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Everything is now transferred to a digital world, including communication, business activities, and memories, especially with virtual reality and the expansion of the metaverse. With a closer intersection between the real and digital world, people would like to transfer their physical belongings like Air Jordans pair into the physical world. And NFTs could serve the purpose.

Entertainment and Arts

Artists are already using the opportunity for direct engagement and support. Turning back to the digitalisation of the world, artists are going at the same pace, transferring their creativity to computers. With NFTs, direct transactions simplify access to artists and allow purchasing their works easier. From painters and motion designers to singers like Shawn Mandes and Snoop Dog, creative people have obtained a new way to monetise their creations.

Now it turns out the scammer listened and returned the 88 ETH back to team:

— OKHotshot.eth (@NFTherder) October 20, 2021

The above was revealed during a discussion held on Twitter by Andrew Wang and the Creature Toadz community where the hacker publicly claimed responsibility for the hack. It was during this discussion that OKHotShot beseeched the hacker to return the stolen funds to the team.

After the session, the hacker returned the funds to the Creature Toadz team who have chosen not to press charges against the attacker.

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The collection pays an honorary tribute to its already established collections with creative reimagined design and a brilliant splash of authenticity and originality. It is a brew of uniqueness that holds enormous value to its community and collectors.

The project also paved the way for more community collaboration and participation in developing NFT and digital art.

Roadmap: Token and Gaming

CreativeToadz features an amazing roadmap with an upcoming community DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) for its holders called SwampDAO.

Also, the community is set to release the reserve currency of the project, the $FLYZ token. Created by OlympusDao, the token features great innovative tokenomics and financial models.
After launch, the token will be opened to staking.

He also repeatedly mentions he had no intentions of running away with that much money. Along the same lines, he praises the team and their work to build a wonderful project and a passionate community. At first, everyone was critical of him, but later, they decided not to press any charges, as the money was fully returned.

In terms of the mint, all the NFTs of Creature Toadz are safe.

The hacker hosted a JavaScript file on the mint site and sent 0.1 ETH to the specified wallet. He did not interact with the actual contract. However, it is still important to double-check every site connected in Metamask.

In conclusion, this should be a learning lesson for everyone involved in the NFT space. There have been so many instances where hacks are repeated with different collections, and no one notices.

The advancement and features of these upcthe owners have done whose planning coming NFT projects mark them distinguish. The launch of more and more NFT projects ensures the worth and demand in society. If you feel that this can be your source of income or do something in this field, go ahead.

You can find achieve something if you put in some effort as there are many options for you.

16. Embers

Embers are a collection of 5,555 burning hot NFTs living in the core of the blockchain. Each individual Ember is carefully curated from over 150 traits, along with some incredibly rare 1/1s that have traits that can’t be found from any other Ember.

Embers’ vision is to create an amazing project that will shed light, joy, love, and creativity!

Fire Sale ( WL ) members may mint an Ember for 0.1 ETH.

The Inglorious Orcs are the heirs of an old forgotten horde.

Twitter Account: @IngloriousOrcs


Discord: Inglorious Orcs Brawl Party

20. Dark Zodiac

Immortalized on the Ethereum blockchain, this NFT contains non-generative 3D collectible art. The developers have tried to like them with real zodiac signs to entice the people.

Dark Zodiac is a collection of 3,876 customized tokens. The twelve Chinese Zodiac folklore is the real inspiration behind the release of Dark Zodiac. However, it will appeal to many users because of the rare concept.

This NFT will be in the markets soon.

Twitter Account: @DarkZodiacNFT


Discord: Dark Zodiac


What’s more, he’s not yet entirely sure what the project has meant for him as an independent artist.

“My brain is doing a great job of protecting me from thinking about this, and instead I focus on drawing random Toadz, working on Nouns, and trying to engage with the community when I can,” Gremplin tells nft now. “This is all layered on top of my day job, so I’m personally stretched really thin, and incredibly thankful for our great [CrypToadz] team that has the energy to stay on top of everything.”

As for what’s next for the project, Gremplin says he and his team aren’t putting too much pressure on grandiose plans. Instead, they’re taking things as they come, and focusing on the community and developing in the present.

“We have a toadmap I could point to, but it’s just vibes,” Gremplin tells nft now.


The more popular NFTs become, the more their environmental impact is coming under scrutiny – and rightfully so. (Wouldn’t it have been great if the oil industry had been thinking about environmental impact from the start?) Any industry that emerges from now, until the end of humanity, should consider their environmental impact from the dawn of their very existence. Thankfully, some within the NFT space have been doing just that.

A large portion of mining and crypto-activity already use exclusively renewable energy. That’s great. It’s a start. It’s not the end of the conversation, though.

Ethereum is continuing to evolve and change.

That’s exactly what happened today, when a free mint of 6,969K tokens “sold out” in a few minutes. The name: SameToadz.

SameToadz is literally an exact 1:1 copy of CrytpToadz launched by anonymous devs.

The website consists of a few lines of white text on a black background, and the project’s Twitter account had only a couple of followers until mint began.

Their discord server just opened and had only a single “general” channel for the first hours.

The meme potential is extremely high, as is the hype in the discord server, which looks more like a 4chan board than a NFT community.

Sales volumes remain high and SameToadz is the top trending collection on the 12h interval on

Floor price is now around the .09 ETH mark.

It is unclear whether this trend will continue or just die off.

He said that “claiming innocence is the only way out to avoid legal troubles” before adding that he was “going to nail his real-world identity regardless of their admittance.”

Soon after the Twitter Spaces session was over, the hacker returned all the funds to the team’s address. Meanwhile, the Creature Toadz team has decided not to press charges. They are now planning to refund members tricked into sending ETH to the hacker.

The incident raises questions surrounding Discord’s security capabilities.
In today’s incident, the exploit originated from a vulnerability that itself originated from Webhooks, a Discord feature used for automated messages.

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