Superstars nft

“They’re odd pieces — the detritus of my life, like leaving the dust of a comet behind me,” says Shatner.

3. Grimes releases WarNymph

Popular artist Grimes made $5.8 million in a matter of minutes selling her NFTs in late February this year. A collection of 10, the digital assets were titled “WarNymph,” which were the product of collaboration with her brother.

4 Nyan Cat GIF

Nyan Cat is a remarkable artifact of the internet of the 2010s. For its tenth anniversary, the video’s creator decided to turn it into an NFT and auction it off. The video was sold for a whopping 300 ETH, which is equivalent to about $852,300 at the moment of writing.

5. Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, sold the very first tweet on the platform (made on March 21, 2006) for nearly $3 million as an NFT.

Superstars nft

In addition to the images, owners of higher-ranked pieces will be given signed memorabilia and even the chance to have a video call with James Rodríguez himself.

As one of the first major NFT collections, NBA Top Shot popularized the digital trading card model for professional sports. Since then, a number of leading sports organizations, teams, and individual athletes have launched their own NFT collections as a way to better connect with and reward fans. NFT collections can help athletes identify their hardcore fans and assist in the building of communities around their sport.
Now, leading from such a long and successful career, James Rodríguez has attracted a huge number of online fans, with 49 million Instagram followers and 19 million on Twitter, all looking to share and support his legacy.

Wrestling superstars nft

“Bitcoin was priced well under $1000 at that point, and I started learning about the technology,” says Gareth. “I made plenty of mistakes like one tended to do in the early days without commercial hardware wallets.I lost five bitcoins, which is a mistake that becomes more costly over time.”

“Bitcoin was my displacement activity– if I was on a studio deadline and needed a break from working on music, I’d trade crypto.”

Electronic music artists tend to have a uniquely warm disposition to cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

“Our music is made by using technology and we need to be in touch with bleeding-edge technologies to make the best music,” says Gareth. “It probably makes sense that we’d go and explore interesting and exciting technologies in other areas of our lives as well.

Whereas, if you’ve never touched a computer, you’re probably less likely to end up going down the road of crypto.”

In addition to Gareth, multiple producers and DJs have embraced NFTs as a means to explore their creativity, connect with their audience, and directly monetize their work without intermediaries.

In March 2021 alone, 3LAU sold a collection of 33 NFTs for $11.7M, Richie Hawtin auctioned original photos, Steve Aoki sold his ‘Dream Catcher’ collection for $4.25, Aphex Twin sold a one-of-one AV clip for $128,000, andSpace Yacht sold 579 NFT units for $482,000.

The digital world is the vehicle for creative expression.

As a bulk of the innovation in both industries usually happens in isolation behind a screen, developers and producers are no strangers to spending days on their craft’s meticulous details.

The entire process of organizing this and looking back over the highlights of my career has made me very grateful for the journey I’ve been on so far, and I am truly thankful for the opportunity to start celebrating my legacy in style.”

The 1,500 unique NFTs that will make up the James Rodríguez Commemorative Edition collection each come with photo highlights of key achievements in Rodríguez’s career and are comprised of four tiers based on rarity – platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. These achievements include his appearance for Colombia at the 2014 World Cup in Uruguay, his receiving of the 2014/15 Liga BBVA Best Midfielder award, and other memorable moments from his time with Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Everton.

Superstars nft market

You should build for both good and bad times.”

Gareth took a hiatus from cryptocurrency after Choon’s anticlimactic end but maintained his entrepreneurial appetite for cryptocurrency.

“I knew that I wanted to get back in the crypto game at some point, but I wanted to do better than what I did with Choon,” reflects Gareth. “I started looking intently at NFTs in 2020.”

Gareth’s two-year cryptocurrency sabbatical coincided with the entertainment industry shut down. Without high-octane laser shows around the world, Emery found himself sitting idle and itching to create.

Enter LSR/CITY: Gareth Emery’s NFT Debut

Emery fused the laser technology developed from his events into his experiences with cryptocurrency and working closely with NFT OGs like Hall and Watkinson.

LSR/CITY, Emery’s NFT debut, launched on April 15th onNifty Gateway.

