Sneaky vampires nft

Bored Ape Yacht Club’s success was due to their community and although the projects share an artist, they are not directly affiliated. The question is: Can we really trust SVS to support their fans in the same way?

SVS and BAYC Vs. NFT scene Diversity

The main issue with the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS) NFT collection is the lack of diversity. Avatar projects are often used for cool PFPs (profile pics). Furthermore, collectors often scramble for the pieces they feel some connection to. However, no female representation is anywhere to be found. Representation is not only a hot topic in the world right now, but also in the NFT scene. Think of top NFT artist, Fewocious, raising awareness for trans rights.

Sneaky vampires nft

First of all, I’d like to state that this is a blockchain based NFT project, not a review of an episode from Vampire Diaries. NFTs are the trendy discussions in today’s blockchain world, and they are worth every attention they are getting.

NFTs is an acronym which stands for Non-Fungible Tokens existing on a blockchain, which are unique tokens that cannot be traded interchangeably, no matter how much they look alike. NFTs have proven to be essential in spaces such as Games, Real Estate, DeFi, Virtual Reality, Proof of Participation and so forth.

Long story short, everyone wants them. At least I do.

But what does NFTs have to do with Vampires in the first place?

Disclaimer:This article was written by a Vampire.

Sneaky vampires nft opensea

Everyone wants a piece of the Bored Ape Yacht club, and for those who missed out on the original drop, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is their best chance at a Moon shot. To illustrate, each SVS NFT was just 0.08ETH at release and now the floor is already at 0.67ETH.

But Sneaky Vampire Syndicate’s lack of diversity raises questions.

Is the SVS NFT collection actually worth the hype?

To be frank, we’re not sure. Despite their carefully planned roadmap on their website, it’s hard to see what the sneaky vampire syndicate actually stands for.
They claim they will donate money to 3 charities. Despite that, they admit they have not chosen which, planning to let the community help decide. To some, that may seem like a great extra perk. Alternatively, it may suggest that SVS don’t actually have a solid plan as BAYC did.

Sneaky vampire syndicate nft

We believe the release of the Vampiresses will continue the growth of our ecosystem in the right direction,” he added.

A game with a breeding mechanism

Notably, the introduction of female vampires to SVS facilitates “Blood Pact” breeding mechanism between the female and male vampires. That will enable players with both male and female vampires to breed them in the future.

The $BLOOD token will power breeding, and the vampires that arise from each male vampire will be its “perfect pair”.
Additionally, players can earn three tokens daily by staking the $BLOOD token. Also, holders of the $BLOOD token qualify for up to a 50% discount on their purchases of Sneaky Vampiress NFTs.
For instance, with the base price at 0.16 ETH, if you have 100 $BLOOD tokens, your base price reduces to 0.12 ETH.

Sneaky vampire nft price

The upcomingScreammovie stars Melissa Barrera, Kyle Gallner, Mason Gooding, Mikey Madison, Dylan Minnette, Jenna Ortega, Jack Quaid, Marley Shelton, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Sonia Ammar, with Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Neve Campbell.

If you are thinking about whether NFTs are a good investment, then read the insidebitcoins guide before you buy.

Building utility: Fan Art and Blood Raffle

Starting December 17, the SVS will run a fan art contest until the Blood Raffle Entry Period begins on January 4. The contest will encourage both the SVS andScreamcommunities to post their own fan art influenced by the collaboration using the official creative asset released as inspiration.

Throughout the duration of the contest, both SVS and @ScreamMovies social platforms will be interacting and engaging with these entries.

The Blood Raffle Entry Period is between January 4-10, 2022. This is when the newScreamfilmwill be allocating several pairs of tickets to their advanced screenings across North America for SVS holders.

Introducing the BLOOD utility token

The SVS holders will be able to enter a raffle using the $BLOOD utility token for the chance to win either a pair of tickets to the advanced screenings, a limited print (out of 500) of the creative asset released on December 16th, or a free ticket to the film.

Holders receive three $BLOOD tokens daily when they stake their NFTs.

