The royal clubs nft

the royal clubs nft

Future utility will roll out as the community unlocks gambling related achievements.

Chris: What is the design of the NFT? How are the 8888 tokens different from each other?

ASnatchA: The Royal Flush Ape Club is a first-of-its-kind NFT collection of 8,888 ape themed playing cards. Each Royal Flush Ape card is randomly generated using a combination of over 200 attributes such as eyes, hats, shirts, and more.

The rarity of the cards mirrors their value. Aces are slightly rarer than Kings, Queens, Jacks, etc. There are also certain traits, such as a crown, that are more likely to be featured on royalty cards. Every card is unique.

Additionally, we have 8 jokers that are unique and randomly dispersed throughout the deck. Jokers are wild and can be used to raise the value of ANY hand.

The royal clubs nft

Starting with their approach to building a solid community.

“We know we have to build trust with our community,” says ‘Bunny,’ Community Manager for the project, “which is why we have come up with some fun and rewarding ways to earn it from the very beginning. We plan to deliver what we promise and do what we say we will.”

Besides access and airdrops, the project will be rewarding its community with giveaways, contests, and a chance to win a Tesla Model 3.

And the best part, all holders will get an all-inclusive Royal Weekend Retreat, where every holder will be treated like royalty.

The Royal Goats Club is a project of 10,000 NFTs, each hand-drawn in photoshop by an incredibly talented and diverse artist based in Egypt. The artist maintains an aesthetic approach that involves a distinct sense of play aiming to put the fun into function.

Once the land is bought we will pick at least one Metaverse plot which the Royal Rhino Golf Club owns to build our Golf Club.

After all Rhinos can play Golf just as well as Humans.

At first Rhinos will be able to explore a beautiful 18 hole Golf Course which will include real life obstacles and features such as trees, bunkers, lakes etc.

The key here is to make the Golf Course a beautiful place just like Golf Courses in real life. They’ll be able to play with the other Rhinos in a chilled round of golf or competitive P2E tournaments.

In order to keep the game engaging for users, we plan to add additional game modes.

NFT holders will be able to earn not just BY holding NFTs but by playing golf.

After a round the Rhinos can kick back and chill with other Rhinos, at the Golf Clubhouse.
Rhinos can purchase Golf apparel and use them in game.

International media also attended the long-awaited opening to experience Club FOMO first. The Club FOMO team is with reporters Miami When Dubai By 2023.

Club Fomo highlights the light on NFT artists and exhibits a collection of Bored Ape Yacht Club, OnChainMonkey, and other coveted NFTs owned by the founder.
George Gebran And the team. The Phoenix The space was designed by internationally renowned physicists and NFT artists. Lobby firestoneAlso a club FOMO, he is a very unique creative director.
So far, this project has proven to be a huge success, Phoenix An art scene that brings prosperity to your beloved neighborhood.

As a private club and event space, Club FOMO revolves around an exceptional international community of creators, collectors and others interested in Web3.

The royal club nft

NFTs will be set aside for the team and promotion, leaving 9500 available for purchase.”

How many NFTs from the upcoming collection can I mint?

“Each spot on the Whitelist can mint multiple NFTs during the presale. Only 2500 unique wallets will be whitelisted for the presale.

Only 2500 Royal Goats will be available during the presale period. The remaining 7,000 Royal Goats will be available for public sale.

The first 2500 Royal Goat’s Club NFTs will receive a FREE airdrop of a Royal Doe.”

What is the date for the 10k NFT collection mint ?

Our collection will be released sooner rather than later.

Club has done a lot for their community as well as the web3 community abroad.

Royal Goats Clubis more than just an NFT project. It is, as its title says, it’s a club; whose focus is on community and utility. While the Royal Goats Club NFT has not yet minted, the project has already given away thousands of dollars worth of Ethereum to its community through giveaways and other members of the web3 space as well. Why? Because according to Royal Goats Club, providing value and utility to the community is what drives them.
Royal Goats Club really believes in treating their community like Royalty.I recently sat down with actor and entrepreneur Devan Leos who serves as an advisor for the project and he had this to say:

Royal Goats Club is a community of like-minded individuals who have a grand love for the web3 community and the future of blockchain technology.

The refurbished building brings together international and national VIPs, artists, influencers, the general public and community members every month to buy, educate and share NFT projects and artwork. In addition, Virtual Club FOMO will soon open in the Metaverse!

Club FOMO events have limited public access, so don’t miss out on joining this long-awaited social club.

Street of Dreams NFT’s public mint will be live June 10 Supply is very limited, so join Club FOMO’s Discord and Twitter to stay up to date with Mint Day and more.

About Club FOMO Like the vision of Phoenix Rising from the ashes, a new next-generation Web3 concept is emerging – ClubFOMO.Industrial residential area east of downtown Phoenix, The historic building has been reborn as Club FOMO.

Future plans include a casino where members will be able to utilize their rewards in a variety of classic casino games such as Blackjack, Poker, Craps, and more. Royal Flush Ape Club NFTs will also have a built in REDRAW function.

If you find a particular card isn’t useful in your hand or want to upgrade a floor card, use the REDRAW function to burn your card and draw a brand new randomly generated card from the deck. We’re pretty excited about that feature.

Chris: So, apart from being a gambling token, how does the digital artwork collectible benefit the investor? In other words, what else will be the utility of the NFT once the investors buy a token?

ASnatchA: Just like the gaming aspect of Royal Flush Ape Club, we’ve kept the artwork very fun and lighthearted.

Be sure to keep up to date on the latest announcements in discord.

How much will it cost to mint ?

“We are still in the process of finalizing our mint price, but it will be entry-level + standard Gas fee.

What are the secondary sale royalties that will be collected ?”

2.5%. This will not be increased.

Where is our Roadmap ?

“You can find our roadmap in thehome page.

This will continue to evolve & while the details are complex, our goal is simple – to help you learn, connect & get rewarded for participating, and to have fun and make friends along the way!”

Who is the team and founding GOATs? Are they doxxed?

Royal Goats Club team is fully doxxed and believes in transparency.

Royal Retreat?? What’s that?

Our holders must be age 18 and older to attend the Royal Retreat.

Find more info below.

Royal Retreat

“A weekend for Royal Goats Club NFT holders. A weekend where we get the honor of expressing our gratitude to our holders, and truly treating them like royalty.

This all-inclusive weekend will include networking events in the sand and sun, well-known performers, parties, and gifts for our holders from our corporate partners.

We can’t wait to share all the value we plan to pack into this weekend for our community! More details will be leaked over the next few months regarding this amazing retreat weekend.

Holders must be 18 in order to register for the Royal Retreat. Royal Retreat registration will begin in January 2023.

Must be a holder from registration until arrival. Bring shades and wear sunscreen.

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