Superstars nft market eeoneguy

They have adventures in social media or through other platforms and their fans join them for the ride. Janky and Guggimon follow the idea that an influencer doesn’t need to be physical in order to influence. Think about virtual pop star Lil Miquela, the rock band The Gorillaz, the Bored Ape band Kingship and the list goes on.

Janky and Guggimon NFT hype

The news of the partnership with Gucci boosted the trading activity for the Janky Heist NFT collection.
In the past 24 hours NFT traders spent $5,42 million on 3,563 collectibles. This gives Janky Heist the 7th spot among all NFT collections in the chart over the past 24 hours.

Gucci is definitely not the first fashion brand to jump into NFTs. Earlier this year we’ve seen Burberry work with the game Blankos Block Party.

Superstars nft twitter

Think of a Gareth Emery show in a digital image on the blockchain.

“We want this NFT collection to remind people or let people know if they don’t already know that we put on some of the sickest, if not the best, laser shows in the world,” says Gareth.

The NFT collection contains five NFTs with five exclusive new songs, with footage of real lasers shot using real cameras, then displayed in a glass cube inside one of the five virtual worlds.

The four city-based pieces are LONDON, TOKYO, LOS ANGELES, and GENESIS, each containing an original piece of music created to channel the city’s vibe. Three of the cities are strictly limited to 15 units each to be sold by either drawing or silent auction.


The Tokyo NFT will cost $1, whereas the London NFT will cost around $4,999. GENESIS is open to call, and will cost $499.

Superstars nft личный кабинет

Let’s take a closer look at 21 examples of NFTs and what makes them unique.

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1. Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days”

This work is an important milestone for visual artists around the world—it’s the first purely NFT digital artwork that has been auctioned at a major auction house (at an eye-watering $69 million).

William Shatner’s personal memorabilia

William Shatner is a famous actor whose career spans more than 60 years. In 2020, he released a series of his personal memorabilia in the form of NFTs that features a wide array of photographs made throughout his fruitful career. He sold 125,000 units in 9 minutes.

Nft superstars

Knowing what I know now, I would have built Choon a bit more slowly and planned for the possibility of a three-year bear market.The biggest lesson is that timing is everything.”

Although Gareth’s reminiscence of Choon seems wistful, it’s worth interjecting that the project is regarded as an early pioneer of blockchain’s use case for the music industry today.Bitcoin had yet to become a household name when Choon launched in 2017,and Choon simply may have been just a few years early.

As such, today’s innovators, entrepreneurs, and creatives can learn many lessons from the Choon story.

“Just because you’re in a bull market now doesn’t mean you’ll be in a bull market when you launch your product,” notes Gareth. “Bear markets can last for years, and a lot of great development gets done in this period.

At a $250,000 listing, one winner will win the one-of-one piece, which Gareth highlights as a “sick fucking sculpture with a pretty powerful laser that’s about as powerful as I’d feel safe creating.”

The LSR/CITY flagship piece is a one-of-one called LSR/CITY: THE METAVERSE, which includes a physical laser sculpture of the cube itself, hand-engineered in chrome, which projects the NFT’s show using a real laser in the home of the auction’s winner.

“I wanted to make something fucking bonkers,” adds Gareth. “I’ve been thinking about making something like a laser sculpture that plays the NFT synched with lasers.”

“We worked with an engineer out in Las Vegas that specializes in beautiful motorbikes to build the cube, similar to how the other LSR/CITY NFTs are cubes.

But there’s still room for companies like us to provide infrastructure, marketing and support.”

In the spring of 2022, ViacomCBS is planning to debut an NFT platform, featuring characters from brands including BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures and Showtime, in partnership with startup Recur. “This is definitely an opportunity for us to continue to monetize our library – both for the rare collector and the common collector,” says Pam Kaufman, president of ViacomCBS Consumer Products.

ViacomCBS, for now, is mum on what NFTs will be available at launch. But Kaufman rattles off a list of fan-favorite properties the company has licensing rights to, including Star Trek, “SpongeBob SquarePants,” “Blue’s Clues,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “The Godfather” movies.

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