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Tells employees on nft cloud

tells employees on nft cloud

However, collectibles that aren’t included in nonfungible.com’s statistics — such as NBA Top Shots — have experienced similar growth rates.18

NFT Trends

18. Number of Sales Over Time

Back in 2017, even a good week might barely get 100 total sales. However, after NFT sales spiked in December of that year, it only went back down to around 15,000 sales a week. Since then, NFT weekly sales have varied between 15,000 and 50,000.

For the months between November 2019 and April 2020, there was an increase in weekly sales, with most weeks between 30,000 and 80,000. However, after that, NFT sales went down to around 10,000 and have barely returned to the 15,000 to 50,000 range.1

19. Value of Sales Over Time

For most of 2017, the total value of NFT sales each week was firmly below $10,000. Then, during the winter spike, it hit a peak of $13.9 million.

Salesforce tells employees it’s working on nft cloud service

A Salesforce-owned marketplace could mean there wouldn’t be a need to use OpenSea.

Salesforce’s interest in the space shouldn’t come as a surprise. Time magazine, which is owned by Benioff and his wife, Lynne, recently introduced TIMEPieces, a digital collectible that gives owners access to magazine content and events.

In a blog post on 2022 predictions published in December, Mathew Sweezey, director of market strategy at Salesforce, said that in the coming year “pioneering brands will search for utility via NFTs.” He called Time’s project a “great example,” and said NFTs will become more pervasive as they move beyond the novelty phase.

“To unlock their full potential, brands are going to have to start creating utility via the token,” Sweezey wrote.

This is where the employees of the company didn’t agree and wrote a letter to the CEOs.

The letter said that the move of launching an NFT cloud sales platform would undermine a lot of the core values of the company. These values are customer success, trust, innovation, equality, sustainability.
The employees also talked about the other concerns in the letter. Many of them have also confirmed that they will quit if the plan isn’t changed.
In fact, they were even more disappointed because Salesforce recently appeared in a Superbowl ad where it expressed commitment to sustainability. And just a week later, it is talking about getting into the NFT space.

What next?

After the protest from the employees, Salesforce said it plans to have a listening session to have a better idea of their grievances.


Benioff is the owner of Time magazine, which has partnered with several NFTs and launched its own collections called TimePieces.

Clinton also highlighted the numerous large companies getting into the NFT space.

“A lot of very large companies are taking NFTs quite seriously, Salesforce the most recent example,” Clinton said. “There’s big companies experimenting with this.”

Clinton said that in the future, everyone’s going to own some sort of digital asset.

The Loup Ventures duo discussed Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch InBev SA BUD, Nike IncNKE, Adidas AG – ADR ADDYY and the National Football League as big companies that have launched NFTs.

The rising volume and valuation of OpenSea could be too intriguing for Salesforce to not consider launching a comparable NFT service.

A new study found that millions of trees would have to be planted to offset the carbon emissions of NFTs.

The letter, addressed to Salesforce’s co-CEOs, underscored how the NFT market could undercut the company’s five core values of trust, customer success, innovation, equality, and sustainability.

“The amount of scams and fraud in the NFT space is overwhelming,” employees wrote. It also highlighted environmental concerns and cited research showing the uneven distribution of the financial benefits of NFTs, according to the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The letter also noted that employee blowback “could result in increased attrition”.

They were also concerned about Guillemot’s apparent enthusiasm for a gaming model which recentinvestigations by YouTube documentary group People Make Games have revealed to be built on player exploitation and shoddy regulation, leading to unsafe online communities.

In addition to concerns about the impact of blockchain technology on the environment and NFTs’ reputation for being pyramid schemes, some Ubisoft developers are also worried about how the integration of the technology will impact game development. The scope of many existing Ubisoft games already leads to lots of crunch and cut features, and adding yet another type of microtransaction economy that needs to be managed could siphon away even more resources.

“I’m here to make games and promote fun and entertainment,” one current developer told Kotaku.

How Much Does an NFT Sell for on Average?

NFT trackers and marketplaces often give an average sale price — when you add all of the sale prices together and divide by the number sold — so big, one-off sales can distort the numbers and make it seem like average NFTs will go for thousands of dollars.

Instead, artist Parker worked with an unnamed data scientist to analyze primary NFT sales on OpenSea between March 14 and March 24 in 2021. They found that over a third of sales went for under $100, and 53.6 percent went for under $200.2

So although some NFTs may go for millions, most don’t even break $200.
This looks even worse when you consider that the costs of minting and selling an NFT can range between $70 and $150 — enough to turn this small profit into a loss.


— Thomson Reuters Foundation News (@TRF_Stories) February 21, 2022

Salesforce and NFTs

The NFT market has gotten so big that it makes perfect sense why Salesforce would want to get into the industry. Platforms that are for the minting and sale of NFTs are making billions every year, and this is due to the rapidly growing demand.

So, Salesforce planned to launch its own cloud sales platform that allows users to mint and sell non-fungible tokens.

Yes, but there are also a lot of concerns attached to it. One of the primary ones is fraud which has even happened on Opensea, and they face a $1M lawsuit right now.

At the same time, since NFTs are related to cryptocurrencies, they have a high carbon footprint. And many don’t support NFTs for the same reason.

These are the digital equivalent of collectible cards, and many people open packs to see what random ones they get, with many being sold off for small amounts of money.

However, on February 22, 2021, number 29 of the 49 cards in the Cosmic Series 1 set — LeBron James “cosmic” dunk — sold for $208,000. Cards have hit over $100,000 before, particularly the rarer shots from more popular players, but this is the first and only one to get past $200,000.12


What’s the Most Expensive NFT Tweet Ever Sold?

Although tweets aren’t normally high up on people’s lists of what constitutes art — and not everyone wants a digital certificate that says you own a specific tweet — on March 22, 2021, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first ever tweet as an NFT.

This 15-year-old tweet simply said “just setting up my twttr” and was sold for $2.9 million.

Indeed, according to a recent Ubisoft community report reviewed by Kotaku, the announcement of Quartz led to an unprecedented negative swing in player sentiment about the live-service open-world shooter.

And so earlier this week Guillemot parachuted into a Q&A with developers at the Paris studio, an action which sources told Kotaku he did not even undertake last summer, when the company was completely upended by widespread allegations of sexual misconduct. According to them, the Ubisoft co-founder said the backlash to the Quartz announcement was expected, and likened it to initial public outcry over previous new developments in the games industry like DLC, microtransactions, and loot boxes.

The implication seemed to be that NFTs would become similarly accepted over time.

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