Two nft yacht copycats fighting over

Perhaps surprisingly in light of large-scale online infringement, a large portion of OSPs still receive relatively few notices and process them by hand. For some major players, however, the scale of online infringement has led to automated, “bot”-based systems that leave little room for human review or discretion, and in a few cases notice and takedown has been abandoned in favor of techniques such as content filtering. The second and third studies revealed surprisingly high percentages of notices of questionable validity, with mistakes made by both “bots” and humans. Now, via one of David Gerard’s invaluable news posts we find this innovative solution to Liam Sharp’s problem.

The leading site for creating and trading NFTs is OpenSea. Because they are focused on making a quick buck from the muppets, not the long-term future of their NFTs, they store the images in Google’s cloud.

Wrath of the crypto bros: Buzzfeed attacked for revealing identity of Bored Ape NFT creators”. Fortune. Retrieved February 17, 2022.

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    The Bored Ape Yacht Club #NFT Pre-Sale is now LIVE! Gas is cheap. Come ape with us. ☠️🐵⛵️ (Update your cache if it doesn’t show up for you.)” (Tweet).

    Retrieved February 17, 2022 – via Twitter.

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  • Također se dosta raspravlja o velikoj upotrebi električne energije i utjecaju NFT -a na okoliš. Ako (razumljivo) i dalje imate pitanja, možete pročitati naša FAQ o NFT -u.

    PAYC je najavio svoje lansiranje početkom decembra sa labavom izjavom o misiji promicanje decentralizacije i omalovažavanje „bogatih glupana“ koji su (navodno) preuzeli prvobitno tržište majmuna.

    Pozvao je CryptoPhunks, sličan projekat koji je preokrenuo i preprodavao skupe CryptoPunks slike ranije ove godine. Rano dolasci mogli su besplatno kovati majmune okrenute lijevo od 28.
    decembra, dok su ostali plaćali naknadu od 042 ETH (trenutno oko 157 dolara).

    PHAYC je lansiran ubrzo nakon toga sa naglašenom web lokacijom koja opisuje projekat kao „ograničenu NFT kolekciju u kojoj sam token ne nudi članstvo niti odanost“, što je inverzija obećanja koje je dao kreator BAYC-a Yuga Labs.

    Two nft yacht copycats fighting over 15

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    Two nft yacht copycats fighting over 1

    The first is focused on long-term holding, and the second is on short-term selling.

    Long Term Holder

    This strategy is best suited for those that have the patience to buy and hold for a longer period.

    This has its own advantages. For one, time weeds out the good projects from the oversold and overhyped ones.

    To take advantage of that, buy what you really like.

    Why is that? If you like a piece of digital art, chances are that there are others that like it too. That makes it more likely that people will pay more for it in the future.

    Moreover, time also tends to weed out the copycats. Bored Apes will likely stay popular for a long time. Baby Apes, or Desperate Apewives? Probably not.

    While copycat projects can ride high for a while, they can’t really stand the test of time.

    Two nft yacht copycats fighting over 20

    PAYC rekao je za Kupon4U na Twitteru da nije primio nikakve pravne prijetnje od BAYC tima.

    Do sada se čini da su se oba projekta više bavila pokušajem da se njihovi majmuni mogu trgovati putem interneta. NFT-ovi bi teoretski trebali živjeti izvan bilo koje platforme, ali tržišta poput OpenSea-a postala su ogromna uska grla pojednostavljivanjem procesa prodaje. Iako su web stranice ugostile mnoštvo NFT projekata zasnovanih na ukradenim umjetninama, one su uklonile kopije poput CryptoPhunksa kao odgovor na pritužbe kompanija poput kreatora CryptoPunks Larva Labs, a neke su zabranile pojedinačni NFT koji su ukradeni od njihovih vlasnika.

    I izbjegavanje zabrana NFT tržišta dok to radite

    Par nezamjenjivih projekata tokena testira granicu između plagijata i parodije. Digitalno tržište OpenSea je zabranilo kolekcije PHAYC i Phunky Ape Yacht Club (ili PAYC), koje su obje zasnovane na istom triku: prodaji NFT-ova sa preslikanim, ali inače identičnim verzijama skupih avatara Bored Ape Yacht Cluba. Sada duel projekti prodaju svoje majmune dok izbjegavaju zabrane sa drugih tržišta, postajući najnoviji primjer kako NFT svijet rukuje kopiranom umjetnošću.

