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Top nft influencers on instagram

OohShiny account tweets about the most recent happenings and news in the Metaverse, highlighting any new and unique NFT projects. They have discussions with new creators who wish to get advice on the progress of their projects.

Follow for: emerging projects in the NFT space, advice for creators launching new projects.

Also on:Opensea

11.@Digitalartchick– 155k followers

Another pseudonymous account is @Artchick NFT influencer on Twitter with over 155k followers, very active on the platform, sharing views and opinions about the space.

She is an NFT creator with a background in UX design and painting and clothing and pattern design in the physical world.

Top nft influencers on instagram

Through their Phygital World, Double A Labs creates virtual experiences for brand consumers to watch, create, play, and shop, putting companies’ content into dynamic environments and experiencing unique and engaging experiences. Double A Labs has worked on projects for well-known companies such as AT&T, Twitch, and Dell.

24) DCL Blogger

Matty, also known as DCL Blogger, discovered Decentraland, a virtual world-building platform, a few years ago. He recognized the advantages of a community that was actively buying and selling NFTs for money, so he decided to turn it into a full-time job.

As a result, he decided to start DCL Blogger to keep track of his Decentraland and NFT thoughts and discoveries.

Best nft influencers on instagram

He began TheTreeverse as an NFT collectibles project, and it has since grown into a full-fledged metaverse. It’s a 2D theme open world where NFT owners can interact with and customize various metaverse features. He’s attempting to develop a play-to-earn model for this game, since he knows blockchain gaming will soon dominate the NFT industry.

He also founded Interleave, a production company dedicated to bringing 3D animated films featuring various NFTS to the public.

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13) Flurnft

Flurnft is a significant player in this space, and according to his Twitter bio, he has given away nearly $500k in addition to a large number of high-quality NFTs. He has one of the best NFT collections, with over 4500 assets. His tweets are extremely valuable, and they direct many people to be new and upcoming projects.

Ask anyone what’s trending in modern tech. You will receive the answers NFT, Metaverse and Cryptocurrencies. Do you also feel that you are unable to keep up with the latest NFT news in this fast-moving world and your daily routine? If yes then we have a solution for you. Here is the list of the best NFT Instagram pages that will keep you updated with the trend.

Instagram as we all know is the most popular social media site of all time.

Once you are into the feed section of the Instagram application there is no coming back. Why not use this addiction into learning something useful that keeps you connected with the world? We know you must be thinking how? Well, follow the top NFT pages on Instagram.

These NFT Instagram pages keep you updated with all the latest news in the NFT, Metaverse, and Crypto markets.

He’s also a big supporter of Crypto Punks and owns one of the most valuable punks. He spent more than $1.5 million on a total of 22 CryptoPunks.

Follow DANNY on Twitter

15) Murat Pak

Murat Pak is one of the most popular and well-known digital artists. Indeed, it was he who prompted Beeple (the top-selling NFT artist, dubbed the “Picasso of digital art”) to enter the NFT space a year ago.
Since his identity is unknown, the crypto community has dubbed him “Satoshi of crypto art.”

Follow Murat Pak on Twitter


Whether you believe in NFTs or not, there is no denying the amount of information currently out there about them.

Chang uses his Instagram to show off recipes and, like many other influencers who have monetized their Instagram account, promote his products.

Salt Bae (43.3 million followers)

Salt Bae is the nickname of a Turkish butcher and restauranteur. He has a famous luxury steakhouse in the Boston area, and is known for his meat seasoning techniques. On Instagram, he shows off his techniques and also posts lifestyle photos.

Lifestyle Influencers

Admittedly, the “lifestyle” niche is relatively broad.

However, what sets it apart is the willingness of influencers to share their entire lives with people on social media. This is analogous to being a personality or public figure. Because of this, you’ll see them partner with a wide variety of brands.

Joanna Gaines (13.5 million followers)

Joanna is a family woman who owns two stores in Waco, Texas.

Being at the forefront of the crypto industry growth, Farokh has established himself in the NFT space through the NFT room chat on Clubhouse and has discussions about his investments and NFTs through his founded channel Rug Radio.

Follow for: NFT investments, community discussions, community engagement.

Also on:Discord, LinkedIn, Opensea

2. Gary Vaynerchuk@garyvee@veefriends– 3m / 218k followers

Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur, chairman of media company VaynerX, and the founder and CEO of advertising agency VaynerMedia.

By the end of the year, he had sold off the NFT for over $10 million and exited the leading NFT profile picture projectover frustrations about IP and commercialization rights.

As a co-creator of theNouns NFT projectand a proponent ofopen-source intellectual property, he’s working to change perceptions around what NFTs are and how they should be overseen by communities. And while his CryptoPunks are gone,he toldDecrypthe may keep using the 4156 brand he’s built up online.



Looking to read epic threads about the potential of NFTs and the metaverse? Follow the pseudonymous punk6529, a deep-pocketed collector and frequent pontificator who reliably sharesthoughtful, viral threadsabout what he sees ahead in the space.

Oneprominent exampleabout NFTs in the year 2030 begins, “However bullish you are on NFTs, you are wrong.

NFT Times

Number of Followers:47K

Recent Projects:None

Source: NFT Times

Specializing in digital marketing for almost a decade and supporting artists, musicians, and other digital influencers, the owner of this channel, Mr Fungible knows loads about NFTs. You can get advice on how to avoid common NFT mistakes, how to make NFTs more attractive for free and free NFT tools.

Profile Link:https://www.youtube.com/c/NFTTIMES


NFT influencers are becoming more and more popular as the metaverse expands. People interested in NFT trading desire more knowledge on how to go about this and seek out influencers because of this.

Nonetheless, she shows that you can be a fashion icon and a mom at the same time.

Aimee Song (6.3 million followers)

Song is an NY Times bestselling author of Korean descent. She has served as brand ambassador for several major fashion brands, and does some designing of her own. Like other female influencers, she shows off her family on Instagram.

Gigi Hadid (73.1 million followers)

Like other fashion influencers, Hadid has a career as a fashion model.
In her case, she started work as a child and is recognized for her exotic appearance. During the pandemic, she got pregnant and has been showing off her baby bump. Hadid is also known for promoting social justice causes.

Bella Hadid (50.4 million followers)

Sister to Gigi, Bella was named the 2016 Model of the Year.

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