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Many investors have shown their interest in The Superlative Secret Society NFTs in the past few weeks — with an average price of over $1.5K per piece and total sales volume at 3 million dollars — this bold NFT venture has paid off handsomely so far.

As a result of this, the SuperlativeSS Foundation is aiming to help emerging artists through the entire process of creating and marketing their work.

How Many NFTs SuperlativeSS sold so far?

When they say “time is money”. It fits right into the blockchain world and how it works. The Superlative Secret Society has sold about 13,805 NFTs in the last 30 days. Its creators have been able to sell 3283 NFTs on just 22 September, 2021.

Superlative nft

The past month has been good to SuperlativeSS as its positive trajectory experienced several peaks, witnessing a bit of calm in the past several days.

SuperlativeSS – an introduction

While most NFTs in existence today are either humanoid, animal or robot characters, SuperlativeSS are different. These NFTs are programmatically generated art avatars, created using over 220 pieces of hand-drawn aesthetic artwork.

Their creators call them the “metaphysical beings that inhabit the Superlative Multiverse and appear to us as pieces of art”.
Each SuperlativeSS piece comprises eight core traits: galaxy glitter, foreground, background, head, body, necklace, muffler, and orb.

Joining SuperlativeSS gives individuals lots of perks.

Superlative nft opensea

Owners feel these apes are destined to give you a happy and warm feeling. The collection has a strong community with over 2,600 owners for the 4,444 NFTs.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is a collection of 10,000 NFTs, each depicting an ape with different traits and visual attributes.
It may sound arcane, but it’s one of the most prestigious NFT collections in the world. Jimmy Fallon, Steph Curry and Post Malone are among its star-studded members.
In the last few days, Marshall Mathers (aka Eminem) spent $450k on his Ape while comedian Dave Chappelle bought one also for 99ETH (approx. $375k). As of this morning, the floor price for an ape NFT was 73.5 ETH (approximately $280,000 USD).
That price is still up $25,000 even though the price of Ethereum has dropped.

Nft superlative apes

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Itulah sedikit informasi tentang wisata Bali sekaligus galeri NFT di Bali offline pertama yaitu Superlative Gallery yang menjadi wadah bagi komunitas Superlative Secret Society dengan beragam karya NFTnya.

Superlative secret society nft

The artifact is like the serum and the REPUS similar to the Mutant Ape. This approach has many benefits, but significantly, it helps to slow down the introduction of REPUS into the market.

The team states that “As an SSS holder, you may decide to hold your artifact, claim a REPUS by burning your artifact or not mint an artifact at all”.

This process is entirely free.

However, it is essential to note that if you do NOT mint an artifact within the claim period below, you will not be able to mint it at a later date. You have three days to mint your artifact (February 18th – February 20th).

Once you have it, it is entirely up to you how to use it.

Artifact utility

Basically, you trade the artifact for a REPUS NFT. Although, the artifact has multiple uses. Of course, you can burn it in exchange for a REPUS.

Superlative ape nft

Inspired by primary personality traits, the 220 traits carried varying rarity.

The project aims to support the next generation of artists through the SuperlativeSS Foundation. Thus, they will invest proceeds from the initial sale and the secondary sale of SSS NFTs in order to achieve this goal.

The Foundation will help emerging artists through the entire process of creating and marketing their work.

The project has already attracted high-profile collaborations with leading artists in the space. Two days ago, the project announced a Superlative Collaboration with the incredibly talented artist SABET! Sabet has collaborated with the likes of John Varvatos and Montblanc.

The two came together beautifully for Witjaksana’s take on Sabet’s genesis piece “Galaxy Sailor,” which is now on OpenSea.

Superlative as nft

The colours and shapes are overwhelming. As described on the website, “They are not human, robot, animal, or alien; they are metaphysical beings that inhabit the Superlative Multiverse.”

Each NFT consists of 8 core traits: galaxy, glitter, background, foreground, head, body, muffler, necklace, and orb.

Here are a few of my favourite avatars –

11 thousand images. It sounds like a lot. Well, it is, but as we have seen with Punks, Apes, and many others, quality and community have more influence on a project than anything else.

In my personal view, the community is everything, and for SSS, that is a clear focus.

Anyone that owns a SuperlativeSS has full commercial and creative rights of their NFT.

Superlative apes nft rarity

  • Step # 1:Download the Metamask Extension for your desired browser
  • Step # 2:Buy some Ethereum from Any Crypto Exchange
  • Step # 3:Send Ethereum to your MetaMask wallet
  • Step # 4:Go toSuperlativeSS Opensea Pageand select how many SSS NFTs (non-fungible tokens you want to buy)
  • Step # 5:Click the “Join the Society” button which will prompt MetaMask
  • Step # 6:Confirm your transaction and along with fees.

Note:There was also a pre-sale for strategic advisers, early collectors, and most active members of the Superlative community.

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Spot souvenir

Berkunjung ke suatu tempat tak lengkap rasanya kalau belum berbelanja souvenir. Oleh karena itu meskipun tidak terlalu besar, Superlative Gallery memiliki suatu spot yang bisa dijadikan sebagai sasaran belanja para penggemar NFT.

Mulai dari kaos dengan gambar bertema NFT, kaos dengan tulisan komunitas Superlative Secret Society, sampai dengan topi dan tas bertema NFT dan atau bertuliskan Superlative Secret Society semuanya dipajang dan bisa dibeli oleh pengunjung yang datang ke galeri NFT di Bali ini.

Superlative Apes NFT Roadmap

10% Pay back our dads (don’t forget your dad)!

20% Collaborations with artists and other projects.

30% $25.000,00 donation to Share The Meal to help fight Global Hunger.

40% 5 ETH added to the Community Wallet which will be used for giveaways to loyal hodlers.

50% Exclusive Superlative Apes Merch Store gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition tees, hoodies, and other exclusives.

60% Start Global Tour & 15 ETH added to the Community Wallet.

70% Superlative Apes liquidity pool is initiated.

80% Superlative Mutant Apes NFT Breeding Capsule gets fixed. Hodlers will receive a present.

90% Superlative Apes party in the MetaVerse! Several famous DJ’s will play their music LIVE on air.

Let’s get WILD!

100% 25% of all fee profits made on OpenSea will be added to the Community Wallet.

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