Tos the other side nft

  • Moonerals:TOS宝藏体系中能挖掘到的奖励,形式有NFTs、“特别的石头”、Moonz令牌和入口;
  • MOONZ:TOS商城的信用基础、多个宇宙间的霍币。

(9). 阶段二的路线规划

  • Moonwalkers的v2版本;
  • 伟大的征战计划;
  • 通道;
  • 孵化功能;
  • 购买的收益。

6. 合作伙伴

MYTY’s Ghost projects,Dreamland Genesis,Metaverse HQ,CyberTurtles,Ape Kids Football Club (AKFC),Mech Identity Protocol (MIP) ,the Donut Shop,U_U,Rengoku Legends,Cereal Club NFT,Scholarz,Ramen NFT,WGMI Studios,SoulZ,Cryptoids, Space Pals,The StasLab,Ethereal NFT等


1. 不同级别的白名单身份


Tos the other side nft


1). NFT系列名称Moonwalkers(月球漫步者)

2). 发行量总量8,888只,其中1,788只为Celestial(创世NFT)

3). 网络:Etherum

4). 协议标准:ERC-721

5). 特征种类数量300

6). NFT的用途:收藏、未来项目馈赠的奖励

7). 阶段一的路线规划

(1). 市场营销 & 合作伙伴:

  • 发布推和ins的(2022年1月16日开始);
  • 与具有相同愿景的其他项目合作。

(2). 社区建设

(3). 发射前准备

  • 发布关于mint等关键阶段的详细信息


It seems abundantly clear that ApeCoin will need to migrate to its own chain in order to properly scale. We’d like to encourage the DAO to start thinking in this direction.”

It’s ironic for a few reasons, the first of which has to do with the idea that Yuga Labs would “like to encourage” the ApeCoin DAO to start thinking about working on its own blockchain, as opposed to building its own blockchain outright.

Yuga Labs has spent months trying to distance itself from ApeCoin and its primary governing body, the ApeCoin DAO, presumably for regulatory reasons. The thinking is that if ApeCoin comes from Yuga Labs, it’s a kind of securities offering, and should be regulated as such.

Each block on the chain can only fit a certain number of validated transactions – traders can opt to spend more on fees for the privilege of cutting to the front of the line.) Activity was high during Saturday night’s Otherside sale, and fees were too: traders shelled out over $100 million in fees alone.

And because all pending transactions on Ethereum are queued up in one giant list, what clogs a single NFT project can end up clogging the entire network. At certain moments on Saturday and early Sunday, even simple crypto transfers demanded several thousand dollars in fees.

That meant that the $6,500 buy-in was effectively even higher – only investors with tens of thousandsof dollars’ worth of liquid crypto could capitalize on the land rush.

If it comes from this amorphous, headless DAO, though, it should technically be outside the scope of the SEC (more on that here).

And even though Yuga Labs can’t just tell the ApeCoin DAO to do something, it can probably still get its way, thanks to the enormous amount of voting power it exerts over DAO proposals.

On Twitter, conspiracy-minded NFT investors suggested Yuga Labs may have even brought down the blockchain intentionally, as a way of manufacturing consent for a brand new network.

Axie Infinity, now the splashiest example of a “play-to-earn” (P2E) blockchain-backed video game, already operates on a dedicated chain called Ronin. Where Ethereum adds new transactions to the blockchain with something called a proof-of-work consensus mechanism, Ronin uses an alternate mechanism known as delegated proof-of-stake.

A single Otherside NFT currently costs about $11,000 on the secondary market.)

If, as metaverse boosters like Mark Zuckerberg predict, the creator economy really does move into virtual online spaces like these, we’ll all be working on Ape-owned land – almost a riff on manorialism, the Medieval economic system, with Apes as lords.

The decision to conduct Saturday’s sale in ApeCoin also meant that prospective investors had to load up on the coin in advance of the sale, resulting in a literal pump and dump: the price of a single ApeCoin shot up to $26 ahead of the sale, and immediately dipped nearly 50% once traders swapped their coins for NFTs.

