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Since NFTs have been all the rage the past few months, it was time somebody came up with a way for collectors to show off and appreciate their pieces in real life. The startup company Qonos has created digital frames for NFT art and collectibles. The frame is compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows. It also comes with integrated graphics processing for pixel-perfect display and fluid animations, slimline, flush mount with hidden cords, and proximity and motion sensors for energy efficient power use and automatic display activation.

The digital frame can be hung up on the wall to display your art collections, and it also comes with two stereo outputs for NFTs with music. It’s available in various sizes and is customizable for GIFs, images, video, and even full websites.

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MiniGiants takes the widely popular growth mechanics of games like Agma.io and Slither, and combines them with the classes and epic fights of traditional brawler games.

How to Grow Fast

To grow your character fast in MiniGiants, collect the colorful pieces around the map for energy. Defeat enemies in battle to level up quickly, and play smart by avoiding conflict with giants.

The longer you dominate the game, the bigger and more unstoppable you become!


As you destroy opponents, you’ll find they sometimes drop chests of different rarities. Chests include loot for your character and gold for upgrading items.
You’ll find character items like armor, rings, and helmets, which buff your base stats and make you stronger.

Qo’nos nft frame

Even the Great Hall was substantially redressed from having been used as the laboratory aboard the Tanuga IV research station, shown in “A Matter of Perspective”. (“Sins of the Father” audio commentary, TNG Season 3 Blu-ray)

The sets created for Qo’noS in “Sins of the Father” were hugely successful. “Ultimately, Rick Berman gave the final approval for each and every one of the ideas and details,” stated Les Landau, “and we showed a world that was heretofore never seen before, and which the audience craves to see more of.” As such, Landau was extremely pleased with the amount of effort that James, Mees, and Rush went to in helping depict the planet. (Captains’ Logs: The Unauthorized Complete Trek Voyages, p. 194) The interior design of the Klingon Great Hall and other sets in “Sins of the Father” actually earned James and Mees the Emmy Award for Best Art Direction.

Further, you can upload videos of up to 30 seconds in length and can store a maximum of 40,000 images.

Samsung’s NFT Frame

Doubling as a TV and an NFT frame, this one is an excellent choice for NFT collectors to display their pieces. In March 2022, Samsung announced a partnership with Nifty Gateway to develop the first-ever smart TV NFT platform.

In a nutshell, Samsung’s upcoming TVs will have an in-built NFT platform to browse, trade, and buy digital art.

Obviously, the TVs will display your crypto art as well. In fact, the Samsung frame is so designed that it resembles a framed piece of artwork.

This is all thanks to the anti-glare, low-reflection panel technology.

Nano frames

With the rise of Cardano, Nano frames have also joined the list, providing a service to the ADA NFT crew.

Qonos nft frame

Plus, these displays are not strictly specific for NFTs. Despite that, both Beeple and Steve Aoki have used Infinite Object NFT Display Frames thus far.

Meural Canvas frame from Netgear

Another great option is the Meural Canvas frame from Netgear.

Known for home WiFi, Netgear released this impressive NFT display frame which uses its own Meural app for iOS and Android. Using this, you can easily add both NFT images and videos to your high-quality NFT Display.
It has a full-HD, anti-glare display, and comes with a playlist feature allowing you to curate how the NFTs are displayed.

Dragon Touch Digital Picture Frame.

This frame is suitable for those looking for a cheaper option to display their crypto art. The Dragon Touch digital picture frame comes with an IPS touch screen display that can both play videos and display images.

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I had no further connection with it until I saw the episode and all they said was ‘we’re going to the Homeworld.'” (Star Trek: Communicator issue 114, p. 58) Indeed, the writing staff went through a period, between considering names, in which they planned to refer to the planet merely as “the homeworld.” Commented Ron Moore, “Then that got awkward, ‘cos you were constantly saying, ‘on the homeworld,’ and, ‘Where’s the homeworld?’ [and] ‘Set course for the homeworld.’ And so we started trying to come up with a name.” (“Sins of the Father” audio commentary, TNG Season 3 Blu-ray)

Several names for the planet have been established on screen and in reference works.

Cómo solucionar errores de pantalla azul en Windows 10

Lo primero que debemos hacer es guardar la calma, no alarmarnos por esta situación ya que podemos solucionarlo de manera efectiva. También debemos saber que es muy común que esto suceda, sobre todo cuando hemos pasado de versiones anteriores de Windows y ahora queremos pasar a la versión actual.

Es por eso que cuando nos pasa este error, podemos solucionarlo regresando nuevamente a la versión anterior que estábamos usando.

Para hacer esto, restauramos nuestro equipo a la versión anterior y luego de hecho esto pasamos a desconectar cualquier periférico que esté conectado a la computadora y solo dejar aquellos que vamos a utilizar como el monitor, el teclado y el ratón.

Y después volvemos a instalar la nueva versión de Windows 10.

That was the thing I kept staring at, and seeing the scale of a Human being in front of it,” he reflected, “and thought, ‘This is so cool. Maybe this is a way into what we’re doing, playing with a massive sunburst or light source, or whatever the hell it was going to be, against our villain, who is supposed to be the baddest guy on Earth.’ But the epic scale of that glow even makes this huge bad guy look tiny.'” (Star Trek Magazine issue 172, p. 67)

Following the set’s construction, the rest of the planet was fleshed out. At Pixomondo, the look of the world was designed by CG Supervisor Enrico Damm and Compositing Supervisor Dan Cobbett.

Remembered Pixomondo Visual Effects Supervisor Ben Grossmann, “The way J.J.

Specializing in premium aluminium plate printing, Solid NFT makes real-life artworks which are “strong”, “beautiful”, and stay “intact for decades.” So essentially, they are perfect for displaying your NFT art in your house!

“Combining colour brilliance, superior durability, and archival qualities makes this printing method the perfect choice for Solid NFT reproduction,” they added in a previous interview with NFTevening.

Nifty Slabs

Nifty Slabs is another great choice to display your crypto art by turning it into a physical piece. Essentially, the platform turns your NFT into a unique 1 of 1 printed and slabbed, high quality, physical collectible.

You are then free to display your NFT art or even trade or sell it!

The process to create the NFT slabs is pretty straightforward. Nifty Slabs will first verify you are the owner of the NFT you want to slab.

Meet Qonos- A Purpose-Built Digital Frame for NFT Art and Collectibles

The non-fungible token (NFT) artwork and collectible ecosystem has exploded in recent months and just last week, a Beeple-crafted NFT sold for $69 million at the world-famous auction house Christie’s. As the NFT space swells, a new product has been launched called “Qonos,” a purpose-built digital display for NFT art and collectibles. The company’s initial sale sold out in less than 24 hours and the company is preparing the next shipment of products for pre-order customers.

The Qonos Digital Display for NFT Art and Collectibles Initial Sale Sells Out in 24 Hours

NFTs have clearly been all the rage and a great number of new non-fungible token ideas have come out of the woodwork.

It was Marc Okrand who originally contributed this name, though he took a long while to come up with it. The writing staff of TNG were reluctant to adopt the moniker.

Ron Moore stated, “Rick [Berman] or Michael [Piller] or somebody didn’t want to use it in the show, like that name was not to be used, and we were just gonna call it the homeworld […] Eventually, I think, it came back around to Kronos, to the point where everyone had forgotten why they objected to it in the first place.” (“Sins of the Father” audio commentary, TNG Season 3 Blu-ray) The spelling “Kronos” was also used in most of the scripts of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes.

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