Record is creating nft super group

Whereas something that is non-fungible cannot. A token is a digital asset stored in your wallet. A wallet holds your items and allows you to use your tokens.

NFTs are tokens that store unique sets of data. The tokens are certified proof of ownership like a deed. What’s cool about NFTs are the limitless possibilities. Teams are capturing moments, creating highlights and building communities all around NFTs. While digital artists are creating and minting art for sale on digital marketplaces.

What is photo editing?

Consequently, if you’ve not heard of photo editing either then you might be feeling a tad bit overwhelmed. Photo editing is simply the changing of images. They can be photos, illustrations, prints or film. Traditionally photo editing was done by hand with an airbrush.

The world’s largest record company is creating an nft super group

Will we use them to obliterate the distinctions between authenticity and inauthenticity, reality and virtuality, human and machine? Or will we find a path into a future that preserves what makes us human while ennobling our technology in service to our innate needs? Real Fake says yes.”

WOW. This really means something. Joe Pine is the author of the bestsellers The Experience Economy, Authenticity and Infinite Possibility. So if he says our book is that good, it must be true.

How Auction Houses Are Chasing Crypto Millions

“Sotheby’s has sold $65 million of NFTs in 2021, while arch-rival Christie’s has sold more than $100 million of the new type of crypto asset, which uses blockchain to record who owns digital items such as images and videos, even though they can be freely viewed, copied and shared like any other online file.

Trevor Jones Art

  • Amber Vittoria
  • On1 Force
  • & more

    We’re excited to introduce a few more NFT creators we’ve teamed up with for drops on @Coinbase_NFT. Stay tuned as we announce more collabs … we’re just getting started! 🧵

    — Coinbase NFT (@Coinbase_NFT) November 12, 2021

    ENS, Governance, and Airdrops Galore 🪂

    If you read the snacks from last week then you are up-to-date with the ENS (Ethereum Name Server) ground-breaking governance token giveaway.

    Want to make sure you don’t miss future airdrop opportunities? Check this out:

    • All Rumored Airdrops spreadsheet

    $ENS has launched!

    Eligible users can claim their $ENS governance tokens at:

    No rush: You have until *May 4, 2022* to claim your tokens.

    Record is creating nft super group2

    Once the miners have approved the legitimacy of the transaction, it is attached to other blocks through a hash, which is the block’s unique identifier. Hashes are like links, and links create the chain, hence the name blockchain. If anybody wanted to tamper with data located on a block, it would be impossible as that would invalidate all subsequent blocks.
    Therefore, a blockchain is a decentralized Information System from which you can only read and create data.

    NFTs are crypto assets that are stored and immortalized on a blockchain. The most widely used blockchain for NFTs is the Ethereum (ETH). Ethereum is composed of Smart Contracts that represent digital assets in the form of fungible tokens (e.g.
    Ether cryptocurrency), semi-fungible tokens (SFTs) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). On the ETH blockchain, you can find different standards such as ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1155.

    Record is creating nft super group-ib

    For this particular piece what I was trying to achieve was stark contrast between white and black while retaining an even stone like texture.

    Now that the rose was ready and prepared I could begin working through the rest of the concept. For this particular project I was using a script created by another NFT creator named HashLips. The script that was created is a type of generative art that uses randomness as it’s automation system.

    With this particular script I knew that it was going to compile a final image from a collection of images that I output and stored in the corresponding directories. Therefore I wanted to start working through those layers and building the base.

    The theme for this collection was the orange rose. In looking up the meaning of the orange rose I found it was linked to passion.

    Record is creating nft super groups

    Digging deeper into the meaning of the word passion I saw that by definition it meant suffering, enduring.

    Because the script would be layering files on top of one another to compose the final image I started with layering backgrounds and applying a gradient overlay. Adding the overlay and messing with blend modes let me create depth to my base colors which creates an interesting blend in the overall compositions.