Yuga Labs’ response to the chaos was to propose abandoning Ethereum entirely.

“We’re sorry for turning off the lights on Ethereum for a while,” reads a statement from the company’s Twitter account.

T-O-S The Other Side

8,888 Circulating Supply

7% Royalty

80% Staked (7110/8888). BREAKING: Moonwalkers have been discovered on The Other Side of the moon. Only 8,888 Moonwalkers will be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Each is randomly generated from over… 300 mystical traits, comprising multiple layers to differentiate its rarity.. As if Moonwalkers aren’t ethereal enough, it appears 1,788 have been christened CELESTIAL (in other words, GENESIS).. The moonwalkers have found moonpods!🤩 80% of the total supply have begun their journey into the moon cave (staked) Are you ready to receive your drops on a weekly basis as well?Read more

80% Staked (7110/8888).
BREAKING: Moonwalkers have been discovered on The Other Side of the moon. Only 8,888 Moonwalkers will be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain.

It’s generally considered a more centralized system; validators with the most staked crypto will always exert the greatest control over the network.

Porting crypto from mainstream blockchains over to Ronin requires a special program called a “bridge,” which is particularly vulnerable to exploits and hacks. Last month, Ronin saw around $625 million siphoned from its bridge in one of the largest crypto exploits ever. Widespread distrust around bridges could potentially impact the price of these assets, too, as traders opt to keep their tokens on more reliable networks.

A dedicated ApeCoin blockchain would restrict the entire Ape economy to a single network.

Austin, TX this June 9-12.

This past weekend, the crypto media company Yuga Labs orchestrated what was almost certainly the biggest non-fungible token (NFT) launch in the history of the Ethereum blockchain: a sale of virtual land in a forthcoming metaverse space called Otherside.

The firm sold tokens tied to 55,000 distinct parcels of land at around $6,500 each, and generated something like $300 million in revenue. (The NFTs were priced exclusively in ApeCoin, Yuga Labs’ official cryptocurrency, the volatility of which makes it tough to settle on an exact number.)

The sale also functioned as a kind of unofficial funding round for a company that raised $450 in blue-chip venture financing earlier this year.

This article is excerpted from The Node, CoinDesk’s daily roundup of the most pivotal stories in blockchain and crypto news.

Rumble Royale、Gartic或Trivias的互动游戏,游戏结束时的winner将获得白名单身份;

8). 在#giveaway频道参与抽奖活动来活动白名单。


3. 关于白名单的发放数量

在mint的等价基础上,我们已在社区内分发了约 2.2k 个名额,并为我们的合作伙伴提供了约 2k 名额。此外,我们还为即将到来的赠品预留了约 500 个名额。所以这意味着在接下来的几天内,将有超过 2k 个 WL 名额在DC中送出。


1. Sale的日程安排

1). Early Access Sale:

2022年2月12日星期六上午11点00分 ( @ Earth Access & @ Jupiter Access )

2). Whitelist Sale:

2022年2月12日星期六晚上11点00分 ( @ Pluto Access and Partner’s giveaway)


Earth Access:最高级别的WL身份;

2).Pluto Access:合作伙伴级别的WL身份;

3).Jupiter Access:普通级别的WL身份;

4). Explorer ⑦:荣耀探索者身份,活跃度到7级可拿到(非白名单身份,但重要,下面会讲)。

2. 白名单规则 & 活动


1). 参与社区,制作表情包,友爱地交流,我们会随机挑选哪些真正想拿白名单的人;

2). 不要做互怼互喷等让人不适的互动,也不能发广告 ,如果用机器人会被踢出局

3). 关注TOS官方和团队成员的推;

4). 经常发TOS的推文,转发TOS官方最新的推文;

5). 把你的DC用户名加上后缀:| TOS,去 │sneak-peek频道挑选图片换成你的头像;

6). 在#explorer-giveaway频道参加特殊赠予活动,只有Explorer ⑦ 或更高level的成员能参与;


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