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Salana nft

If you have one, you can import it into the system.

#8 – Shadowy Super Coder

  • Floor price: 77.0 SOL
  • Floor volume: $64,749,300

The Shadowy Super Coder NFT collection, named after U.S. Senator Warren’s claim that adopting crypto would put the financial system in the hands of “shadowy super coders,” is a collection in two parts: generative art and utility. And the utility itself speaks to the high floor price.

For the art, the Shadowy Super Coder NFTs share a common theme: a person wearing a hoodie sitting in the dark, surrounded by glowing computer monitors. Like other generative art collections, different traits are randomized. These include the style of the hoodie, the monitors, the background, and the coding language.

Solana nft

Yours will be different from mine but for the rest of the tutorial any time you see YOUR_ADDRESS, that means you should use your public address.

Now that we have a wallet, we’re gonna need some SOL (the currency of Solana. Think of it as Ethereum’s ETH). We can get some free SOL on the devnet. The devnet is the “playground” version of Solana. We’ll be using it in the tutorial.
When you want to go live on the real-deal, you’ll want to use the mainnet.

To get 1 free SOL on the devnet:

solana airdrop 1 YOUR_ADDRESS –url https://api.devnet.solana.com

Boom! You now have 1 SOL in your wallet on the devnet. If you want a better way to see what’s in your wallet, you can use the Solana Explorer. Go there, on the top right chain mainnet to devnet, and paste in YOUR_ADDRESS.

Solana nft drops


Metaplex is like Shopify for your NFT collection. Instead of listing your NFT on the open marketplace where you have to compete with multiple NFT projects.

Your project gets shown based on the marketplace guideline and rules and this could be a major drawback for your brand.

With Metaplex you could able to launch your own branded Storefronts. The Megaplex storefront connects to a powerful on-chain decentralized program that mints and sell NFT’s.
You could able to avoid marketplace fees for every successful NFT transaction.

Lots of successful Solana-based NFT project has been launched on Metaplex including Degen Ape Academy, Solana Monkey Business, Genopets, Nyan Heroes, and Oddkey.


Alpha art is the revolutionary NFT marketplace currently allowing users to buy/sell Solana-based NFTs.

Solana nft markets

The Monkey Kingdom team even states as part of its goals that it wants to:

  • Create an exclusive international Asian community
  • Attract new Asian investors into the NFT space

Whether you are Asian or not, there may be something of value in Monkey Kingdom for you as a collector. First, there is access to a large international community. Although there are just 2,222 Monkey Kingdom NFTs, over 33,000 members are in the collection’s Discord.
Over 20,000 people follow the Monkey Kingdom Twitter page.

There is also the possibility of an upcoming airdrop: the Baepes (female Wukongs). It is possible to add the Baepes to your collection or flip them for a profit at some point.

Solana nft projects

The Apes appear like they would have no qualms engaging in degenerate behavior.

Aside from the art, a reason for the rise of the collection is the DAA team’s use of Twitter. After a botched first launch that resulted in the DAA team’s system crash, the team actually “leaned into” the mishap and started poking fun at themselves. This use of humor, sometimes dark, mitigated the mistakes of the drop and resulted in a public relations boon.

While there isn’t much utility in the DAA universe, some current projects on the DAA roadmap include opening the Academy, bathroom breeding, and Ape swag.

#4 – Thugbirdz

  • Floor price: 33.5 SOL
  • Floor volume: $9,333,792

Thugbirdz, an OG Solana NFT collection, combines pixel art and street swagger to jump to #4 on our list.

Solana nft calendar

Within just a few months, it has established itself as a top SOL NFT collection with a strong community.

The Galactic Gecko lore is simple and intriguing: In a world with competing factions and lineages, the Geckos do not settle disputes with swords and laser guns but intergalactic races that take place faster than the speed of light. The Geckos align with four factions, each with pros and cons. And each faction has its garages, vehicles, and racers to compete for intergalactic glory.

The Galactic Gecko Space Garage is notable on two fronts: community and utility.

The community of Galactic Gecko Space Garage holders is strong, sharing on Twitter that “I am my Gecko and my Gecko is me.” One holder went so far as to tattoo their Gecko NFT on their arm.

