Sing nft app

sing nft app

It wasn’t in there called eight showed up in the bizben contract, which made me looked at I’m like, Oh, they’re getting savvy to this, right. They’re starting to not they want to lock this stuff up. But that’s where we keep going. If you don’t, are you going to do anything? What’s your plan, because we’re now educating ourselves in that industry. So if you’re not bringing anything quantifiable or anything valuable, you’re going to create something stupid that has no utility, no community is going to die off after just a you know, like a stock dump, right? Where they’re like, Oh, we’re just gonna create these art and then it just dies afterwards. Right? Well, we’re not interested. Right? We’re

Alex Ferrari 1:18:44 NFT’s are really about community. Yeah, it’s about it’s about community.

Sing nft app

But then you can add ownership to that too, right? We’re not only You’re getting to be involved in this, you can have ownership in the artwork, you can own some of the the new NF T’s that we’re going to be having coming down the future. And that’s where I was like, Okay, you got me, I mean, let’s expand.

Alex Ferrari 47:08 So So for people listening, I’m gonna, I’m going to translate everything you just said. It’s easy. I know, I’m fast. I’m like, passionate. So no.
So translation is an NFT is basically a digital baseball card or comic book, let’s just put it this for people. That’s a good way of putting it. It’s a digital version of that there’s only one of them, you could throw that up on on something called the blockchain. And if you want to know about blockchain, you have to go type of blockchain.

Adam Scorgie 47:35 I could even explain that to you that much.

Sing nft app for android

Contone, ‘Charlie Bit My Finger,’ video YouTube viral saka 2007, didol dening pangripta kanthi rega $760,999.

Apa maneh sing bisa dikarepake para panyipta konten YouTube?

Saliyane kemampuan kanggo adol video minangka NFT, panyipta konten YouTube bisa ngarepake fitur liyane kayata:

  • Pencipta bisa monetisasi YouTube Shorts lan uga melu penggemar langsung liwat fitur kasebut, padha karo TikTok.
  • Live streaming kolaboratif, sing bakal ngidini panyipta konten nggawe video langsung bebarengan. Fitur live streaming liyane uga samesthine, sing bakal nggawe YouTube padha karo Twitch.
  • Pangguna uga bisa menehi hadiah anggota sing dibayar kanggo pangguna liyane. Fitur iki lagi dites dening YouTube.


Dadi, kabeh, panyipta konten sing adhedhasar YouTube duwe akeh sing diarepake ing taun 2022.

Sing nft app review

If you’re try keyholder, you’ll win those chances, we’ll do one or two trips a year where you’ll get to be a producer for a day, you’ll get to come on set, you’re automatically VIP entered into all of our red carpet premieres, and all of our after parties, you will also get to be in a community like that’s what we wanted to build. This is one of my partner brought this to me, I’m like that I can get behind. Right? We’re, we’re helping filmmakers. We’re providing community in addition to the cool artwork and collectibles that we know like a lot of people when we did ice guardians we did making cocoa people wanted to sign poster by Grant and they wanted to be there with him that night, and they wanted those experiences.
So this was just the next logical step.
You know, why do I want to give that away? So we can then say hey, we can go to our community this is where we’d want community voting and stuff to be like how do you guys think we should release it we’re thinking about doing you know, one solely for all of our our members of the score G Community let’s throw a big party Let’s invite the talent to do their do a q&a, where we could do all that in house and keep the profits and everything within our community rather than saying, Okay, let’s just give it away to distributor that’s going to overcharge over Marquette overspend, and we’re never gonna get out of the hole. So that’s the long game goal, right? And we don’t have everything. I’m not gonna lie to your to the audience and say, I have all that figured out right now.

Sing nft app-c

Right? But that’s where we see the evolution of NFT’s in the film world where That’s where it can get right was it we’re all sick of the distributors and people telling us what’s going to work what’s not going to work and having to you know, if you deal in the scripted world, you know, where they’re like, No, you need this actor and you’re like, No, but this actor is perfect, right? Like this guy because they were on Twilight is going to sell more. So we have to put them even though they’re not perfect not to disk Twilight. My kids love it, but you can.

Alex Ferrari 1:07:24 Absolutely you can absolutely disk twilight.

