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After 12 years together and six studio albums, the group announced earlier this year that Coachella would be their final performance. On Saturday they also announced that their final album will be released this year.

Isaiah Rashad opened his set with a pre-recorded clip stitching together various media footage reacting to a leaked sex tape that appeared to out the 30-year-old rapper. Near the end of his set, Rashad addressed the tape for the first time since the video leaked in February.

“I see all the messages and all the positivity,” he said to cheers and applause. “Y’all kept me alive these last couple months.”

At 51 years old, electronic music pioneer Richie Hawtin made his seventh appearance at Coachella, closing out the Yuma tent on Saturday.

Sza nft

But health officials continue to urge precautions against spread of the virus, and testing is available on site and around the Coachella Valley.

This year’s festival also features an innovation that has never factored into previous events — a commemorative NFT. Two years ago, NFTs were almost unheard of, but the Coachella Music & Art Festival is offering all attendees a free 2022 In Bloom seed digital NFT, redeemable through the FTX app with each individual’s ticket wristband.
Once redeemed, the NFT comes with perks, including a dedicated entry lane, limited-edition merchandise, along with food and beverage vouchers.

As the In Bloom seed NFT blossoms into a desert flower, owners could get one of six rare flowers that can grant them premium upgrades at the festival.

Snack nft

В American Express хотят изучить вопрос о том, каким образом ее пользователи смогут получать награды и зарабатывать.

Как считает Люк Гебб, руководитель комплекса цифровых отделов в компании, NFT в этом плане очень перспективны. Сейчас изучают цифровые активы, как своеобразные привилегии для тех, кто является держателем карт.

Гебб намерен узнать, будут ли востребованы среди клиентов American Express цифровые активы, или нет.

В American Express стараются не отставать от новых трендов в криптовалютной экономике, поскольку понимают, что значительная часть их клиентов уже взаимодействует с криптовалютами.

Какую коллекция NFT выставят на продажу?

NFT будут представлены в виде 14 эксклюзивных изображений из выступления SZA, которое состоялось в июне, и где спонсором был American Express. Когда мероприятие прошло, то участники могли приобрести 10 из 14 NFT.

According to Brandy Sanders, Vice President of global entertainment partnerships and experience at Amex, Fanaply was chosen because of its easy-to-understand platform perfect for newbie NFT buyers. “We wanted to really create something where if you are not super comfortable in the NFT space just yet, but you are a SZA fan, we have something for you,” Sanders said.

The collection is designed to celebrate SZA’s appearance at Amex UNSTAGED along with coinciding with the four-year anniversary of her debut album, CTRL. Now, the five-time Grammy nominee is stepping into the NFT world with her favorite moments from the UNSTAGED show including behind-the-scenes footage not seen on the live broadcast.

Each NFT will be available for purchase at $100 to anyone using an American Express Card.

Pink seemed to be a common theme on the red carpet of the 2022 Met Gala.

In celebrating American designers and fashion as the second of the two-part examination by the Costume Institute, many celebrities opted for outfits highlighting accents of pink. Whether they wanted to emphasize the feminine aspect of its theme “Gilded Glamour” or simply because they wanted to wear pink, it seemed many stars shared the same idea.

Valentino’s creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli arrived with his entourage of celebrities wearing designs inspired by his “Pink PP” collection, which was showcased in his fall 2022 show in Milan this spring.

Nicola Peltz Beckham, who recently tied the knot with Brooklyn Peltz Beckham last month, arrived in a draped pink dress with a plunging neckline while her husband wore a baby pink suit.

American Express.

But yes, if you think that brings with it a requirement that people use Amex cards to buy those NFTs, you’d be right. Not that many people had the chance to dig those cards out of their wallets.
Only 14 NFTs, each costing $100 and based on a moment from SZA’s recent American Express-backed concert, were made available, and they have all sold out.

Paying for NFTs with standard credit cards rather than cryptocurrency could open up this space to many more buyers, but over-scarcity works against that. Still, if the SZA drop is an experiment that paves the way for traditional finance firms to do more in this space, that could be good.

Talking of opening this up, it’s worth taking a look at what Warner Bros has done this week with NFTs for its new film ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’.

