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Ethereum Market Update

Since Friday, we have seen quite a bit of upside on ETH.

The drop nft newsletter

Same for the money laundering, nearly $1.5m of which Chainalysis alleges was used in the last three months of 2021 to buy NFTs.

It makes for sobering reading for both sides: tax authorities are missing out on huge amounts of questionable money flowing through massive marketplaces. And those trying to launder ill-gotten gains are starting to see the enemy coming over the hill, keeping an eye out on what they’re doing.
HMRC’s seizures are just the tip of the iceberg: earlier this month the US Department of the Treasury also gave a warning to the NFT world that it was watching them – and expected them to add the value of their art to their annual tax returns.

So, feel free to “ape in” (crypto speak for getting very excited and rushing into buy in) to NFTs, if you want.

More controversially, the list included some figures who have been ostracized for harmful personal behavior, including Jacob Appelbaum and Richard Stallman.

Responding on Twitter, York tweeted a link to her own portrait and said simply, “I don’t approve of this whatsoever and would like it removed.”

Tuesday morning, the ItsBlockchain team announced in a Medium post that it would be “shutting down” the collection in response to the backlash, offering full refunds to any purchasers and covering any gas fees involved in the transfer.

“We were not aware of the likeness laws in NFTs as the market is not regulated,” the post reads. “It’s our mistake.

We will also raffle out to the Lobstar Holders Club an exclusive hard cover catalog raisonne of all 7,777 Lobstars. We look forward to you receiving your physical gifts!!


Lobstars Auction House 20 Lobstars NFTs will be reserved to be auctioned at later dates in the Lobsteropolis Museum.
The winner of the auction will receive the NFT as well as the unique corresponding artwork – oil on canvas painting by Philip Colbert, signed on canvas with an official certificate of authenticity.

Exclusive Lobstar areas and wearables in Decentraland Holders of a Lobstar identification card will gain access to exclusive areas and events within the Lobsteropolis DCL world.

Lobsters Robotics Working with UCL Robotics Lab to develop robotic experiences for our community.

The company has pinpointed 262 users who have sold an NFT to another user account they also own more than 25 times. “While we can’t be 100% sure that all instances of NFT sales to self-financed wallets are intended for wash trading, the 25-transaction threshold gives us a higher degree of confidence that these users are habitual wash traders,” they write.

Hilariously, most of them have lost money. But those who won, won big – counteracting the bumbling traders’ losses.
More than $8.5m in profit was made by wash traders in 2021: a lot of cash that tax authorities would probably want to take their share of.

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  • Project Team
  • Based on those 4 ratings they get an overall rating and obviously the higher the rating the more you should go and mint one!

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    Finding NFT projects that are worth investing in is not an easy task these days with anonymity and some unscrupulous actors out there.

    There are some things you should certainly consider before investing your hard-earned money into an NFT.

    Utility – Can you get something out of just owning it? does it give you access to airdrops and other perks? Then it’s worth an investment.

    Price – High-priced NFTs are not always worth it make sure there is plenty of utility and the artwork is worth investing into.

    Artwork – If you just paid 1 eth for a picture of a stone chances are the artwork is poor.

    Following on from his successful $3.1 million generating digital sneaker partnership with RTFKT, the new and upcoming generative NFT art project from FEWOCiOUS, ‘FewoWorld’ has raised $19 million in its Paint Drop NFT sale. The funds were raised through a private sale for FEWOCiOUS NFT holders, who paid $500 for each Paint unit, followed by a public sale, where Paint units could be purchased for $1,000.

    The ‘Paint units’ concept in question, which is described by the 19 year old art prodigy as the building block of the FewoWorld, entails collectors buying Paint units which can then be swapped for art NFTs.

    #NFT #Drop #crypto #YahooFinance The Drop Founder & CEO Gannon Breslin joins Yahoo Finance Live anchor Akiko Fujita and Brian Cheung to discuss the state of NFTs, the crypto crash, bitcoin dropping below $30,000, and the outlook for digital artists. Don’t Miss: Valley of Hype: The Culture That Built Elizabeth Holmes WATCH HERE:

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    Whilst donations are flying in for Ukraine, Russia is stockpiling its Bitcoin holding following the sanctions placed on the country which is crippling the Ruble. The recent surge in Bitcoin is heavily linked to the number of Rubles being sold in exchange for Bitcoin.

    As tensions continue, the market is everchanging.

    Japanese tech giant Rakuten has planned to launch an NFT Marketplace. The firm intends to introduce peer-to-peer listings and sales in 2023 or later.

    The marketplace will offer NFTs in various areas such as sports and entertainment, including music and anime, a company press release revealed.

    Popular project WGMI Interfaces has quit the NFT Space following a detailed statement titled “A passion project that no longer feels like a passion project.” Those running the project highlight the stress that the hype has led to, and they can no longer continue.

    NFT industry whales, as reports have suggested that hundreds of the 30,198 Paint unit purchases were made by big industry actors, with one in particular purchasing 515 for (roughly) $260,000.

    Despite the successful launch, the teenage art sensation is yet to release extensive details on what his highly anticipated FewoWorld project will fully entail, however what we do know is that the Paint Drop NFTs from this sale will be used to unlock rewards like ‘Canvas’ and ‘Fewos’ (a term for FEWOCiOUS art works).

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