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Social cool cats nft

Two cool pets may earn milk tokens in return.

Just like the Cool Cats project, a casual owner may purchase loot crates which may help them advance further in this realm and make it big. They may also trade supplies with other pet owners too which is not just plain fun, but also useful in the ecosystem.

Cool Pets NFT Roadmap

The roadmap for Cool Pets follows generally the same as the Cool Cats. It also involves the use of a genuinely entertaining game system in an entire interactive world. After the successful Cool Pets launch, the cool cats community and cool cats holders may expect exciting events and releases in the cool cats marketplace that may influence your progress within the cool pets game.

There may involve gamified utility launches, events, and collab drops that will surely entice other cool pet owners and the entire cool cats audience.

Social cool cats nft

The Cool Cats, for example, aggressively sought up connections with conventional periodicals such as Time magazine. This action helps introduce the Cool Cats community to folks who may not be interested in cryptocurrency.

The more high-profile collaborations NFT initiatives form, the greater their exposure and reach will become.


Because the NFT industry is so hot right now, copy-and-paste projects may perform rather well. However, in contrast to the originals, demand for these clone collections is unlikely to hold its value in a weak market.

There are now many of NFT collections featuring apes, but BAYC remains the most popular.
Why? Because BAYC was the first to shift public perceptions about NFT art and community development.

Only inventors (or dogs or monkeys) earn millions, not copycats (or dogs or monkeys).

Below is one of the posters that inspired the project’s creation.


  • Gen 1 Supply: 9,999 cats

  • 100 cats reserved for competitions & airdrops

  • Mint price: 0.06 ETH

  • Mint price was later decreased to 0.02 ETH after the first 360 cats sold because sales were slow

The Cool Cats have a ranking system from 3 to 10 points that determines the rarity of each NFT. Common items are worth less points than rare ones. Points are based on the following:

  • Body

  • Hat

  • Face

  • Outfit

There will be multiple waves of Cool Cat drops – Blue Cat Skin is exclusive to cats from Gen 1.

Founded by four friends with a love of crypto, digital art, and of course, cats, Cool Cat NFTs have been bought by celebrities, featured on major news outlets, and sold for hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars.

But what exactly are Cool Cat NFTs? How did the collection become so popular? And how can you get involved in the project? These are just a few of the questions we’ll be answering in the upcoming blog. Whether you’re new to the NFT space or you’re an OG brushing up on NFT history, Cool Cats is a pivotal NFT collection to know and understand.

The History of Cool Cats

On July 1st, 2021, the first generation of Cool Cats was released, consisting of 9,999 randomly generated non-fungible tokens of adorable cat drawings stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Three wallets contain more than 150 Cool Cats. There are around 4,800 distinct addresses that include a Cool Cat NFT.

Perks for Holding a Cool Cat NFT

The Cool Cats initiative promises to give back 20% of every ETH collected in main and secondary markets via competitions and raffles to the Cool Cats community.Each month, Cool Cat cardholders get limited edition Cool Cat-themed NFTs. Additional benefits and launches include the following:

  • Future $MILK Token Airdrops
  • Breeding Cool Cats

Cool Cats NFT Roadmap

The Cool Cats’ current plan extends until Q2 2022.

Along with the image, all holders are given access to a CloneX meta-vault which houses 3D files that allow CloneX users to bring their avatar across the platform. There’s also a dedicated area for CloneX wearables which allows holders to outfit their avatar in the latest RTFKT digital fashion.

After launching in late November 2021, the project quickly sold out after a controversial Dutch auction starting at 3 ETH. Since then, the floor price has skyrocketed, and with an added bump from Nike’s RTKFT acquisition, once touched highs of almost 20 ETH.
CloneX now sits at a floor of 14 ETH (over $28,000 USD).

Again, we’re still early. Many of the projects on this list will look completely different five years from now. Some may be non-existent. According to Teh, the most successful projects are the ones that will be able to adapt their roadmaps to the ever-changing world.

Infinity Axie

Axie Infinity (source)

Axie Infinity is a “monster” in the blockchain-gaming sector, with around 3 million active monthly players. Players may earn cryptocurrency by breeding and fighting flying monsters known as “Axies” in this Pokémon-style combat game on Ethereum. With their virtual world Lunacia, the creators of Axie Infinity are likewise preparing for a big leap into the metaverse.

So, why are we discussing this game in an NFT article? In Axie’s metaverse, you may not only acquire land NFTs, but the Axies themselves are ERC-721 NFTs.
Users must acquire three of these NFTs from the Axie marketplace to begin playing the game.

Prices for Axies have risen in recent years as demand for Axie Infinity has climbed dramatically.

Cool Cats

After a July 2021 launch by co-founders Colin Egan, Evan Luza, Tom Williamson, and Rob Mehew, Cool Cats were all the rage. Similar to BAYC, celebrities flocked to Cool Cats in droves. Mike Tyson made one his Twitter profile picture and even tried to buy Andrew Wang’s famous Cat for over a million dollars.

Driven by the cute, blue artwork, Clon’s inspiring founder story, and celebrity endorsements, Cool Cats sales exploded. The Cats that once sold for around $150 steadily grew to a floor of more than 10 ETH.

During this rise, the slogan “We like the Cats” became a fun way to justify the purchase which had no real utility at the time. It ended up becoming the project’s unofficial motto.

DJ/producer Steve Aoki, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian have all jumped on the Cool Cats train. Even major sports brand Puma changed its PFP to a Cool Cat at one point.

What has Cool Cats been up to since mint?

Cool Pets

Cool Pets, the long-awaited companion drop for the Cool Cats community, finally came around in February 2022. Planned for months, the launch had the full attention of the NFT community.
Despite a number of unfortunate setbacks, the project sold out in minutes.

The launch was bittersweet for the NFT project’s founders Clon and Evan. During interviews with NFTevening at SXSW, the two confirmed that the several delays to the launch were a source of stress.

Interestingly, the seller used the money from the sale to start an animal shelter called “Cool Animals.” The Cat is currently on sale for 850 ETH.

    On October 7th, 2021, cat #5635 sold for 99 ETH ($353,129.04). Another Exotic Cat with nine points total, this Cat features a white TV Head and TV Face with No Signal, as well as a Green Sweater and Chain.

      On August 19th, 2021, Cat #3330 sold for 110 ETH or $345,930. This Exotic 10-Point Cat is one of nine hidden Cats and is extremely rare because of its Robot Hat, Shirt, and Face, and Blue Cat Skin.

      The hidden Cats were created by Clon and Tom without the rest of the team’s knowledge.

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