Qonos nft frames

Detailed instructions for how to use TokenCast and frame assembly tips can be downloaded from GitHub.

QONOS NFT Frames (Starting at US$999 (A$1,338) @ QONOS)

Credit: QONOS

QONOS say their frames were purposely built for displaying NFTs. As such, they allow users to display actual NFTs instead of copies. There are two size options available – 17.3-inch and 24-inch frames. Both sizes display images and video in 1920×1080 pixel resolution and in 16.7 million colours.

The QONOS devices are only 15mm thick allowing them to resemble real picture frames when mounted. They support WiFi 802.11ac connectivity for displaying content directly from compatible devices. QONOS connects to iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows devices.

Qonos nft frames

Экран дисплея 16 x 10 идеально подходит для большинства цифровых произведений искусства. Его можно закрепить на стене или поставить дома на стол. Интересно, что ориентацию кадра можно изменить по своему вкусу в любое время.
Вы можете подключить рамку напрямую к телефону и создать список воспроизведения текущих событий, который вы сможете просмотреть позже. Существует также функция, которая позволяет вам поделиться своим искусством с семьей и друзьями.

Meural frame автоматически подстраивается под окружающий свет с помощью специальных датчиков, что означает, что первоначальный цвет вашего искусства сохраняется, пока он на дисплее.

Qonos NFT Frame

Этот кадр NFT был разработан с учетом работы Beeple и LeBron, но может использоваться для отображения любого NFT вообще.

Qonos nft frame buy

For a less expensive route, you can list them for display in existing galleries run in the virtual worlds by Async Art, KnownOrigin, and OpenSea.

Learn all there is to know about virtual real estate in my other article: NFT Real Estate: The Future Of Owning Virtual Property.

Why Choose Galleries In The Metaverse?

The Metaverse is an assortment of virtual shared spaces. As NFTs and the blockchain continue to evolve, so will the Metaverse. The Metaverse already shows promising signs of continued interaction and development with many large companies and people either purchasing their own parcels or at least taking advantage of the galleries already built.
So, is the Metaverse a good option for displaying your NFTs?

The Metaverse it the optimal place to display your NFT collection.

It can be broadcast through video games like the retro-looking WorldWideWebb3, which this month will launch NFTs of its own, including a programmable billboard where players will be able to upload any other NFTs they collect. With the right connections, you could exhibit it in a virtual museum, like the Museum of Crypto Art, the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art, or the B.20 Museum. Or show it in one of the NFT art marketplaces’ own metaverse galleries, many of which are located in the Gangnam District of Cryptovoxels, a virtual Chelsea.
You could also display it at one of the burgeoning crypto-art fairs, like Meta_VS, which for some reason looks like Wynwood Walls by Mario Bros.

Qonos nft frameset

Levin said.

“Because that’s one of the big problems with NFT art,” he added. “There’s a lot of bad art and there’s a lot of good art, and it’s hard to curate through all the noise to find stuff you’d like.”

Art shown from Qonos’s library is displayed on-screen with its attribution credits. The startup is figuring out a system for paying royalties to digital artists when their work is displayed on someone’s Qonos frame, Mr. Levin said.

Qonos’s first batch of 2,000 frames sold out this month in less than 24 hours, he said.

Beeple, meanwhile, is working on the next version of an NFT frame.
He declined to say what it would eventually look like, other than that it might not look like a frame at all.

Qonos nft framescanner

Reisinger says his NFTs are both collectible and conceptual art, like a “very scarce Pokémon card” that’s also a landscape for our dreams. An NFT couch could center a collection of non-fungible works by artists both crypto — a collage by Beeple, a cube by Pak — and conventional: Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, and Simon Denny are all minting them. Or musical: Kings of Leon recently released the first NFT album; Reisinger himself also released a collaborative album with indietronica producer RAC.

On the questionable-commodity end, you might add Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, a video of Kate Moss driving, a virtual hoodie by Overpriced (it’s $25,000), and whatever digital celebrity collectible you might buy on Autograph, Tom Brady’s just-announced NFT platform.

Qonos nft frameserver

The benefit of doing it yourself is that it allows you to select whatever display type you want and personalise options like your display’s size and resolution, which are unchangeable in other display frames.

To make use of TokenCast you will need the TokenCast Client as well as a Raspberry Pi, Android TV or tablet or Fire TV stick and an IPS monitor. You can also display your NFTs on digital photo frames that have IPS screens.

Unlike standalone digital photo frames, TokenCast only displays artworks that you verifiably own. TokenCast lets you connect to three NFT wallets: Metamask, Wallet Connect Family of Wallets and Authereum. It also allows you to display an optional QR code as proof of ownership.

Choose from four elegant frame designs including birch, mahogany, black, and white. Additionally, choose from either the 2k or 4k display options which both include an anti-glare screen specifically designed to display your favorite NFTs.

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You have the choice of either the tabletop or the wall mount display. Regardless of which display you choose, they all come equipped with a rotating wall mount allowing you to rotate your display 90 degrees, similar to your smartphone.

Each display also comes standard with custom software supported by the blockchain, stereo speakers, as well as headphone and speaker ports built-in.

My favorite aspect of the Tokenframe display is the app which puts the user in full control. The app allows you to change your NFT’s fill/fit, border color, border width, and other smart settings.

But overall, it is a great option to display your NFT art.


Canvia.art has partnered with Pixeos to create a digital frame that is highly innovative and utility-oriented. The Users can display their own art and also any other artwork on this frame. This is easy to set up in offices as well as homes. The display quality is excellent and the frame is elegantly handcrafted.

Using Canvia you can loop all the collections on a single frame.

You do not need multiple frames because you can loop multiple art pieces in a single frame. They also boast access to thousands of artwork from the Pixeos Gallery.


wakara.org devices allow you to display your artwork as well as the QR code to verify ownership.

The non-fungible token (NFT) art work and collectible environment has actually taken off in current months and simply recently, a Beeple-crafted NFT offered for $69 million at the world-famous auction home Christie’s. As the NFT area swells, a brand-new item has actually been released called “Qonos,” a purpose-built digital display screen for NFT art and collectibles. The business’s preliminary sale offered out in less than 24 hr and the business is preparing the next delivery of items for pre-order consumers.

The Qonos Digital Display for NFT Art and Collectibles Initial Sale Sells Out in 24 Hours

NFTs have actually plainly been all the rage and a variety of brand-new non-fungible token concepts have actually come out of the woodwork.

Simply access your NFT collection by logging into your web3 wallet via Metamask, Fortmatic, and WalletConnect, which are all integrated into the Tokenframe app.

Infinite Objects

Infinite Objects Inc produces digital frames that can display NFT art with animations. They call themselves the video print-on-demand services. They can display gifs, memes, and other types of animations.

Infinite Objects incorporated, which is a Netgear company, has started making video prints that include QR codes that link to the unique verification details.

This along with the artist’s signature is built into the reverse of the frames.

Digital art is a good example of how surplus and accessibility tend to work against each other. That is, until crypto and blockchain became a reality. Bitcoin, gaming relics, and other digital collectibles are all the rage right now, too.

Artists used to be able to sell their work for a reasonable sum of money a few years ago. They can now rake in hundreds, if not millions, of cash from the sale of their work.

  • The Meural App makes it simple to upload, crop, and show off your favourite images and videos straight from your phone.
  • Sync your Meural frame with any of your favourite photo albums, whether they’re on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.
  • Invite people to join your Meural and instantly share. Auto-send your images to other Meurals via Meurals.
  • Don’t share your memories with the world on social media.

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