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Tiger nft collection

All Trendy Tigers exist as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

How do I mint Trendy Tigers NFT’s?

Trendy Tigers NFT team has made minting a quick, simple and painless task.

Simply click on the ‘Mint’ Button to start the minting process.

You can use a Metamask wallet or Coinbase.

Each Trendy Tiger costs 0.03 Eth to mint.

Depending on when you mint your Trendy Tiger, there will be an undetermined ‘gas fee’ you will need to pay upon minting.

How to buy Trendy Tigers NFT’s

As of the 26th of October 2021, minting started and NFT’s from the Trendy Tiger collection have been listed on the Opensea NFT auction platform for people to buy.

On this marketplace, there are plenty of Trendy Tigers to select if handpicking is your thing rather than randomly selecting on the mint which is out of your control.

Tiger nft collection

Go and have a look at the Opensea marketplace, if any of them catch your eye, why not go for it?

It’s a great time to check out as it’s very newly launched and there’s a wide variety to choose from!

As time goes by, owners may put their NFT on other platforms such as Rarible or Superare.


Are you raring to go at this opportunity or feeling more like growling?

Either way, the Trendy Tigers NFT Collection is impressive and unique.

What really stood out for me was their adoption of the Metaverse and how they creatively have a 3D simulated world that you can involve yourself in and not just be an owner of an NFT.

Pounce, don’t ponder!

This has just launched pretty recently and there are lots of opportunities to get involved as of now.

No12 is special because it is the only animated gif in the collection.View post on imgur.com

FAQ:1. How do I purchase an NFT on Opensea? Visit: https://opensea.io/meerkatsu This collection is on the Polygon Etherium blockchain. It is a so-called Layer-2 blockchain which involves much lower gas fees.
For full detail on how to buy an NFT on the Polygon blockchain, see this well-explained page:https://support.opensea.io/hc/en-us/articles/1500012889322-How-do-I-purchase-NFTs-on-Polygon- Be aware, there are still fees involved – called bridge fees which connect the two blockchains together.

2. What do I get when I buy one? You’ll be the sole and undisputed token owner of a 1500×1500 pixel sized Meerkatsu tiger artwork on the Polygon Etherium blockchain (Lotus Tiger No12 is 960×960).

Tiger nft collection-make

Are you scratching at the next NFT opportunity in the market?

Do you love art like a tiger loves a steak?

Here we go over the collection, the good, the bad and the ugly for you to then decide if you want to pounce.

The Trendy Tigers NFT collection is made up of 9,999 Trendy Tigers and was launched recently.

From what I have seen, the different styles, attributes and details within the collection seem almost endless!

Let’s see if you want to bite the arm off of this opportunity!

Trendy Tigers NFT Collection description

Tigers stripes are individual to every tiger that has ever lived, and this unique trend carries out through the Trendy Tigers NFT Collection as no 2 Trendy Tigers are the same!

There are 9,999 Trendy Tigers that have been created and launched.

Tiger nft collectionview

Players. That Phoenix Open ace. Those legendary highlights live on rent free in all of our heads, but what if we, ya know, could actually own them? What if they weren’t just Tiger’s triumphs, but ours as well? Now, thanks to Tiger Woods’ debut NFT collection, they can be.

On Tuesday, Woods announced the release of 10,000 digital images from throughout his career, the Non-fungible Tokens for which are now available to purchase via Tom Brady’s digital memorabilia company Autograph (where Woods serves as an advisory board member alongside the likes of Tony Hawk, Simone Biles, Wayne Gretzky and Derek Jeter).

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“The intersection of sports and technology is such an interesting space to me, and I’m thrilled to partner with Autograph as they lead the charge by ushering in a new era of digital collecting,” Woods said.

Tiger nft collection2011

The Year of the Tiger is the perfect opportunity for us all to embody the symbolic power of the Tiger, and uncage our bold ambitions for the year ahead. The Tiger Archives is the perfect realisation of this. These Lucky Tigers are unique, progressive and stunningly created.

By sharing proceeds from The Tiger Archives with local musicians and artists, we hope to support creatives to realise their bold ambitions in 2022.”

Joyce Lim, Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer Malaysia also added, “As an occasion that only comes once every 12 years, the Year of the Tiger is a very special year for us, and our year-long campaign starts with Chinese New Year. Through this, we want to encourage people to uncage their inner tiger and go all out in 2022.

There really is no better time to start minting or go to the Opensea marketplace to buy your very own Trendy Tiger.

Here you have two options, either randomly select and try your luck, or see what you can bid on if aesthetics is your priority.

Trendy Tigers have a special place in the Metaverse.

There is a virtual wilderness for you to venture around and discover with your Trendy Tiger, called the Cyberjungle!

The Trendy Tigers NFT creators have 2 beliefs in mind, which they have carried around until today.

Number 1 is the art side in which they focus their attention to detail, perfecting projects into unique artwork.

Golf legend Tiger Woods is partnering with NFT platform Autograph on a digital collection that will be sold exclusively on DraftKings Marketplace.

“Autograph’s team is at the forefront of digital collectibles and enhancing the fan experience around NFTs, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the new era of collecting,” Woods said in a statement. “It will enable me to grow closer to my fan base and I’m looking forward to seeing that all fans have the opportunity to participate.”

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An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unique digital token that can turn any item in the digital world, from tweets to Gifs to videos, into a collectible asset. Like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, NFTs are sold and bought via the blockchain.

Tiger Beer and Malaysian street wear brand PMC (Pestle & Mortar Clothing) have teamed up to launch ‘The Tiger Archives’ NFT collection. The initiative is being launched through Tiger Beer’s ‘Uncage’ platform, with proceeds going towards the support of local musicians and artists throughout 2022, the Year of the Tiger.

The collection, which will be open for public mint on January 30th, includes 6,688 ‘Lucky Tiger’ NFTs, each of which will feature a unique and hand-draw take from PWC on the iconic Tiger Beer brand artwork. By virtue, the ‘Lucky Tigers’ will grant good fortune to their owners, whilst also offering them a series of exclusive perks and curated experiences which bridge the gap between the metaverse and real life.

Lucky Tiger NFTs will be available on Mintable after the public mint.

It’s been an honor to join their advisory board among so many iconic athletes, and I’m looking forward to bringing fans closer to my memorable sports moments at an accessible price, and to the game I respect so much.”

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What does “accessible price” mean to one of the world’s first billionaire athletes in the surging NFT marketplace? Well, the initial 10,000-image collection will include 9,700 images priced anywhere from $12 to $100, with 375 of those moments priced at the top $100 mark. The remaining 300 NFTs will be signed by Woods himself and will retail anywhere from $250 to $1,500. Access passes for the “Premier” (read: standard) collection are now available for purchase through Autograph and DraftKings.

They will be followed by the limited-edition autograph collection, which drops Sept.

The NFTs also include exclusive unlockable content: a discount code off Meerkatsu apparel – plus for two of the NFTs includes a personally signed 30x40cm art print as well as a much higher discount code. Unlockable content is only applicable to the first buyer of each NFT.

3. Can I sell it on? Yes, NFTs can be re-listed on Opensea, sold to a new owner, or kept for posterity.
As part of minting the NFT I have set the creator royalties at 10% for subsequent sales.

4. Can I use the image for my brand or product?The copyright of all the artworks remains with me but buying this NFT entitles you to reproduce it for any non-commercial or personal use.

5. Will you be offering more NFTs? Yes. I have an exciting continuous project growing my Learn2Ape collection over on Solsea (which uses the Solana blockchain).

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