Adam Scorgie 1:07:26 Okay, it’s like but that’s, that’s where for me, just like when people said crowdfunding would never work or this would never.

Sing nft appety

I have to ask you a question Do you with with a movie like let’s say Trey hill right with Danny Treehouse movie. You’re, I’m assuming you’re gonna create some cool like trail tacos and FTS or something. Did like that. Um, the thing that’s cool about it is that yeah, there’s a time limit.
I mean, there’s a there’s an expiration date, quote. record on undocks generally speaking on films, you know, things that were around 10 years ago, you know, even things I want to ask because you’re not going back very often and go see, you know, there is a time limit. Yeah. But with the NFT aspect of it, you could arguably continue to release collectibles on the park because a person doesn’t have the expiration date. We’ll be right back after a word from our sponsor. And now back to the show. You know, but, you know, so in five years, this is still going to be Bespin.

Sing nft appx

I did acting classes I studied at William Esper Studios in New York, right? It came from like the front of the camera, I learned that I was much better at producing and connecting the dots and putting out fires and I wasn’t performing, you know, which is a realization in itself that you have to really challenge yourself like, hey, is this for me? You don’t know. I realized, like, I’m not as talented as a lot of other people. But I realized what my talents were. So I’m like you though, I always said that about the union.

When it came out. It became this like, cult classic. And it was rated like so much luck comes into things too, right? Like tiny. The Union came out right before like, right when it was releasing us, right when social media was starting to connect with people.

Stick with those people.

Alex Ferrari 1:23:50 What is the lesson that took you the longest to learn whether in the film business or in life?

Adam Scorgie 1:23:56 I’m still learning how to be a good husband? I think my wife reminds me every week I’m failing on that so

Alex Ferrari 1:24:02 if I may quote bill, but if I may quote Bill Barr, a bill Bill Burr Bill Burke’s union Bill Barr, the comedian the standard comic is like, why is it that in our relationship with my wife, they’re always I’m always the project. I’m always working on me always the one working on me. Yeah, he’s perfect, but I’m the one that’s got all the problems.

Adam Scorgie 1:24:26 Yes.

So I if we’re talking work related though, like in my life, I’m still learning how to do that even like I think I figured out you’re pretty good dad.


Adam Scorgie 30:42 And then us, right? And I remember going wow, okay. It’s when it’s called a waterfall. Looking at the numbers. I’m like, Well, you guys must be putting up a significant mg or minimum guaranteed to be putting yourself at the top of the waterfall because we’re finance we’d already shot right.

I’m like, what? Why would you go to positions ahead of me? And he was like, Well, no, no, no, he goes, you were able to mitigate all that money out of Canada. So that’s why we’re and I was like, so why the fuck would you get that benefit? That’s me understanding the system. Why would you and the distributor get to benefit before I did? I’m like, You have to at least cover the gap that we have in here.

Now in order for you to go to top position or else why would our investors be like, I was like, I have no idea.

You know, as other things come up, right, whether it’s the red carpet events, be on set for a day, you know, contacts of ours that we have our Rolodex will not only just introduce you, or will not just give them to you will introduce you and say hey, this person’s part of the creative hustle community, I’ll introduce all the contacts that I have and have worked with that will all come as part of the of having a try key.

Alex Ferrari 53:27 So in the future for independent filmmakers, it’s, before I ask that question, you it sounds like you’re building a community and almost like and the key is almost like a membership into that community, or NFT’s and building it up.

And they gave me their sales projections right, which are always bullshit right? But here’s the best part brothers they gave me like a high medium and a low right? Low was like 2 million right there. Medium was like five to 7 million their high was like eight to 11 million for doc right now. It’s kind of like, okay, that’s pretty high. Oh, it’s ridiculous.

Right? So. Yeah, top 50 Docs of all time. Like if you’re in that, above 10 range. You’re in like the top 510. Like, it’s crazy, right? So

Alex Ferrari 28:55 That’s Michael Moore Supersize Me world.

Adam Scorgie 28:57 Yeah, it’s crazy, right? It’s like, it’s like putting lottery tickets in your business plan being like, well, this lottery winner, right. So. So I’m listening to a thing? No, I, you know, I’ve gotten to a place where I’m listening.

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