    This process was repeated six times creating different background layers. I chose the number six as an underlying concept. In all of my art I reference my own spiritual and personal beliefs.
    The number six, in some cases, is said to represent problem solving and the need for balance.

    That is a true reflection between suffering and enduring a passion. In moving forward with my creative process I continued by making a focal point.

    Sold pre- or at launch, then with limited drops later on.

    Would be great for early revenue. Re-selling would allow tokens to be passed on to new users and bring in more revenue. Access would be easy to manage via wallets.

    — Dan Rowden ⚡️ (@dr) November 7, 2021

    Snacks 🍿

    Little tidbits to mull over.

    • Coinbase Wallet is now available as a standalone browser extension
    • The Movie Industry Is Turning Towards NFTs
    • Katana: The Ronin Dex Is Live!
    • Niantic launches platform to build ‘real-world metaverse’ apps
    • The World’s Largest Record Company Is Creating an NFT Super Group.
      Kingship, consisting of four virtual apes, reimagines the idea of a band — and a brand
    • NFTs Take Over NYC.

    A 15% share of the final sale will be split among fans who contribute, with 80% donated to non-profit Share Factory and the remaining 5% to digital artist Zach Lieberman, who will help to curate the design.

    The project, a collaboration with luxury fashion house Prada, is in-part a make-up for Adidas’ clumsy NFT drop last month, in which numerous fans were unable to mint the “Into the Metaverse” collectibles. Adidas will allocate 500 spots to this group for the project’s waitlist.

    Another 1,000 spots will be allocated for holders of the “Into the Metaverse” token, making good on the retailer’s promise of exclusive rewards. The final 1,500 spots will be allocated to the public.

    The waitlist opens Jan.

    Late last week, Universal Music’s new Web 3.0 label 10:22PM signed a group of characters from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and the group’s name is Kingship.

    Disclaimer: I own crypto and NFTs. In fact, I have some NFTs for sale from Ape Fest 2021, which I attended in a personal capacity. I do not own any Bored Apes or their derivatives.

    Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a community of people who own BAYC NFTs, of which there are only 30,000 between the original 10,000 Bored Apes and the 20,000 Mutant Apes.

    Anyone can buy a Bored Ape on OpenSea, but it’ll cost you at least 42 ETH (about $197,442) for an original ape at the time of this writing.

    Impaired” notified under the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, through the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD), Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, to make television content more inclusive for persons with hearing disabilities.

    Read notice here

    Commission of Minorities takes up minority portrayal in films with CBFC

    The Commission for Minorities (NCM) and the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) will look at putting in place by December a protocol for the portrayal of minorities in movies, Commission Chairperson Iqbal Singh Lalpura said on Friday.

    The Commission has acted upon the rising number of complaints over the issue and taken it up with the CBFC.

    This comes after one complainant from Tamil Nadu said that there has been a poor portrayal of Christians in Rudratandav.

    Re. 1. The plaintiff sought a decree of permanent injunction restraining the defendants from manufacturing, selling, offering for sale, advertising, directly or indirectly using and infringing the trademarks namely “The Times Of India”, “The Economic Times”, etc. belonging to the plaintiff company and other deceptively identical or similar trademarks on the goods and services being provided by them to their customers on the web portals or otherwise.

    The court noted that the terms of respective applications and Settlement Agreements appeared to be within the four corners of law and hence the said settlement agreement was accepted.

    Read order here.

    Centre proposes model policy to encourage film shoots and promote tourism

    To boost domestic tourism, the central government has proposed a model policy to encourage cinema makers to film in India.

    Universal Music Group Label 10:22PM has announced the formation of KINGSHIP, an NFT music group made up of characters from uber-successful NFT project the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

    10:22PM founder Celine Joshua formed the group and engineered the first-ever exclusive agreement to create a megaverse group. KINGSHIP will be guided and developed through the creation of original music, NFTs, metaverse activations, and community-based products. The group represents a shift in the new generation of artist, fan, and community engagement.

    “Creating KINGSHIP has been incredibly fun and imaginative.

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