AN ACTIVE COMMUNITY: Activities in many NFT platforms always happen after the launch. However, the syndicate has somehow garnered enough interest to keep its members blood thirsty, as can be seen in both their discord group and Twitter page.

Everyone is helpful to everyone, and the community grows by the Hour.

It’s a community of Vampires, and everyone is thirsty

INCENTIVES: Who doesn’t like Incentives? The syndicate has been doing giveaways to its members since its inception. It’s more like you are getting airdropped some Bitcoin, just by being active in the community.

Who doesn’t like such a thing? Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is giving out one of the juiciest incentives currently available to gaming enthusiasts, and you shouldn’t miss it.

WORKING TEAM: The SVS team works hard. They joke a lot too.

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Closing Words

The SVS is a profile picture NFT project developed as per ERC-721 protocols. A distinguishing feature of the project is its in-built anti-bot mechanism to prevent gas wars, block purchases, and flashbot attacks during public sales or minting.The SVS NFT airdrop plan has five phases.
In the “First Blood” phase, all vampire token holders will get exclusive giveaways within the first week of launch. During the “Night Fall” phase, the syndicate would let out the bats as special allies of the vampires.
The “Twilight” phase would entail the release of sneaky vampire merchandise. The fourth phase – “Eclipse,” will introduce the Vampire Liar.

These eight NFTs will be featured in the collection and spotlight underappreciated female artists trying to solidify their position in the NFT space.

Expanding The SVS Metaverse

Adding Sneaky Vampiresses also serves a purpose for the upcoming “Blood Pacẗ” breeding mechanism. Sneaky Vampire Syndicate holders who acquire a Sneaky Vampiress can breed new vampires in the future.

Doing so requires the $BLOOD token, which can be earned – at a rate of 3 $BLOOD per day per NFT – by staking SVS non-fungible tokens. Additionally, the $BLOOD token provides up to 50% discount on Sneaky Vampiress NFTs.

SVS Project Lead Thomas Kekker adds:

The Genesis SVS NFTs were a huge success, and we’ve not let our foot off the gas.

From the very beginning, we built this around nurturing our community and creating the best possible environment.

About 10 percent of first flood Sneaky Vampire Syndicates are special giveaways from every Vampire in the initial week.

Besides, everySneaky Vampire Syndicate NFTwill receive a special companion of 25 percent when Syndicate releases the bats at nightfall.

While, in the twilight, about 50 percent of Vampires receive cold without release in the Merch release.

Moreover, in the eclipse, the 75 percent are for Liar Vampire introduction, where you may kick back and hang out with your peer vampires in the Metaverse, and the 100 percent is in the Gen 2 teaser where Vampires lives forever.

The developers will add additional Discord addresses if the 800 NFTs allotted during the pre-sale have not been minted.

Is the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate NFT a good investment?

The new NFT project, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, was released on September 12, 2021.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate (SVS), a hugely successful NFT project by former Bored Ape Yacht Club artist Mig, have just announced the release of its 2nd NFT collection: Sneaky Vampiress NFTs.

Inclusivity and Recognition for Female Artists and Collectors

The new collection of 12,345 female vampires aims to promote female inclusion and representation in the NFT space. Female artists are often under-recognized in NFTs. SVS is striving to give women that deserved recognition.

The 12,345 vampiresses will join their 8,888 male counterparts from SVS’s excellent first ‘Generation 1’ collection in a place all vampires call home – ‘The Lair’ (A sunlight and vampire hunter-free place deep in the metaverse).

The first collection was a massive success.

Only owners of the Vampire NFTs can play the game.

These Vampire NFTs will qualify their holders to get even more NFTs exclusive to the SVS platform, and afford them access to the metaverse world that the team is currently working on.

The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is going to be one exclusive club where only a few would come hang out. The first thing to ask is, why should you get in?


Each NFT project is unique but some are more unique than others.

Apart from the name, what other features about Sneaky Vampire Syndicate should get your attention? Let’s discuss

UNIQUENESS: Each Vampire Themed NFT is unique. They have different powers, different set of fangs and sometimes even different lairs. These Vampires also have different characters and different expressions.

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