Selling first wikipedia nft

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  • Sources told me that Christie’s likewise expects the unofficial Wikipedia NFT to sell for millions of dollars.

    But many of the volunteers who edit Wikipedia have serious reservations about Wales selling this NFT, with some suggesting that it completely contradicts the ethos of Wikipedia as a free knowledge project. “Why the heck would you do this?” said one Twitter user to Wales. “NFTs are all about attempting to create artificial scarcity, and in this moment in time, profit.

    The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, will sell the first version of the site as well as the computer on which the digital encyclopaedia was created. The auction will run until 15th December. At the moment, the price of the NFT token on the auction house website is $700 (~£528); the price of the computer has risen to $300 (~£226).

    Wikipedia in NFT form

    Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales will sell the first version of the site as a non-fungible token (NFT).
    This is reported by The Verge, citing Wales. The token sale will take place from 3rd to 15th December at Christie’s auction house.

    “What you see displayed is what Wikipedia looked like at the moment that I set up the software,” Wales said. “The artistic concept is to take people back to that moment when I set up the website and had to think, ‘Gosh, this is so vulnerable. Like anybody can edit.

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  • Solana is designed to process more transactions per second than ethereum, and while it’s less mature, gas fees are often 100 times lower on Solana.

    There are also alternatives to OpenSea with lower gas fees, including “Layer 2” NFT solutions such as Immutable-X. These allow creators to mint and trade NFTs on ethereum, but blockchain transactions are batched and processed in bulk to reduce costs.
    Explore these if you’re minting a collection of NFTs at once.

    Factor fees into your selling price to remain profitable.

    Identify potential buyers and market to them

    NFTs thrive on networking and community.

    The marketplace is flooded with sellers, but also with a variety of buyers — from people looking for edgy artwork to the person who ultimately bought mine. Some are drawn by the art.

    Damit ist jedes NFT abhängig von der Sicherheit und langfristigen Speicherung des Objektes auf normalen Webservern oder verteilten Dateisystemen der NFT-Plattformen. So verwendet Rarible beispielsweise IPFS zu Speicherung, übernimmt aber explizit keine Verantwortung für die langfristige Speicherung oder die Integrität der digitalen Objekte.[39]

    Umweltauswirkungen[Bearbeiten|Quelltext bearbeiten]

    Die NFTs zugrunde gelegten Blockchains wie Ethereum verifizieren Transaktionen durch das Erbringen komplexer Rechenaufgaben (Proof of Work), was mit einem erheblichen Ressourcenverbrauch für die verwendete Hardware und den verbrauchten Strom einhergeht.

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  • On the morning of Wikipedia’s birth, Wales typed in the words “Hello, World!” and then wiped the files on the server to start over again. Wales said that the words were live on the homepage for a short period of time, and that he was probably the only one to see them during the setup process. (By the way, there is now a new Wikipedia article about the “First Wikipedia edit” that delves into the distinction between the earliest edits recalled by Wales and the earliest found edits available in the digital record.)

    For some Wikipedians, the issue isn’t whether the Wales NFT is authentic—they are fine accepting that the NFT is a fair artistic representation—but rather that they view NFTs themselves as immoral.

    Tim Starling rediscovered them in 2010. Joseph Reagle, a professor at Northeastern University and Wikipedia historian, used this data to reconstruct the first 10,000 contributions to Wikipedia. Reagle’s reconstruction shows that the first-ever edit to Wikipedia was not “Hello, World!” but the words “This is the new WikiPedia!” which came from a computer or IP address associated with “” (Bomis was the dot-com company Wales co-founded to pursue a wide range of internet projects, of which Wikipedia is the most well-known.)

    In a Saturday post on his blog, Reagle noted the apparent discrepancy of claiming to auction the “first” edit to Wikipedia when that did not match what was available in the digital record.

    Rechteinhaber rechtlich dagegen vorgehen, dass ein Dritter NFTs mit einem Werk verknüpft und verkauft?

  • Kann der Urheber eines Werks auch nach Verkauf aller Rechte noch NFTs mit seinem Werk verknüpfen?
  • Auch wenn der Verkäufer eines NFTs die Nutzungsrechte am damit verknüpften urheberrechtlich geschützten Werk tatsächlich hält, werden nicht automatisch alle Rechte durch den Verkauf eines NFTs übertragen. Die jeweilige rechtliche Bedeutung einer NFT-Übertragung wird vielmehr individuell und privatautonom von den Vertragsparteien bestimmt und kann je nach Vertragsgestaltung unterschiedlich sein; insbesondere kann sie nur einzelne Nutzungsarten umfassen (vgl.

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