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Sending nft to ledger

XS), AAVE, MANA, Uniswap (UNI), Graph Token (GRT), Yearn.Finance (YFT), Celo (CELO), Ocean Token (OCEAN), Reef Finance (REEF) etc.

Now before you decide on whether to go with Ledger or Trezor take a look at the assets supported by them. First you need to find out the coin / token that you own is supported by the device.

Check out Ledger supported coins and tokens here – https://www.ledger.com/supported-crypto-assets

For Ledger device also check out this GitHub link: https://github.com/LedgerHQ/ledger-live-desktop/blob/v2.29.0/cryptoassets.md

Here you can search for your favorite token using the smart contract address and find out whether Ledger supports it or not.

Check out the Trezor hardware wallet supported coins and tokens here: https://trezor.io/coins/

Managing assets

After your buy and setup your hardware device you can’t use it right away.

Sending nft to ledger

Personally, I prefer not to enable either report. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

NOTE: Make sure you keep your secret phrase written down and tucked away in a secure location. Every Ledger wallet comes with some handy recovery phrase sheets. Remember, NEVER share your secret phrase with anyone.
Your secret phrase allows complete access and control over your crypto wallet.

3. Create an account to manage all your crypto assets.

Now that you have successfully set up your Ledger hardware wallet, you will need to create an account before you are able to download any apps which allow you to obtain your cryptocurrency of choice and transfer your beloved non-fungible tokens to your wallet.

Open Ledger Live and head to your portfolio after accepting the terms of use. Select Add Account to make your very own Ledger Wallet profile.

Sending nft to ledger nano x

MetaMask window, click on the account logo on the top right corner, scroll down to “settings” and click. Then click “advanced settings”, scroll down and turn on “WebHID”.

Tada, This will enable you to view your Ledger wallet balance on your MetaMask extension. You will also be able to transact across all blockchain applications that support MetaMask.
The only thing you will need is to connect your Ledger wallet to your device open Ledger Live, verify and sign the transactions.

Step 6. Enjoy your ride: you can now interact with your favorite dApps from within the security of your hardware wallet, by selecting MetaMask on login.

If you’re having any trouble or feel a bit lost, this support page might be of help.

Take your assets’ security to the next level

Every few days there’s news about the theft of cryptocurrencies.

Send nft from metamask to ledger

But no worries if you’re still a bit confused, I’m going to break it all down for you anyway.

1. Connect your Ledger device to Ledger Live.

First, connect your Ledger wallet to Ledger Live. Once you are connected, confirm your device and Ledger Live are up-to-date.

After verifying your updates, go to the Receive tab located in the Ledger Live Menu.

Go to the Receive tab in Ledger Live.

After you hit receive you will need to select the account you wish to send your NFT to. In my case, I only have one account to choose from. Once you have verified the correct account, continue to your wallet address.

3. Confirm and copy your Ledger public wallet address.

The address displayed here is your public wallet address.

Can i send nft to ledger

Send Crypto Using The Ledger Live App

To get started, visit https://www.ledger.com/start/ to download and install the app if you haven’t done so already. With the Ledger Live app, you can send cryptocurrency from your Ledger to another wallet address.

It’s important to note that when sending assets to another wallet, you need to double-check the address of the receiving wallet. If you send crypto or NFTs to the wrong address, you won’t be able to get anything back.

How To Send ETH From Your Ledger To Another Wallet

In the Ledger Live app, click Send in the left-hand menu and then choose the account that you wish to debit by selecting it from the Account to Debit dropdown.

Next, enter the wallet address you are sending crypto to in the Recipient Address field.

Send solana nft to ledger

Instead, you might hit some bugs and technical snags, but I can tell you – you’ll get through it, and hopefully this article will help. So let’s dive in.

First – what is a hardware wallet?

A hardware wallet (sometimes referred to as cold storage) is a wallet that requires you to use a physical device to confirm transactions. This means it becomes almost impossible for hackers to steal your NFTs, you go from being an easy target, from really not even being on the radar any more.

I see a lot of confusion around what exactly a hardware wallet does when it comes to NFTs so let me just dispel some common myths.

Are my NFTs stored on the hardware wallet?

This is probably the number one question people have and it also shows the overall fundamental misunderstanding people have when it comes to hardware wallets.

Send polygon nft to ledger

Luckily, I discovered that transferring an NFT is extremely safe—with that being said, there are a few things you need to be aware of to ensure you’re sending your NFT as safe and secure as possible.

To ensure you’re transferring your non-fungible tokens safely, please review the following:

  • NEVER give out your wallet seed phrase – Anyone who has access to your wallet’s seed phrase has access to your wallet. Do not give your seed phrase or any information regarding your wallet’s account to anyone. If you have NFTs you want to store securely, make sure you read Securely Storing Your NFTs: A Complete Guide.
  • Ensure you are sending your NFT to the proper recipient address – Always verify that you are entering the correct receiving address when transferring any NFT to another wallet.

Send eth nft to ledger

Both the applications allows you to manage your hardware device seamlessly. You can send, receive funds, manage variety of assets, track real time crypto balance and it even provides complete access to your portfolio information.

However there are some limitations. Both Trezor suite and Ledger live application do not have full support for all the coins and tokens that are available on the crypto space.

They support Ether and majority of ERC20 tokens. But how about BEP20 tokens, ERC-777 custom token, ERC-721 etc. The device supports NFT’s and all kinds of custom tokens on other EVM chains as well however you can’t manage them directly through the official apps like Ledger live or Trezor suite.

To manage specific type of assets you need specific type of wallet (software interface).

Send opensea nft to ledger

This is the most secure and convenient option for holding and transacting ETH, ERC20 and other tokens.

Alright! How about NFT transactions?

NFT transactions

NFT transactions are similar to ERC20 and other token transfers. You can simply transfer any NFTs to your hardware wallet ETH address. Not only Ethereum based NFTs but using your hardware wallet ETH address you can mange NFTs on polygon, BSC and other EVM chains.

Now metamask do not display NFTs under your ETH account.

To view and manage NFTs you need to connect your metamask hardware wallet account to OpenSea which is an NFT marketplace.

Here is how its done.

OpenSea connection

Visit OpenSea and log into OpenSea with metamask. Make sure to use the account / address that is connected to your Ledger or Trezor.

How to send nft to ledger live

Make sure to review your secret phrase and verify that all words match the phrase being displayed by your wallet before proceeding beyond this point.

Next, open up the Ledger Live app. You will be presented with a screen offering various options. Considering you have already set up your pin code and documented your secret phrase—you want to select Skip Device Setup.

Now you are ready to select the device you are currently setting up.

In this case, I chose the Ledger Nano X. After you choose which device you are using, you will be taken through a brief security checklist. Here, you will confirm you have created your own pin and successfully saved your secret phrase.

At this point, you will now connect your hardware wallet to your computer so that you can verify you are using a genuine Ledger device.

D, look up the transaction on Etherscan. You should see evidence of the transaction right away on the blockchain. Once the TX is confirmed, you are officially the new owner of the NFT.

Step 4 – Add the token to your wallet

Sometimes the NFT won’t show up in your wallet automatically. If that’s happened to you, don’t worry. All you need to do is add the NFT manually directly on the MetaMask application.
Simply click on the NFTs tab once more and select “Import NFT.” You will then be asked to enter the token address and the “collectible ID,” both of which should be readily available to you.

The Cost of Transferring An NFT

As mentioned, whenever you perform a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain, you have to pay something called “gas.” Gas essentially functions as a network fee paid to miners to compensate them for the energy expenditure of mining new ETH tokens.

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