    Bored Ape Yacht Club (ili BAYC) NFT-ovi su neki od najskupljih kripto-umjetničkih sredstava – nedavno su pretekli CryptoPunks kao najskuplji NFT avatari sa najjeftinijim dostupnim majmunom koji se prodaje za 217,000 dolara. Međutim, kao i drugi avatari, svako može tehnički kopirati ili modificirati pridruženu sliku majmuna.

    BAYC co-founder Gargamel stated that “Thomas Dagley, Migwashere, and a couple who chose to remain anonymous” handled traits and environments.[18] Seneca did however, “develop some of the major traits, like the grinning mouth, the popping eyes, and the beanie.”[18] Gargamel stated he was “struck” by the expressiveness of Seneca’s characters and that “for the apes, we arrived at exactly the mood we were after: existential boredom.”[18] Although unable to share specifics, Seneca did state her financial compensation was not ideal, and stated that “not of ton of people know that I did these drawings, which is terrible for an artist.”[18]


    After Bored Ape NFTs became popular, Yuga Labs hired artists, social media managers, Discord community managers, and a CFO.

    Ali Yuga Labs posjeduje autorska prava na svoje slike majmuna, a PAYC i PHAYC su pokrenuti sa OpenSea-a očigledno zbog kršenja njegovih pravila protiv kršenja autorskih prava. (PAYC je također uklonjen sa konkurentskih tržišta Rarible i Mintable, iako je PHAYC i dalje na listi Rarible.) Ako Yuga Labs podnese formalnu pravnu žalbu, PAYC i PHAYC bi potencijalno mogli braniti svoje majmune kao transformativnu poštenu upotrebu, slijedeći korake ljudi poput prisvajanja umjetnik Richard Prince. Ali postoji vrlo malo pravnog presedana koji se tiče NFT-a, a kamoli njihovih implikacija na autorska prava.

    Yuga Labs nije odmah odgovorio na zahtjev za komentarom da li bi mogao podnijeti takvu žalbu, a PHAYC nije odgovorio na poruku na Twitteru o tom problemu.

    Urban, Joe Karaganis & Brianna Schofield reported on the problems:It has been nearly twenty years since section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act established the so-called notice and takedown process. Despite its importance to copyright holders, online service providers, and Internet speakers, very little empirical research has been done on how effective section 512 is for addressing copyright infringement, spurring online service provider development, or providing due process for notice targets.

    … The findings suggest that whether notice and takedown “works” is highly dependent on who is using it and how it is practiced, though all respondents agreed that the Section 512 safe harbors remain fundamental to the online ecosystem.
    In response to the popularity surrounding Bored Ape, Aronow stated that BAYC was aiming to be a “Web3 lifestyle company.”[16] The company released secondary assets like Bored Ape Kennel Club, Mutant Serum, and Mutant Ape Yacht Club,[19][7] which has increased BAYC’s worth and brought more users into the ecosystem.

    On March 11, 2022, it was announced that Yuga Labs acquired all of the CryptoPunks and Meebits intellectual property for an undisclosed sum. Yuga Labs stated they were granting complete commercial rights to CryptoPunks owners.[20]

    On March 16, 2022, ApeCoin DAO launched its own token separate from Yuga Labs known as “ApeCoin” ($APE).[21]

    On April 25, 2022, the official Instagram account of the company was hacked and a phishing link was posted on it.

    Lanciata all’inizio di dicembre 2021, la raccolta NFT ha citato le azioni di CryptoPhunks per giustificare il suo lancio.

    CryptoPhunks suona simile a CryptoPunks e anche le loro raccolte sembrano abbastanza simili.

    PAYC ha dichiarato una vaga dichiarazione di intenti sottolineando che mira a promuovere il decentramento nel mercato NFT. Ha aggiunto che voleva denigrare i ricchi idioti che avevano preso il controllo del mercato.

    PHAYC è l’altra faccia della medaglia che sembra simile alla precedente.

    Anch’essa ha strappato la collezione originale di Bored Ape Yacht Club per venderla sul mercato. È stato lanciato dopo pochi giorni quando PAYC ha annunciato il suo ingresso nel mercato.

    Ha messo uno striscione che dicevauna collezione NFT limitataper attirare un gran numero di collezionisti d’arte.

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