Sunderland bunnies nft

Fluf World, the home of 10,000 unique 3D animated NFT Rabbits, is on fire! The entire collection was wiped out and completely sold out 40 minutes after the Drop last August 7. The Cyber Bunnies didn’t lose their charm and are doing impressively well on the secondary market.

Meet Fluf World’s NFT Bunnies

The NFT Collectible ofhumanoid rabbits or Flufs has been programmatically generated from 270 attributes across 14 categories. Thus, they have a uniqueness with at least three degrees of separation. That excludes their expression, dance, scene and soundtrack.

Aside from being avatars, flufs doubles as tickets to a world of exclusive content. NFT holders can soon enjoy exclusive music, events, metaverse avatars and a whole lot of bundles. Moreover, ownership of a FLUF NFT gives commercial rights to that characters.

Sunderland bunnies nft

While the NFT hype started on Ethereum, more and more marketplaces are launching on various protocols. Interestingly, PancakeSwap is among the first DeFi solutions to dip their toes in the NFT whirlpool. BakerySwap, another notable example has already done this too.
However, unlike Pancake Bunnies, Bakery Swap NFTs are backed by liquidity provider tokens, which have a limited supply. The pancake-themed exchange has a different interpretation of the utility of NFTs and has opted to create a more diverse NFT collection, without limiting the number of collectibles.

PancakeSwap still leading DeFi on BSC

PancakeSwap is steadily keeping its position as the number one DeFi solution on Binance Smart Chain. Competitors are spawning constantly. However, PancakeSwap has managed to build itself as the industry standard on BSC.

Sunderland bunnies nft rarity

The Caribbean hideaway where one illustrious marriage began, and arguably the world’s most famous royal one ended, has gone on sale, opening up an opportunity for a new owner to make their mark on history. © Provided by The Telegraph Princess Di nevis

The Montpelier Plantation Estate on the tiny island of Nevis – priced at offers in the region of US$16m through St Kitts Nevis Realty – is where Lord Nelson, who was visiting the island as commander of the frigate Boreas, married Fanny Nisbet in 1787. The future King William IV walked the bride down the aisle.

“Nelson came to the island to protect the sugar industry and befriended the owner of our hotel, Mr Herbert, who introduced him to his niece, Fanny. And romance blossomed,” recounts Montpelier’s current owner, Tim Hoffman, 52, whose family bought the 49-acre estate in 2002.

Why is the project doing well?

A superstar team based in New Zealand leads the project. According to the website, it has the full backing and support of Nonfungible labs, Centrality, Universe, and ASM.

It may seem like Fluf World’s NFTs just shot up to the top but they actually had a quiet, shaky start. Initially, they were set to launch on Aug 5th, on the same day as the EIP1559 update to the Ethereum blockchain.
However, they were met with some issues regarding gas spikes so the team asked the community if they would like to bump down the launch. The community responded yes to the proposal, thereby delaying the Drop to 2 days.

It all worked out in the need because the community was actually impressed by how the team handled it. They also praised the transparency and quick turnaround time.

It happened a year ago. My alter ego that I call “Bendra” got a little naughty on Instagram as a result of too many White Claws and joked that I wouldn’t get in trouble because the CEO of The Gram was my lover. I don’t know what made Instagram angrier: deep-throating a dildo on White Claw or making that silly, obviously false comment, but I got wiped out. Two million followers and all that work it took to get them down the drain, and just like that I had to start over.
And over. And over. And over.

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They can build an estate property for themselves and enjoy all the trappings of living on a boutique resort,” he says, mentioning the joys of having your own beach bar – and a bartender to serve you. He’d also consider selling plots on the estate – of which only seven acres is currently developed – and building residences that will benefit from the strength of an onsite hotel that’s currently ranked among the best in the Caribbean.

For hundreds of years, Nevis has long played a part in British affections. Docklands wouldn’t exist without it, Hoffman points out, as much of the island’s vast sugar fortune headed to London.

Most of Montpelier’s guests are from the UK, and various Brits have settled on Nevis too, “mostly people who want to bail from the rat race and have a more enjoyable pace of lifestyle,” says Carol Cochrane from St Kitts Nevis Realty.

