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Toad runnerz nft

Soon after Colonel Floorbin’s fall, the Evil King Gremplin declared his divine right to rule over all CrypToadz in the Metaverse, renaming Uniswamp to GREMPLAND. With his mighty army of Fronkz, Gremplin has caused devastation in the CrypToadz. The CrypToadz NFT collection was minted to free the Toadz from the reign of the Evil King Gremplin.

The narrative core of a collection is fulfilled, let’s briefly introduce the artist behind the collection – Gremplin.

What makes Gremplin’s involvement worthwhile?

Gremplin is an OG in the NFT space and he is also one of the 10 Nounders behind Nouns DAO project. So he has already created many 1/1 pieces and editions.

The CrypToadz collection is driven by Gremplin’s referential style and irritating artistic voice. The framing of his work is silly and fun. In other words, it has a look that resonates with the community.

Toad runnerz nft

CrypToadz originally started as a fun NFT project as Gremplin began toadifying profile pictures of frens (OG team from the punk discord), turning Punks, CoolCats and others into pixel toads. The community was instantly pulled into the project because of Gremplin’s involvement.
First to jump in were the owners of NFT Punk who promptly changed their Twitter avatar to their new NFT Toadz.

At the present time, the project has reached 43.5 ETH in total trading volume or about $148.29M. Each CrypToadz NFT had a mint price of .069 ETH, and the project sold out very quickly, with the floor price currently reaching 3.93 ETH.

Road runner nft

Bigger buyers quickly looked to the hoodie Toadz and 1-of-1s to scope as their rares. The second highest sale so far has been this 1-of-1 animated skull toad, sold by my buddy Dimes for 69.069.
The art on the 1-of-1s really set them apart from the rest of the collection and are extremely well done.

Boasting an impressive team and great support from collectors, I am excited to see what’s next for the Toadz. You can check out the official collection on OpenSea here and join the Discord to stay up to date with the latest from the Toadz.

For disclosure purposes: the author of this article holds a CrypToadz NFT at the time of publishing.


$RoadRunnerNft is just a part of a large ecosystem. Our future plans and ultimate goals are managed depending upon this ecosystem.

In a nutshell, we have four basic stages in this ecosystem. For the first leg, we had a successful and promising fair launch on the 27th of November.

The 2nd dimension of this ecosystem for $RoadRunnerNft will be the web stock market. In the initial phase, it will be free of charge but then the membership will be of charge to develop our mobile Nft stock market.

The 3rd dimension of the ecosystem and the most exciting part will be our little $BabyRunner. $BabyRunner will be established to support the entire ecosystem. The 4th dimension of the ecosystem and the most significant part will be the Runner mobile Nft stock market as mentioned just above.

Which one do you think could be the next Crypto Punk?

5 Pixel Art PFP NFTs

The projects in this list are all collectibles, most of them contain 10,000 unique pieces. All of them are traded on Opensea, where you can mint, buy & sell NFTs.

1] Crypto Punks

The most wanted PFP collectibles are the Crypto Punks.

They are a unique collection of 10,000 pixelated art images with 24×24, 8-bit resolution. You’ve might have seen celebrities, like Snoop Dogg or Jay-Z flex their punk as their profile picture on Twitter.

Started in 2017, half of them were airdropped (or minted for free).
Which could arguably be the biggest NFT airdrop in history.

For example, on September 30th, 2021, Matt London, SuperRare artist, announced a companion project of CryptoFlyz. The collection holds similar attributes to CrypToadz and is available for free mint to the holders of CrypToadz.

While Cryptoadz are in the public domain and free for anyone to use, a collaboration announcement between Cryptoadz and Arcade NFT recently took place.

This is the first official collaboration and tribute entitled Toad Runnerz, which is officially sponsored by CrypToadz. The idea for this collaboration was suggested by the CrypToadz by GREMPLIN team who provided Arcade NFT with official in-game CrypToad assets.

From this inspiration, the game & Arcades was then developed and created by ArcadeNFT.

The mint took place on October 14.

Popular traits such as 3D glasses, robo Toadz and hoodies were just some of the awesome ways the Toadz differed from each other.

Price action was wild as sales volume poured in pushing the floor higher and higher, peaking at around 0.9 ETH less than two hours after drop. Support from the entire NFT community and well-respected collective added to the positive vibes and price movement.

Just as fast as it had hit 0.9, undercutting came in and the price dropped to the 0.3-0.4 range making for a wild 15 minutes.

The price rebounded and settled around 0.7 in the evening.

Since then, the community has continued to back the CrypToadz, with the floor peaking around 2 ETH and at the writing of this article is sitting at 1.4 ETH, with sales at 125 ETH and 69 ETH.

Another great sign for the project was the amount of higher sales on some unique Toadz.

Table of contents

  • What is CrypToadz about?

  • What makes Gremplin’s involvement worthwhile?

  • How to determine the value of CrypToadz NFT?

  • What is the project’s future?

  • Closing thoughts

What is CrypToadz about?

Launched on September 8, the CrypToadz NFT collection comprises 6969 small amphibious creatures. The collection is full of pop culture, crypto and NFT references.

To begin with, these amphibious creatures inhabit the Uniswamp marshy basin which is a reference to the Uniswap Exchange. The story of the NFT CrypToadz universe is centered around the descent upon Uniswamp of the Evil King Gremplin who dispatched the leader of the CrypToadz, Colonel Floorbin, exiling him to Gooch Island.

Followed by CrypToadz #2155 sold for 300 ETH (about $1,33M) and CrypToadz #6514 sold for 175 ETH (about $778.8k), the latter referring to the Matrix.What is the project’s future?

The CrypToadz project is in the public domain which means that it is not copyrighted and is approved for free commercial use. As stated, feel free to use the toadz in any way you want. In other words, the work can be copied, modified, distributed, and performed, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

Also, there is no roadmap or any marketing promise, nor are weekly events or giveaways related to the project planned. However, the CrypToadz community’s involvement has been reflected via multiple derivative projects, notably CrypToadz Sockzs, Zombie Toadz, and CryptoFlyz.

CrypToadz NFT?

Each Toad within the collection has unique combinations of attributes. Indeed, each one possesses at least one trait and can have a maximum of seven traits, specifically accessory I, accessory II, background, body, eyes, head and mouth.

Moreover, some of the Toadz may have clothes and custom characteristics too. For instance, Legendary Toadz are featured in completely different art styles or even animated.

So it won’t be hard to spot rare CrypToadz.

As the collection is full of references, including nods to The Matrix, Cryptopunks, BAYC, Dogecoin and more, an extra layer is brought to the collection for those looking to get their hands on a specific part of the identifiable CrypToadz.

The most expensive NFT CrypToadz so far is CrypToadz #1519 sold for 420 WETH (about $1,87M) which is a custom animated Toad having Licked-Hallucination trait.

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