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Retrieved November 17, 2021.

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  • Tldr wikipedia nft

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  • Tldr wiki nft

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  • Immutable X team

  • Immutable X APIs – REST APIs which wrap the underlying Immutable X Exchange Engine’s logic, abstracting smart contract interaction. This is your main and only way of communicating with Immutable X
  • Immutable X SDK – TypeScript implementation of the APIs and Wallet (Link) to allow for quicker integration
  • To find out more about Immutable X concepts and go into detail, check out this part of official documentation.

    L1<-L2 interaction

    Depositing assets

    Depositing assets from L1 to L2 locks them up in an IMX contract that’s located in L1 and makes them available in L2.

    • Time required – up to a couple of minutes
    • Requires gas

    Once assets are on L2 all (L2) actions are gas-free.

    Collaterals – Both NFT and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) share the same infrastructure. DeFi applications let you borrow money by using collateral. NFT and DeFi both work together to explore using NFTs as collateral instead.

    • Domain Names – NFTs provide your domain with an easier-to-remember name.
      This works like a website domain name, making its IP address more memorable and valuable, usually based on length and relevance.

    Even celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Shawn Mendes, and Jack Dorsey are taking an interest in the NFT by releasing unique memories and artwork and selling them as securitized NFTs.

    NBA Top Shot Is a Hot NFT Use Case

    One of the most popular non-fungible tokens in recent days is NBA Top Shot, a partnership between Dapper Labs (makers of the CryptoKitties game) and the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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  • Its existence as a digital object on the blockchain is what makes it unique.

    How do I buy or trade NFTs?

    NFTs are bought and traded just like any other cryptocurrency based on Ethereum, only instead of buying some amount of tokens, you buy a single token.

    To do that, you should start by installing Metamask, a browser extension that lets you interact with various facets of Ethereum, such as exchanges and dApps (decentralized apps). MetaMask is also a digital wallet for Ethereum and all the tokens created on Ethereum (both fungible and non-fungible).

    After installing the extension, you should buy some Ethereum (you can do it directly in MetaMask with a debit card or Apple Pay by clicking on “Add Funds”). But be very careful with your funds — store your MetaMask password and your wallet’s private key somewhere safe.

    We will make it effortless for artists to maintain creative control through decentralized contracts and metadata transparency. All NFTs are on-chain. The initial launch will support Ethereum based ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards with multi-chain support planned soon after. We’ll provide the best user experience, but we’ll never lock creators in.Developing community

    Buying and selling will be core features of Coinbase NFT.

    We’ll have a vibrant, secure marketplace. But we believe we can do much more. We’re designing for social engagement. By fostering connections, Coinbase NFT will help creators, collectors, and fans build community. Based on your interests we’ll curate your personal feed.
    Your profile will showcase all your NFTs in one place, helping you connect with like-minded fans or artists.

    NFT может формировать только реальный владелец и дальнейшая передача NFT происходит только в связи с передачей соответствующих прав на исходный цифровой объект, тогда NFT может выполнять роль маркера, указывающего текущего владельца объекта.

    NFT подвергаются критике из-за высоких затрат на электроэнергию и большого выброса диоксида углерода в процессе проверки транзакций, а также из-за использования NFT мошенниками[6][7]. Под сомнение ставится и полезность установки права собственности на зачастую нелегальном нерегулируемом рынке[8].

    История[править|править код]

    Смарт-контракты NFT на блокчейнеEthereum были созданы в 2017 году[5][9].

    В 2021 году впервые в мире материальное произведение искусства (картина Бэнкси «Morons») превращено в цифровой актив — создан невзаимозаменяемый токен, а оригинальный материальный экземпляр произведения был уничтожен (сожжён)[5][10].

    Welcher Art die Rechte sind, die mit dem Erwerb eines NFTs verbunden sind, ist nicht einheitlich geregelt. Durchsetzbare Rechte wie etwa die Verwertungsrechte an einem Lied oder die Besitzrechte an einem physischen Objekt, dessen Abbildung gehandelt wird, werden dabei jedoch in der Regel nicht übertragen.[4][7] Auch hat ein NFT keine Aussagekraft über die Validitität und Integrität der digitalen Ressource, auf die es verweist – also ob die Datei verändert wurde oder überhaupt noch vorhanden ist.[3]

    Der im NFT enthaltene Verweis wird mit einer dazugehörigen Prüfsumme in einer Blockchain gespeichert. Im Gegensatz zur Abbildung eines Wertes in Kryptowährung enthält der Blockchaindatensatz für ein NFT Daten über einen Verweis etwa auf eine Bild-, Audiodatei, Video, 3D-Modell, Text-Dokumente o. ä. aus denen hervorgeht, um welches Objekt es sich handelt.

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