NFTs available for purchase, so why this specific one? The company claims this NFT “symbolizes the excitement and opportunity of this particular cultural moment”.

CryptoPunks were created by Larva Labs and are algorithmically generated and there are just 10,000 with no plans to create more. They’re also the first series of NFTs to generate success in the crypto world, pioneering the entire concept of NFTs. Essentially, owning one now is a symbol of status.

To mint an NFT, a cryptographic keyis used to create a token on the blockchain that representsa piece of digital media. Important characteristics, like thename, description, and the edition size can be includedwithin that token. Once an NFT is minted, it is immortalizedon the blockchain.

It is important to have a minting platformthat gives flexibility and control over the features of the NFT.

There are several platforms that can help with the minting of NFTs. It is important to note that the ecosystem for this is in its infancy – the majority of platforms like OpenSea and Rarible are positioned for any creator, often including brand-new creators, but there are platforms focused on supporting brands and larger creators

  • Bitski has done drops with the likes of Adidas and Levi’s, while Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends drop was on Nameless – and many more are coming into the space.

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