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Valuable nft

NFTs are on fire this year. There are more and more companies that are jumping into the NFT game. Like, Twitter recently introduced the NFT profile picture feature and there is also word in the market that Instagram is soon going to open an Instagram NFT Marketplace. With all this news there is one question that always strikes the mind, what are the most valuable NFT projects that will give back huge returns in the future?

The advent of Web 3.0 has totally changed how people invest in NFTs. As we know sooner everything will be digitalized and we need to get the digital assets. These digital assets will be nothing but the NFTs. Like Mercedes is about to launch its NFT soon.

Valuable nft

It was created in 2018 and listed on SuperRare.

There’s a current list price of 33,666 ETH, or $95,074,803.96 — pretty ambitious if you ask us.

Image source: SuperRare17. XCOPY’s “A Coin for the Ferryman” — $6.02 million

It’s another XCOPY piece, but at least these NFTs have some variety!

This GIF, titled A Coin for the Ferryman, was also created in 2018. It was bought in November 2021 for 1,630 ETH by user @jpeggy on SuperRare.
It’s not for sale currently.

Image source: SuperRare18. Beeple’s “Ocean Front” — $6 million

Ocean Front is another one of Beeple’s new age masterpieces from the “Everydays” series that portrays the dangers of climate change.

Valuable nft marketplace

Paul is only one of two celebrities to own over 2,000 NFTs.

3 – Snoop Dogg, 1,424 NFTs:

Snoop Dogg has more than 1,000 fewer NFTs than Logan Paul, however, this is still enough to rank third for the number of NFTs owned by a celebrity.

Most Valuable Single NFT

1 – Snoop Dogg, single most valuable NFT: $3,370,000

Snoop Dogg has the single most valuable NFT worth an astounding $3.37 million. His ‘CryptoPunk#3831’ is the crown jewel of his collection.

2 – Garry Vee, single most valuable NFT: $2,840,000

Gary Vee’s most valuable NFT is the second-highest of any celebrity. Just like Snoop Dogg, his most expensive NFT is a Crypto Punk, number 2424.

Valuable nft art

It was released on April 23, 2021, and listed at an original price of $1.00. Manrique, who goes by the name of Render Times is a 3D artist based out of Brooklyn, New York. He is a simulation enthusiast, which is clearly visible in the kind of work he produces.

How To Get Into NFT Trading?

For getting into NFTs, you need to simply buy an NFT for a price and sell it at a higher price.
Similarly, if you are willing to sell NFTs, you can create your own and sell them on NFT marketplaces.

Primarily, many of the NFT wallets are Ethereum based. Hence, it might help you buy Ethereum as your crypto to trade NFTs.

Valuable nft projects

But once the art was launched and users saw NFT art, the project sold out quickly.

All 10,000 avatars were sold out for around $190 in just 12 hours. Then prices grew steadily from April to July which then escalated in August. Today each avatar is worth millions.

The first celebrity who purchased a Bored Ape NFT and used it as Twitter DP was Eminem or Marshall Mathers (actual name).
This rap icon purchased Bored Ape for $462,000. Then other celebrities joined him and started to purchase Bored Ape NFTs. Among them are Stephen Curry, Jimmy Fallon, and more others. This trend made Bored Apes so famous.

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Valuable nft artists

Larva Labs’ “CryptoPunk #3100” — $7.51 million

Still not done with punks.

CryptoPunk #3100 is another Alien punk, with its only attribute being the Headband. We only know the address of the owner, address 0x7b8961, and currently, this is the only CryptoPunk they own.

CryptoPunk #3100 has no active bids and is not for sale.

Image source: Larva Labs11. XCOPY’s “Right-click and Save As guy” — $7.09 million

A brief break from the punks.
This portrait GIF was sold for 1,600 ETH, or $7.09 million at the time of purchase, created by notorious NFT artist XCOPY.

XCOPY is a huge name in the NFT world.

