Solana nft network


After connecting their wallets at, NFT buyers and creators will have a more fun and personalized display of content. A quick explainer on the platform is available here, along with a more detailed demo. Best of all, every wallet is effectively a storefront thanks to Metaplex‘s AuctionHouse protocol. Users simply go to and connect their wallet to get started. Developers behind any brand, project or DAO that embraces open-source, user-owned and controlled networks can give this power to their users by using and contributing to the Holaplex github or by reaching out to us on Twitter.

Holaplex Community Creates Open Value

The Holaplex Community has found open source to increase the velocity of innovation by enabling shared development efforts that the developer community can use to quickly build more features.

Solana nft network

Both the DAO and the team are forward thinkers, intent on developing Metaverse-ready avatars and items for SMB NFT holders.

#2 – Boryoku Dragonz

  • Floor price: 300 SOL
  • Floor volume: $28,072,440

Released during the winter of 2021, the Boryoku Dragonz collection features 1,111 pixelated dragons and interesting lore. The year is 4269, and the Dragonz have inherited the Earth from humans. Although there is in-fighting, the Dragonz realize that the hopes for their race are in cooperation.

To further their bloodline, the Dragonz need a special elixir called BOKU, which the Dragonz use when mating and creating baby dragon eggs.

BOKU is where the utility of this collection starts. It isn’t just an imaginary elixir. It’s an actual token with a value of $4.54. The team behind Boryoku Dragonz airdrops this token to Dragonz owners.

Solana network nft marketplace

One NFT influencer reported receiving seven $BOKU per day for his Dragon, which amounts to around $31.50.

The elixir has other purposes as well. As the story suggests, it’s needed for two Dragonz to mate and produce a baby Dragon egg. The team behind the collection has created an actual breeding game that involves using two Dragonz and some $BOKU to breed an egg.

Thus, Boryoku Dragonz has a little bit of game theory.

If you’re a holder of two Dragonz, you can either sell the $BOKU or use it when breeding a baby Dragon, which may lead to more profits down the road.

The utility of a Boryoku Dragon NFT extends beyond tokenomics and into the realm of social media. Holders of the Boryoku Dragonz collection are known to use the NFTs as profile pictures on Twitter, which adds to the clout of their account.


Metaplex is like Shopify for your NFT collection. Instead of listing your NFT on the open marketplace where you have to compete with multiple NFT projects.

Your project gets shown based on the marketplace guideline and rules and this could be a major drawback for your brand.

With Metaplex you could able to launch your own branded Storefronts. The Megaplex storefront connects to a powerful on-chain decentralized program that mints and sell NFT’s.
You could able to avoid marketplace fees for every successful NFT transaction.

Lots of successful Solana-based NFT project has been launched on Metaplex including Degen Ape Academy, Solana Monkey Business, Genopets, Nyan Heroes, and Oddkey.

Alpha art is the revolutionary NFT marketplace currently allowing users to buy/sell Solana-based NFTs.

Solana nft network-m2

They believe only two of these features can be provided in a blockchain at any given time.

However, Solana blockchain platform comes up with a hybrid consensus mechanism that settles on decentralization to maximize speed. The unique combination of PoS and PoH makes this blockchain innovative in the domain. Solana also improves scalability greatly on the number of transactions supported per second while a normal blockchain slows the process due to time discrepancies and a large number of nodes to verify transactions.
Solana solves the problem by providing one leader node based on PoS mechanism that sequences messages between nodes. Therefore, Solana reduces workload and increases throughput even without a centralized and exact time resource.

Even more interesting, Solana creates a chain of transactions in which the output of one transaction is used as the input for the next.

Solana nft network-ms

Each one is made of attributes based on rarity. There are 165 unique attributes such as ats, glasses, necklaces, back blankets, beards to even the odd poop.

Solana Monkey Business

Another monkey-based NFT collection on the Solana network. Solana Monkey Business is a collection of 5,000 unique 24×24 pixels randomly generated monkeys that are stored on the Solana blockchain. The ultimate goal of the platform is to spread its network among NFT and blockchain community.

SMB’s metadata is stored on Arweave, a permanent decentralized data storage.

5000 unique monkeys were minted in August of 2021 and the initial price for each monkey was 2 SOL.

The monkeys offer owner-exclusive advantages such as NFT ownership.

Solana nft networkd

Moreover, monkeys offer a community wallet useable by holders with a future on-chain voting system.


Yet another apes-based pixel NFT collection on the Solana blockchain is BabyApes. The platform considers itself the biggest NFT marketplace on the Solana network.

BabyApes is a collection of 5,000 unique apes that are algorithmically generated, good-looking, and collectible, operating in the Solana Blockchain. The mining of BabyApes began on the 15th of October, 2021 so this is still a new project.
The initial price for minting was 0.69 SOL.

Keep in mind that you have to use Solana-based wallets if you want to buy and sell BabyApes (Phantom, Sollet, or Solflare).

Solana has a unique infrastructure for creating NFTs that can be a bit complex for many. Here are some of the steps that you need to go through to create your NFT on the Solana platform.

1. Have a Digital Wallet

In the world of decentralization, you need to have a wallet to complete your transactions.

Whether you earn crypto or you pay in crypto, Crypto wallets are the essential elements of the Crypto sphere. For creating your first NFT you need to have a crypto wallet so that you can pay the different fees on different levels for your creation.

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A crypto wallet will also help you get your royalties whenever your art is on auction in any online market.

This clout can lead to more social media followers, more credibility, and increased influence in the community. The NFTs also have decent art.

The breeding game and profile picture utility have likely contributed to the collection’s high sales and rising floor price.

#3 – Degenerate Ape Academy

  • Floor price: 52.5 SOL
  • Floor volume: $44,227,347

Launched in the early fall of 2021, the Degenerate Ape Academy (DAA) is a powerhouse collection of 10,000 Apes released on the Solana blockchain. Although the DAA collection may lack utility, the DAA team’s Twitter presence and the art itself have vaulted the DAA collection up the rankings of Solana NFT collections.

The story behind the collection is interesting, and it may appeal to certain aspects of the NFT community.

It is a platform that offers 10,000 unique non-fungible tokens according to a defined rarity system.

The interesting thing about SolPunks is that you will not know the identity of the SolPunks until the purchase is completed. The purpose of this is to give everyone an equal chance two own one or more SolPunks (the purchases are being made on a random basis).

The SolPunks will be exchangeable on SolPunk’s marketplace. You can get as many SolPunks as you want but once the 10,000 are sold it will be too late to get one at mint cost.

Degenerate Ape Academy

Yet another exciting NFT collection on the Solana blockchain is Degenerate Ape Academy.
As the name suggests, on this platform you will find various ape NFTs. In fact, Degenerate Ape Academy is a collection of 10,000 apes on the Solana network.

While this taps into liquidity on other blockchain platforms for users, this bridge also opens a ton of questions about the NFTs we already own, how the bridges affects royalties, and more. Wormhole has a Discord and Twitter if you want to dig more into the bridge.

Solana NFTs in Conclusion

No matter which blockchain you use for NFTs the most, as the space grows, there is more opportunity to get into NFTs on other blockchains. It can help mitigate the risk of having all your NFTs in one cryptocurrency, help you diversify into other projects, and invest in more artists.

It can also help when you’re simply feeling sick of gas wars, and need to mint something to feel something. We all know how that goes.

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