Snoop avatar nft

snoop avatar nft

The rapper has already made significant steps in the direction of merging the mainstream music industry and the crypto space.

Recently, the star launched his latest album B.O.D.R in collaboration with Gala Music, Gala Games’ new music platform. This was a strong signal that Snoop is investing heavily in the metaverse and NFT spaces. The album dropped as a selection of NFT Stash Boxes, making this the first music album to drop as an NFT.

Such pioneer moves have made Snoop Dogg a central figure in the crypto space. Aside from his revolutionary NFT releases, the rapper is also an avid collector. His portfolio makes the DappRadar Celebrity Rich List ranking every month thanks to the considerable NFT collection it stores.

Snoop avatar nft

Will Snoop Dogg become a thought leader in the NFT space? Will more celebrities come out as having run crypto accounts (perhaps Snoop’s friend Martha Stewart is Pranksy)? Or will this whole thing turn out to have been an elaborate prank?

At the moment, the answer to all of those questions is unclear, but there is one concrete consequence of Snoop’s tweet: his mentions are now filled with people pitching him NFT projects. Never thought I’d have that in common with him.

Final note: while, again, I cannot stress enough that there’s no hard evidence linking Snoop and the Medici account, there’s one more critical clue to point out: Medici often signs off tweets with a wine emoji.
You know who has his own brand of wine? Snoop Dogg.

Snoop calls his upcoming NFT collection of NFTs on The Sandbox, ‘The Doggies.’ According to the company’s website, ‘The Doggies’ is a collection of 10,000 playable NFTs designed and crafted by the rapper himself.

The website further said:

“Each avatar will unlock unique utility that goes beyond a simple NFT. They will be playable in The Sandbox and can be used to unlock future mints and features in the metaverse.”

The launch of the 10,000 Snoop Dogg avatar NFTs took place on February 22, 2022, before the opening of the Alpha Season II, making the same a piece of great news for both Snoop Dogg fans and Sandbox enthusiasts.

The Snoop Dogg avatars are programmatically generated, voxelated NFTs featuring over 150 traits.

Mae’n gwneud cilfach iddo’i hun yn y farchnad fyd-eang o hapchwarae.

Trwy ganolbwyntio ar gynnwys a gynhyrchir gan ddefnyddwyr, mae’r Sandbox yn creu metaverse o chwaraewyr cysylltiedig sy’n cyfrannu at ddatblygiad pellach y platfform. Nid yn unig, trwy gyflwyno’r tocyn SAND, mae’r Sandbox yn hyrwyddo llywodraethu datganoledig ac yn caniatáu i ddefnyddwyr rannu eu barn a’u syniadau am ddatblygiad y prosiect.

Diolch i’r dechnoleg esblygol, mae llywodraethu datganoledig yn dod yn hanfodol mewn prosiectau sy’n seiliedig ar blockchain.

Dechreuodd y cwmni gyda chlec a denodd gefnogaeth a buddsoddiadau gan nifer o enwau mawr yn y diwydiant gemau.

Sandbox viribus technologiae clausulae utitur inducendo signum utilitatis SANDBA, quae faciliorem reddit in contionibus.

Qui sunt Fundatores Sandbox?

Arthurus Madrid is coconditor et CEO apud Pixowl, et ipse unus e copiis pulsis post The Sandbox. Gradu in re oeconomica ab Université Paris Dauphine anno 2000 deduxit.

Matriti curriculo professio consultum eurogroup Consulting Gallia incepit, sed mox suum animum entrepreneurial invenit. Anno 2001, 1-Click Media condita est, quae postea ab Ipercast acquisita est.

Sebastianus Borget etiam co-conditor apud Pixowl est et inservit pro COO societatis.
Gradum in systematis computatrorum retis ac telecommunicationum ab Instituto nationali des Télécommunications anno 2007 lectus est. Eius professio curriculum incepit ut consilium plumbum pro 1-Click Media, et ex eo, Arthur Madrid et Sebastien Borget duo entrepreneurial fuerunt.

Each NFT is a unique and ‘cool Doggie avatar’ playable in the game’s second season to attend events and concerts, complete quests, hang out with friends, and explore the metaverse.

That said, the NFTs are launched into seven rarity tiers – Human, Blue, Alien, Zombie, Dogg, Robot, and Golden. Two-thirds of the Doggies will be standard, while there will be three types of uniquely designed Doggies with unique traits and features to make them stand out from the Doggie crowd.

SAND Price Rises

The recently gained market momentum took BTC to $38,547, as the top coin made close to 2% gains in a day.
This revived most of the top altcoins. Ethereum noted 2.5% daily gains while BNB was up 3% over 24-hours at press time.


The Sandbox is releasing a collection of 10,000 programmatically generated Snoop Dogg Avatar NFTs: the Doggies. Each Doggy is unique, so that’s 10,000 ways to look uniquely cool when you style your way through the Metaverse.
With your new Doggy Avatar, you can attend events and concerts, play games, hang out with friends, and explore the metaverse like a boss. The avatars will be playable with the upcoming The Sandbox Alpha Season 2, so the utility is just around the corner!

The launch of The Doggies will start on February 22, at 10pm UTC on The Doggies website:

Every Doggy will be minted and sold for 150 SAND per NFT, your chance to own one of these exclusive Snoop Avatars as a playable character usable in the upcoming Alpha Seasons.

Teamed up with some of the greatest creators in the metaverse, the signature Doggies look like Snoop has been returning from an interstellar, multi-dimensional journey. What does that mean? You need to visit the official site to get an idea.

Follow The Doggies on Twitter to check out more swagging Doggies in the collection.

How You Can Get a Doggie Avatar

The release of the Snoop Dogg avatar collection is scheduled on February 22, 2022.
That is 22-02-2022, a very memorable date for the drop. For those who already purchased and hold the exclusive Snoop NFTs such as the Snoopverse Early Access Pass, Snoop Party Pass, JADU Jetpack, JADU Hoverboard, SupDucks, and FLUF Burrow, they will get a chance to mint the Doggies 24 hours before the public release.

Every Doggie will be minted and sold for 150 SAND per NFT.

Snoop Dogg has always been keen on cutting-edge technologies, especially on NFTs. His next step into the non-fungible world takes Snoop Dogg to The Sandbox metaverse, where he will share his NFT collection of avatars with players around the world.

Meet the collection of 10,000 unique Doggies, programmatically generated from over 150 hand-crafted traits developed by skilled Sandbox artists.

The Doggies will have different rarity levels, splitting into Human, Blue, Alien, Zombie, Dogg, Robot, and Golden, where Human is less rare, while Golden is the rarest.

In addition, there is a chance to get some of the avatars that are even more special than described above – Dope Avatars, Classic Avatars, and Signature Edition. Dope Avatars are 1:1 designed by Snoop himself and Sandbox designers.

Make a splash in Alpha Season 2 with the best Avatar round!

The Doggies are divided into a wide range of tiers relying on their traits. The smaller the share of a trait, the rarer the Doggy



Out of the minted Doggies, some will probably be featured in a Snoop music video, filmed fully inside The Sandbox.

This will probably be a singular alternative to make music video historical past within the Metaverse — keep tuned for extra particulars!

The Doggies Avatar assortment is among the coolest collections to come back to The Sandbox up to now. The occasion additionally rewards earlier homeowners of Snoop NFTs with unique whitelist entry earlier than the sale is publicly accessible to everybody else.

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