Solana nft mint

Every day a lot of NFT projects with a roadmap of Metaverse and Play-to-Earn games are launching on Solana Ecosystem.

Benefits of Solana NFT Marketplace include:

  • Lower gas fee’s
  • Ultra-fast transaction speed
  • Growth of Solana ecosystem growing continuously day by day

We have curated the top Solana NFT marketplace where you can able to buy, sell and mint your NFTs. Our ranking is based on transaction volume, quality of projects listed on the marketplace, wallet support, necessary features like mint calendar and stats, onboarding experience for creators, transaction fee, and community.

Solana nft rarity

DeFi Land is a multichain Solana gaming project, meaning it has plans to integrate with other blockchains like Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Ethereum, and Terra.

DeFi Land Gameplay

DeFi Land simplifies the concept of Decentralized Finance through interactive gaming. Players enjoy more than thirty mini-games created from investment activities in the game. The games may include challenges like farming, fishing, tending to livestock, etc.

DeFi Land players can craft different tools and items, trade, and compete with each other.

DeFI Land Token

DFL token is the native currency in DeFI Land. This currency is used for governance and utility purposes. Players can use DFL to craft tools, and trade in the game and mint NFTs like chickens, cows, bees, and land.

All these trade on the DeFI Land marketplace.

DeFI Land also has another utility token called GOLD.

Solana nft explorer

OpenSea shows about $930,000 worth of secondary trading so far.

Granted, that’s still a fraction of how much an Okay Bears NFT costs on Solana: the cheapest available on leading Solana marketplaceMagic Edenis listed for 243 SOL, or $13,400. An NFT acts like a deed of ownership to an item, and often represents things like digital artwork, profile pictures, and collectibles.

woot! we did it! https://t.co/JQfqhdHsCF

— T◎lyxNFT, 🇺🇸 (@aeyakovenko) May 16, 2022

Okay Bears has yet to publicly comment on the launch of Not Okay Bears, let alone whether it plans to do anything about the project—such as, for example, issuing a DMCA takedown notice to marketplaces.

Solana nft platform

But the art, while cool, is not the main play for these NFTs.

To know the utility behind Shadowy Super Coder, you need to learn about the collection’s creator — a company called GenesysGo. The company spotted an early problem involving the Solana network and providers of RPCs (remote procedural calls). It proposes to fix it by lending out power from its servers, and it doubles as a validator on the network.

Rumors state that GenesysGo plans to act as a storage provider for the Solana blockchain. By providing storage, GensysGo would facilitate any building that would take place on the chain. And it would do this through transactions using its coin $SHDX.

Now, back to the Shadowy Super Coder NFT collection. According to reports, every holder of a Shadowy Super Coder NFT will receive 10,000 $SHDX after the token’s IDO on January 3rd.

Solana nft collections

Solsea can handle the creator’s royalties. Artists can set their own royalties and for every sale, royalties amount would be distributed to the creator.


DigitalEyes is Solana’s First Open NFT Marketplace where users can able to create, sell and buy Solana’s NFT.

The top NFT collection of DigitalEyes is Aurory, Degenerate Ape Academy, Frakt, and Galactic Gecko Space Garage.

With the Mint Calendar, you can able to see the upcoming NFT Drops and Launches.

DigitalEyes supported wallets are Phantom, Sollet, Solflare, Solong, Slope, and MathWallet.

DigitalEyes has a typical services fee of 2.50% of every successful NFT sale. Two additional fees are applied for the buyer of the NFT that is royalty fee set by the creator and the service fee.

This NFT game enables players to create teams, compete and earn rewards in a football-like game.

Monkey League Gameplay

The gameplay on Monkey League is e-sport focused. In the game, players create a team of four monkeys for the roles of Goalkeeper, Defender, Striker and Midfielder. Each monkey can play any role but they have distinct traits that make them better suited for one role over another.

Monkey League has three game modes.

PvE allows monkeys to grow their skill, while PvP puts a player to control a whole team of monkeys in a match against another team. There’s also the Team vs Team mode where each monkey is controlled by a single player.

Monkey League Tokens

The game has a dual-token ecosystem, with a governance and a utility token. The governance token on Monkey League is called SCORE, while the utility token is known as MonkeyBucks, MBS.

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