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NFTs are certainly popular, but there has been some pushback from within certain circles, most notably the established gaming industry. Still, Samsung’s focus on art, as opposed to gaming, could give it an edge.

NFTs to dominate 2022?

NFTs were among the most prominent developments of 2021, if not the most prominent development. The niche exploded in popularity, attracting retail investors and even major celebrities. Some of these celebrities have gone on to release their own work, whether music or visual art, through NFTs — and they have proven to be a hit.

However, there has also been some pushback, as the question of value comes into play.

Samsung nft tvs

The “Multi-Intelligent Picture Algorithm” recognizes important objects in the video stream and optimizes them so that they attract the viewer’s attention more than the background.

Full Dolby Atmos support

Samsung’s 2022 NEO QLED TVs are the first models to offer full Dolby Atmos support . By this we mean that TVs not only accept Dolby Atmos signals from streaming providers, but they can also process them directly on the TV using a decoder.

Accordingly, Samsung has equipped all Neo QLED TVs with high-rise speakers to deliver a room-filling surround sound experience right from the factory.
The flagship models of the QN900B series take it to the extreme with a 6.2.4 audio system totaling 90W!

Dolby Atmos wireless transmission

When paired with Samsung’s new soundbar, the TV and soundbar now pair even better with Q-Symphony.

Samsung tv ntfs

It’s easy to read Samsung’s CES 2022 press release and scoff. Maybe it’s at the images of beautiful TVs you probably can’t pay for affixed to designer concrete walls in impeccable homes that you most certainly can’t afford.
Or perhaps it’s the models doing model things in those impeccable (and impeccably lit) homes. Or maybe it’s the idea of a remote control without batteries.
( Which almost certainly isn’t actually how that works, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Or, perhaps, it’s the idea of an “NFT aggregation platform” being built into the television. It sounds insane — baking something that most people don’t understand, let alone engage in — into a TV.
Most of us can’t even describe what a non-fungible token is, let alone tell someone how to go get one.

Samsung tft tv ces

If you’re more of an NFT creator than a customer, have no fear, Samsung has also taken your needs into account: Using the brand’s Smart Calibration technology, the marketplace is designed to intuitively adjust the display settings on your TV to match a given creator’s preset values, which will ensure that your dignified Ape art looks uniformly sparkling in anyone’s living room. According to Samsung, more details about the NFT Aggregation Platform will be made available in the next couple of weeks, as the 2022 TVs begin shipping out.

While Samsung says that the need for a solution to “today’s fragmented [NFT] viewing and purchasing landscape has never been greater,” it’s tough to imagine that we’re boldly heading into a future where NFTs are prevalent enough that people are using their TVs to display and shop for them.

Samsung tv nfl app

The display had an almost invisible bezel and was super slim. The speakers, providing room-filling sound, have also been framed in a stylish aluminum frame.

Infinity One Design will be expanded in 2022.

It will be received by such series as: QN900B (8K), QN800B (8K), QN700B (8K) and even a 75-inch version of QN95B (4K). From now on, the TV is only 16.7 mm thick. Because of this, it should look very chic, especially when mounted on a wall.

It is also worth adding that the One Connect Box from the series in question has become even thinner. According to Samsung, its design has been redesigned.

The junction box volume has been reduced by 23%.

4K @ 144Hz for 4K NEO QLED TVs

It looks like this is the first time 4K NEO QLED TVs are getting an “exclusive feature” that was missing even in 8K devices.

Samsung tv nft platform

Samsung’s newest smart TVs coming this year could be arriving with a new feature that will have Web3.0 enthusiast’s ears perking up: NFT support.

New reports have emerged that this level of engagement, which has yet to be seen from the likes of Samsung to date, is on the horizon for the electronics manufacturing firm. Let’s take a look at what we know, and what’s reasonable to expect from the brand looking forward.

A New Wave Of NFT Support?

2022 is quickly building up to bring a new wave of NFT engagement from major brands, creators, and traditional entertainment monoliths.

The first week of the year is host to Samsung, as reports have emerged to start the year that the electronics brand is integrating NFT support on it’s smart TV products starting this year.

It then compares and adjusts the grayscale and color settings for the best image result.

There should be two modes available: Quick Calibration, which takes about 30 seconds, and Professional Calibration, which takes 10 minutes. The latter option should give a result similar to professional calibration.

Advanced Smart Hub Features

Samsung smart TVs will also be updated with new content and options in 2021.

Samsung Gaming Hub enables gamers to find and immerse themselves in their favorite games faster with game streaming services.

Samsung’s partnerships with industry leaders NVIDIA GeForce Now, Stadia and Utomik give gamers access to a vast library of games. The NFT platform also appeared.

Samsung nft tvsm

Here’s Samsung’s latest Smart TV innovation; it may change the world.

Samsung x Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is a leading NFT marketplace, and the company recently announced a partnership with Korean giant Samsung. According to reports, both parties are collaborating to deliver the “first-ever smart TV NFT platform,” which has seen Nifty Gateway integrated into Samsung’s 2022 premium TV offerings.

Early in the year, Samsung announced its plans to enter the NFT space, further sharing that NFT functionalities will be embedded into its 2022 product lines.
When Samsung announced this in early January, they failed to shed more light on their NFT plans, but it’s beginning to make sense.

Duncan Cock Foster, Nifty Gateway’s co-founder, said, “With our mission in mind, we couldn’t be more excited to partner with Samsung to develop a groundbreaking NFT collecting experience.

Samsung nft tvsu

The system is similar to the Netflix Calibrated Mode, or Dolby Vision. In fact, the feature will involve technologies such as QLED, The Frame, and MICRO LED too.

Truth be told, the fact that NFT trading will have the same technology is incredible.

As a result, collectors will be able to browse, purchase and trade NFTs right from the comfort of their couch. However, you don’t have to be an NFT expert to use this feature.

Surprisingly, the Samsung NFT TV platform will also come with educational resources to help beginners out.

Therefore everybody will be able to learn about the history of NFTs and blockchain in general, so they can start exploring the market.

“With demand for NFTs on the rise, the need for a solution to today’s fragmented viewing and purchasing landscape has never been greater.

Samsung nft tvsm-01

CES, which just kicked off.

A screenshot teasing the new integration has been released by Samsung as well:

A corresponding statement from Samsung regarding the news stated:

“With demand for NFTs on the rise, the need for a solution to today’s fragmented viewing and purchasing landscape has never been greater,” the company said in a press release. “In 2022, Samsung is introducing the world’s first TV screen-based NFT explorer and marketplace aggregator, a groundbreaking platform that lets you browse, purchase, and display your favorite art — all in one place.”

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Samsung Electronics, publicly traded on Korea’s KRX exchange, has seen strong growth on it’s 3-month chart, leading up to major trade show and conference CES.

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