Reportedly 8b ethereum nft wash

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To address feedback we’ve received about our creator tools, we updated our collection storefront contract limits to only support the creation of up to 5 collections and 50 items per collection.

— OpenSea Support (@opensea_support) January 27, 2022




To all the creators in our community impacted by the 50 item limit we added to our free minting tool, we hear you and we’re sorry.

We have reversed the decision.

It wasfixed on January 20, per a tweet from Chen, shaving down some previous trading volume figures.

Even with the data corrected, however, OpenSea still blew past its previous Ethereum record as the NFT market soars to even greater heights. Early in January, OpenSea also revealed a $300 million Series C round thatvalued the company at $13.3 billion.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for OpenSea in January, however. Some OpenSea users saw their high-value NFT collectibles sold for a fraction of their estimated worth due to a UI exploit, and the firm has thus farpaid out $1.8 million worth of ETHto affected customers.

Also last month, OpenSea announced plans to limit the number of NFTs that can be minted with its own smart contract (i.e., computer code), effectively stopping some active projects in their tracks.

In an earnings call on Thursday, Visa stated that its customers made $2.5 billion in payments using its crypto-linked cards during the first fiscal quarter of 2022. That’s over 70% of all crypto-card volume throughout fiscal 2021, signalling increased adoption of digital asset payments.

Visa CFO Vasant Prabhu expressed optimism over the development in an interview with CNBC. “To us, this signals that consumers see utility in having a Visa card linked to an account at a crypto platform,” he said, citing an instant and seamless ability to manage purchases and fund payments.

Within the first half of 2021, only $1 billion had been spent in crypto using Visa’s cards.

Reportedly 8b ethereum nft washbag

So as our industry considers how to monetize digital art, we should also consider how to make sure that these systems are safe, secure, and have anti-money laundering (AML) mechanisms built-in.

In this article, we look at two forms of illicit activity we’ve observed with NFTs:

  • Wash trading to artificially increase the value of NFTs
  • Money laundering through the purchase of NFTs

Let’s dive in.

Some NFT sellers are making a killing with wash trading

Wash trading, meaning executing a transaction in which the seller is on both sides of the trade in order to paint a misleading picture of an asset’s value and liquidity, is another area of concern for NFTs. Wash trading has historically been a concern withcryptocurrency exchangesattempting to make their trading volumes appear greater than they are.

Reportedly 8b ethereum nft washed

While comparatively small now, that’s still a fraction of the crypto spending volume it processed in 2019—though CNBC reported in July that Visa did not release exact numbers for that time.

Crypto-linked cards allow customers to spend crypto anywhere that accepts Visa, without merchants having to be familiar with the asset class at all. They receive transactions in fiat like typical Visa transactions, while the payment processor handles conversions on the back end.

“People are using their crypto-linked cards to spend in a variety of ways—retail goods and services, restaurants, travel,” Prabhu told CNBC. “They’re increasingly being treated like a general purpose account.”

The company also announced that it had expanded its number of partnerships for facilitating the service from 54 to over 65. These include crypto companies like Coinbase, Circle, and BlockFi.

Reportedly 8b ethereum nft washtubs

Twitter that on Saturday a sale of just 150 bitcoin resulted in a 10 per cent drop in the price.


Source Finally, it is important to note that the press reports “prices” in USD but the vast majority of trading in cryptocurrencies, as shown in the graph, is not in USD but in stablecoins, primarily Tether.

Is 1 USDT really the equivalent of 1 USD? Originally, Tether claimed that it has 1 USD in a bank account for every 1 USDT it issued, but that claim was abandoned a long time ago. There has never been an audit to determine what, exactly, is backing Tether.

Zeke Faux’s Anyone Seen Tether’s Billions? is the latest in a series of exhaustive attempts to answer that question. He saw:

a document showing a detailed account of Tether Holdings’ reserves.

She says at first she remained angry, but Por was persistent, calling every day to apologise until finally her anger subsided and she sensed his sincerity.

“He promised to take care of me as well as ‘Mo did. I forgive him because he has consistently tried to contact me and he knows I am hurting.”

But for Thai netizens who have been sleeplessly following the Tangmo saga, it appears that a mother’s forgiveness comes at a price. She said she would accept compensation from Por, who promised to give her “a requested amount of some 3 million baht”, calculated according to Tangmo’s age and how much she would have made in the future, had she not died.

She was 37 when she drowned in the Chao Phraya River 9 days ago near Pibul 1 pier in Nonthaburi.
Her body was recovered two days later.

“Let’s say if ‘Mo earned 1 million baht from a TV series.

By contrast, the average sale price of a Meebits NFT on leading marketplace OpenSea over the last week was about 4.1 ETH ($13,800 at today’s value), while Loot NFTs sold for an average of under 2.2 ETH ($7,400) each.

It’s a form of wash trading—that is, manipulating the market by making it look like there’s more activity than there would be organically. Wash trading can be used to boost demand for a financial asset or to hide ill-gotten gains from illicit activities, for example. Critics often accuse the NFT market of harboring widespread wash trading and money laundering.

In this case, the wash trading is apparently being done to significantly boost the potential share of trading rewards that users receive for buying and selling NFTs on the site.

Por and Robert with driving an unlicensed vessel and carelessness leading to death. Earlier this week, the two men publicly apologised to Tangmo’s mother at a police station in Nonthaburi. Tangmo’s mother accepted the men’s apology, but not that of Tanmo’s manager, Idsarin “Gatick” Juthasuksawat, who also attended the televised spectacle, during which the three friends bowed down and presented the grieving mother with flowers while they all held microphones and TV cameras shamelessly recorded their conversations.

She said she couldn’t forgive Gatick because “she hadn’t called her to apologise until three days after the incident”.

She has already blamed her for Tangmo’s death, as the investigation enters its second week.

Por, however, reportedly called her the day after the incident to apologise, saying he also wanted to apologise in person.


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1/ Yesterday, I have had the honor of purchasing ‘Phoenix’, a mosaic art piece honoring the great Artist Osamu Tezuka.

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