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The secret society xx nft

the secret society xx nft


The Staking Yield is summarized as follows:


– Yonkyu = 10 $JUMON / $NOROI per day yield

– Sankyu = 15 $JUMON / $NOROI per day yield

– Nikyu = 20 $JUMON / $NOROI per day yield

– Ikkyu = 25 $JUMON / $NOROI per day yield

– Tokkyu = 30 $JUMON / $NOROI per day yield

Owning additional Norowareta Uchu NFTs allows you to build a Colony. This is important for the Revenue-Sharing aspect of the project and further explained below.


The size of your colony (amount of NFTs staked) will determine the Revenue-Sharing profit percentage derived from the Norowareta Uchu-verse.


A Colony of 5 to 14 Norowareta Uchu NFTs will get 5% of The Norowareta Uchu Marketplace’s profits.

But again: you have to get in early and you have to pick the right one. And that’s a big challenge. Many people have minted NFTs that they can’t sell because the collection didn’t get any traction.

That’s why more and more NFTs investors are looking for NFT projects with utility.
In other words: they are looking for NFTs that actually do something for them instead of just sitting on the Blockchain waiting for someone wanting to buy it.

NFTs with integrated passive income are trending! What if your NFT would pay your regular rewards from a real business that is generating profit?

The Secret Society XX collection is a good example of how NFT owners can be rewarded just for holding the NFT.

The ambition of Secret Society XX is to build a casino in the Decentraland Metaverse.

Cursed Energy that gives birth to Atama, a race of spiritual beings whose primary desire is to bring harm to all creatures. These are known as Norowareta Atama “The Cursed Heads”.

Sentoki are people who control the flow of Cursed Energy in their entire bodies which allows them to limit its release.
High-ranking Sentoki and Atama can refine this energy and use it to perform Cursed Techniques, which tend to be unique to the user or their family and Skin Colors.

Each Sentoki (also Majutsu-Shi & Akachan if one of the ancestors is an Sentoki) have a rank to assess their skill level ascending from Rank 4 to Special Rank. Each Sentoki (also Majutsu-Shi & Akachan) generally start at Rank 4 upon joining the Noroi no Akademi, but this depends on experience and minting process.

Atama and Akachan if one of the ancestors is an Atama are ranked on a similar scale but not exact.

add to calendar2022-05-21 00:00:002022-05-21 00:00:00 Atama FREE MINT


Atama is a collection of 2888 Atama NFT’s – unique digital cursed heads residing on the Solana Blockchain. Your Atama doubles as a citizenship which grants access to the Norowareta Uchu staking system to earn 10 $NOROI (or more depends on your Atama Rank) per day.

Each Atama starts with Yonkyu rank, a ranking system that goes higher as you spend $NOROI to reach a higher rank.
(higher rarity = higher yield)


In Norowareta Uchu, all living beings emanate an energy called Cursed Energy, which arises from negative emotions that naturally flow throughout the head. Normal creatures cannot control this flow in their heads.

This will be distributed quarterly to the holder’s wallet address. The Norowareta Uchu NFTs must be staked prior to the pay-out.


A Colony of 15 to 24 Norowareta Uchu NFTs will get 10% of The Norowareta Uchu Marketplace’s profits.
This will be distributed quarterly to the holder’s wallet address. The Stoned Frogs must be staked prior to the pay-out.


A Colony of 25 or more Norowareta Uchu NFTs will get 15% of The Norowareta Uchu Marketplace’s profits.
This will be distributed quarterly to the holder’s wallet address.

The higher-ups can be particular when it comes to ranking Atama. The distinct difference between a rank 1 and a rank 2 Atama is whether or not it is capable of using Norowareta Tekunikku “Cursed Techniques” 呪われたテクニック.

Each Sentoki (also Majutsu-Shi & Akachan) are expected to take on missions involving Atama of the same level.

A Rank 2 Sentoki (also Majutsu-Shi & Akachan) should be able to defeat a Rank 2 Atama because their skill level is closer to the strength of a Rank 1 Atama.

Norowareta Dogu are also categorized from rank 1 to Special based on power and potency. The higher the grade, the greater advantage in battle.

All Special Rank Norowareta Dogu are imbued with a Norowareta Tekunikku.


Your Characters can be staked and earn you $JUMON and $NOROI every day. The higher the rank, the higher the yield per day.

affiliate reflections for referring new recruits to the community.

Passive Income (Direct Reflections)

Meta Bounty Hunters (MBH) is a digital collection of 8,888 unique NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

MBH Community has secured an exclusive agreement with Calli.Finance, a digital asset staking pool company.

The minting price of all 8888 NFTs will be $2000.

85% of the proceeds from purchase will be contributed into a dedicated custodial account of MBH Community via a smart contract with Calli.Finance.

Direct Reflections are paid out every week starting the sixth week following the week you mint or purchase a MBH NFT.

Every NFT can be sold on the secondary market on OpenSea.

We want to call this our Gamified Platform, the start of all o the utilities you will benefit from shortly.


When staked, the NFT will be placed in an escrow account and removed from your wallet. We have taken this approach to remain competitive in the market and for the streamline the revenue-sharing process.

– When you un-stake, the NFT will be returned to your wallet.

– While your NFT is staked, you can harvest $NOROI/$JUMON at any time.


You will be able to yield $NOROI/$JUMON daily but simply holding your Norowareta Uchu NFTs.


if you are in crypto, you probably heard about NFT (non-fungible token). “Non-fungible” means basically that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else.

For example, a ethereum is fungible — trade one for another ethereum, and you’ll have exactly the same thing. A one-of-a-kind trading card, however, is non-fungible.

If you traded it for a different card, you’d have a completely new card.

NFTs can really be anything digital (such as JPEGs, songs, your brain downloaded and turned into an AI).

The most prominent sale of a piece of digital art is probably Beeple’s collage that was sold for $69 million.

Utility-Driven NFTs

You can certainly make tons of money with NFTs if you bet on the right horse.

Each NFT is Algorithmically Generated by Combining 14 Rarity types and all of the variations within each type to create one of unique Meta Bounty Hunters.

Depending on the rarity of your NFT you might realized higher prices. However, the contribution to the staking pools remains the same.

Affiliate Referral Reflections

Affiliate Referral Commissions are paid to members that help to grow the community.

The compensation plan includes residual commissions only. You basically earn a percentage of rewards of your partners.

25% of weekly rewards will be distributed as residual commissions across 7 levels.

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