In 2022 the NFT community changed a lot. The era of 3d collections and metaverses has arrived. Along with that came a lot of frustrations as well. Collections came and went, but classic pixelated Crypto Punkss still took the lead.

CryptoPunksBunnies is a gift from our studio to those who still believe in the power of pixel art, to those who didn’t catch the departing NFT train, to those who want to get into the NFT community without big financial investments and risks.

If your goal is to make money reselling tokens the next day – you might wanna pass on this one. This collection is for true pixel art fans.

The average selling price of property on the island is $500,000-$1.5m, so the Montpelier estate sits firmly in its upper echelons. In a similar league is Sea for Miles, a modern, clifftop villa with extraordinary views across to St Kitts, two miles away, priced at $16m. © Provided by The Telegraph The Diana effect endures, says Hoffman – Getty Images

The Diana effect endures, says Hoffman. The association with Nelson, of course, are a far more clouded issue altogether in the light of its roots in slavery.

The island was an early centre of the slave trade, and a 17th-century census of the island put the number of African slaves at 1,739 – a fact that may deter some buyers. “The reality is that you are buying a sugar plantation,” says Hoffman of the island’s links with slavery. “But you can’t erase history. It’s what helps guide us in the future.

PancakeSwap’s debut NFT collection ranks in the top 10 for 24-hour sales

Pancake Bunnies is the debut collection launched by PancakeSwap, one of the most popular exchanges and token swap services on the Binance Smart Chain. Now, PancakeSwap is also taking over the NFT space as their Pancake Bunnies reached the top 10 in the DappRadar Top NFT collections for the past day.

The Pancake Bunnies collection consists of 433,596 NFTs at the time of writing. However, this number can keep climbing. Each NFT falls in one of 22 trait categories, with Baller being the rarest.

Each Pancake Bunnies collector has the chance to activate their PancakeSwap profile (for the price of 1 CAKE token) and use their NFTs as avatars.
For now, this remains the only utility of the collection.

Besides its beguiling natural beauty, the charm of Nevis – in particular in its quaint, pocket-sized capital of Charlestown – is that this is “old Caribbean”, says Hoffman. His parents struck upon the Montpelier estate – which sits on the south of the island, at the foot of Nevis Peak – when his late father, Lincoln, fancied a challenge after retiring from banking. “We ended up going after a dream, my wife Meredith and I, my mum and dad. We took on the adventure of trying to find a hotel to run as a family business and we saw the vision.

It’s one of the few properties we saw in the Caribbean that had really good bones,” says Florida-based Hoffman.

His mother, Muffin, along with a staff of 30, is still full-time hands on with the running of the multi-award-winning hotel, which includes 19 sea-view bungalows, an old sugar mill, three restaurants, and a private beach.

NFT Community totally. He and his team of like-minded people who share the same vision are now together to make even the biggest rock-breaking changes in the industry.

The other part is the story behind it: When the creator was in his teenage he was unable to buy any crypto or NFTs as he was born in a not so rich family, he struggled his way in learning everything on his own, and now he has everything that it takes to touch the sky with his thinking but without setting foot away from the ground that is down to earth thinking, it is rightly said talent supersedes all kinds of obstacles and finally finds its way to the ultimate destination where one needs to be.

Pancake Bunnies push activity on PancakeSwap

As Pancake Bunnies can only be purchased on the in-house PancakeSwap marketplace, the dapp rapidly climbed up DappRadar Marketplaces rankings. It might seem rather strange to see the DeFi solution ranked next to NFT-behemoths like OpenSea and SuperRare. However, PancakeSwap’s fan community seems to be moving between DeFi and NFTs with ease.

Of course, the novelty factor has a huge role to play in this stellar rise.

The debut collection Pancake Bunnies benefits from a significant FOMO factor. However, PancakeSwap is an established brand on BSC, which means interest in its NFT collections might continue past the FOMO hype.

Binance, the powerhouse behind BSC, has also moved into the NFT space, launching its own in-house marketplace recently.

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