Close and Sebastian Stan also rocked the designer’s now-signature hot pink, wearing the bright hue from head-to-toe. Close wore a button-down and matching pants under an embroidered cape jacket by Valentino, while Stan wore a button-down paired with baggy pants and matching pink sneakers and an oversized pink Valentino jacket.

Additionally, “You” actress Jenna Ortega also sported a bright pink look by Valentino.

She wore an embroidered tunic shirt with flower applications over a pair of hot pink tights and satin pink heels.

Prabal Gurung was another designer with a slew of pink in his posse of stars, including Kiki Layne, Ashley Park and newcomer Denée Benton, best known for her role in the HBO Max series “The Gilded Age.”

Layne wore a pink gown with button detailing and flower-like ruffles, pairing the dress with matching white gloves with the same ruffle details.

Dans certains cas, les NFT des musiciens ont généré d’énormes sommes d’argent, dont 6 millions de dollars pour les œuvres de Grimes et plus de 2 millions de dollars pour The Weekend.

Avec la baisse American Express de SZA, cependant, il n’y aura pas d’énorme aubaine grâce aux prix fixes : juste un petit nombre de NFT rares que seuls les titulaires de carte peuvent s’emparer, du moins au début. Les NFT Fanaply peuvent être transférés vers des portefeuilles cryptographiques externes et vendus sur des marchés secondaires, tels que OpenSea, et les conditions générales spécifiques à cette baisse NFT n’interdisent pas la revente.

Comme le dit l’ancien slogan d’American Express, “l’adhésion a ses privilèges” – et les NFT en font maintenant partie.

NFT « respectueux de l’environnement » en utilisant une solution de couche 2 au-dessus d’Ethereum, réduisant ainsi les frais d’essence et la quantité d’interaction avec la blockchain de preuve de travail.

Un jeton non fongible agit comme un acte de propriété et peut être lié à toutes sortes d’éléments, y compris des clips vidéo, des GIF animés, des images fixes, des tweets et même des compositions musicales originales. Le marché du NFT a explosé plus tôt cette année, avec un volume de transactions de quelque 2,5 milliards de dollars au premier semestre 2021.

Les musiciens populaires ont afflué vers les NFT comme moyen de générer des revenus supplémentaires, avec des artistes comme Kings of Leon, The Weekend, Snoop Dogg, Weezer et Grimes offrant des œuvres comme des illustrations originales, des versions d’albums NFT en édition spéciale et de la musique inédite pour les fans.

Tyler, the Creator Is Letting Fans Make Customized Converse

Culture – 3 weeks ago

Tyler, the Creator and Converse have announced a new collaboration allowing fans to design their own Golf Wang x Converse Chuck 70 sneaker.

Tyler, the Creator has a foot up in the sneaker game. On Converse announced a new collaboration with the rapper, titled Converse By You where fans can customize their own Golf Wang x Converse Chuck 70 sneaker.

Tyler first partnered with Converse in 2017, and the latest drop makes the inaugural customizable experience between the rapper and shoe brand.

Gebb wants to take advantage of the nearly one million unique users on Ethereum to test the viability of offering digital assets as perks. “Clearly that’s a tech-savvy population at the moment, but it’s going more and more mainstream by the minute,” Gebb said to American Banker. “We’re looking at a world, and planning for a world, in which it gets more mainstream, but this is early in the adoption cycle.”

Amex UNSTAGED x SZA: The Collection

The American Express NFT sale will feature 14 unique images from SZA’s live show at a company-sponsored event in June. Attendees of the event were able to buy 10 of the 14 NFTs afterward with the remaining four going on sale starting July 12.

The NFT collection is being hosted on Fanaply, a platform specializing in digital assets in the sports, music, and entertainment industries.

The Kardashian’s new show is set to hit Hulu this month. In the first episode of the series, YE received a tearful phone call from his ex-wife after their son Saint saw a report of a second sex tape with Ray J.

According to HipHopDX, the moment led Kardashian to move forward with her legal team and to send a threat of legal action if the tape, previously announced by Wack 100, would make its way to the Internet.

Back in September, Wack 100 threatened Kardashian and Kanye West with an NFT release of extra footage of the sex tape.

“All I know is Kanye, holla at me, bro.
We got part 2 on the laptop. Ain’t never been seen. We’d love for you to have it,” Wack said to Bootleg Kev. “It’d be a great personal, private NFT.”

Ray J has heard of the tape and he wants no part.

“This ain’t cool.

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