Valuable nft collections

Their collections may not be historically significant yet but attention will flow toward them over time.”


A historic project in its own right, CyberKongz was released in March 2021. A collection of 1,000 generative pixelated apes with no roadmap and a mint price of .01 ETH, CyberKongz appealed to many early investors simply because of how the art looked in social media profile pictures. This cemented CyberKongz as one of the earliest PFP projects.

Driven by the low supply, Genesis CyberKongz have exploded in price, sitting at a current floor of 36 ETH (about $76,000 at the time of writing).
Over 2022, they’ve released an extension project, BabyKongz, and their $BANANA token, which can be used throughout the CyberKongz universe.

Most valuable nft

Because NFTs are non-fungible tokens, collecting them is lucrative. When we state that these tokens or assets are non-fungible, we mean that they are one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, and provide exclusive ownership on the blockchain. They are valuable assets that cannot be replaced. NFTs can be anything digital, including artwork, drawings, and music.

This means that you own all forms of digital work that no one else can have. You can decide whether to keep it as a collectable or trade it for profit, based on its worth in the NFT universe. Let’s break down “What makes an NFT Collection Valuable?”

What Does NFT Collection Mean

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are one-of-a-kind digital goods issued on a blockchain.

They have a lot of characteristics in common with real-world objects.

Most valuable nft art

Great cats with a wide range of clothing, faces, and colors – all cats are cool, but fully dressed cats are the coolest.

  • DeadFellaz

Each Deadfella is created at random from a mix of over 400 hand-drawn features, including more than 50 different outfits. Each of the Deadfellaz has unique eyes, noses, mouths, heads, and bodies, with no traits that are explicitly gendered to ensure that all genders are represented.

  • CyberKongz

Welcome to a parallel universe where evolution has taken a different path and strange primates wander the globe. Some people appear to be normal. Some of them have an odd appearance.

Most valuable nft collections

Another one on our list is called Practice Just Practice by an artist called Mankind. The artwork has been listed with the lowest ask of $6.9 Billion on Nifty Gateway.

The artwork belongs to artist Mankind’s Scarce Abundance Auctions. Mankind is a moniker for Art Director Rhett Dashwood who got into the NFT art creation space after a near-death experience. Mankind’s artworks have been inspired by a quote in ‘Confession’ by Leo Tolstoy, ‘Since death is inevitable, what is the meaning of life?’.

He went on to find answers around life, existence, and hope by creating art and sharing it with the world.

Mankind’s animations are extremely advanced with a large amount of attention given to each and every detail.

No Justice No Peace – $100 Million

Another hefty listing comes at $100 million, called No Justice No Peace by Alex Manrique.

Most valuable nft token

In Gods Unchained, this is seen through the ability to earn in-game items that you can sell for real-world cash. This is how the play-to-earn works with the Gods Unchained game:

  1. By playing games you unlock packs that give you digital cards. These are Common Core cards and are not minted onto the Ethereum blockchain.
  1. By winning games in Ranked, you earn Flux. Flux is a crafting tool that allows you to make Common Core cards more valuable.
  1. Once you have enough Flux, you can head to the Forge in the game launcher and fuse Core cards together to create higher quality cards.

    These become minted to the Ethereum network, giving the cards real world value.

Valuables nft

In fact, the auction went even higher before its close Saturday afternoon, ending just shy of the million mark for the mesmerizing video animation—a benchmark Pak seems almost certain to break at his forthcoming big auction debut.3. Kevin Abosch, Forever Rose $1 million, February 2018, GIFTO

Kevin Abosch, Forever Rose (2018). At the time of its $1 million sale on Valentine’s Day in 2018, the piece was the world’s most expensive piece of NFT art.

Courtesy of the artist.

Missing from most lists of top NFT art sales is Forever Rose, which dropped on Valentine’s Day in 2018—before the term NFT was even in common parlance among cryptoart’s early adopters.

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