Punk bot nft

There are 286 Punks with 3-D glasses, 128 rosy-cheeked Punks, 94 Punks with pigtails, 78 Punks with buck teeth and 44 beanie-wearing Punks,” Christie’s, an NFT auction site, said.

All 10,000 CryptoPunks were minted into NFTs and they’re now stored on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing owners to trade them. According to Larva Labs, the cheapest CryptoPunk you can get costs 34 ETH, which is a whopping $93,624 as of this writing.

How to buy CryptoPunks

Before you can buy a CryptoPunk NFT, you’ll need to purchase adequate Ethereum (consider the price of the CryptoPunk you want and ETH gas fees) and you’ll need to know how to set up a Metamask wallet. Read on to find out how to do this; if you already have a Metamask wallet, you can skip this section.

1. Go to the Google Chrome Web Store and type in “Metamask” into the search bar.


Punk bot nft

Nonetheless, users pointed out that the buyer lacks all the features of a collector and the purchase could be a ”fat finger”.

Mariano.eth also claimed that the transaction was made using flash smart contract magic. A tactic that uses flash loan contract that is deployed by an address flagged by wallet profiler Nansen.

The user also shared details from Etherscan.io to prove his allegation and shared screenshots of the transactions.

”You can see it here: 0x9b5a flash loans 124,457 ETH from many sources 0x9b5a pays 124,457 ETH to the punk contract punk contract sends it to 0x8e39 0x8e39 sends back to 0x9b5a 0x9b5a repays loan genius.

At first, Watkinson and Hall figured they had a smartphone game on their hands with these funky characters, but little did they know that these 8-bit style works of art, now known as CryptoPunks, would explode into popularity in 2021.

CryptoPunks are arguably the trailblazers of the non-fungible token (NFT) movement. Each avatar is unique and different. From a wild-haired blonde smoking a cigarette to a chill, laid-back man with a goatee and a hoodie, you can find a doppelgänger of yourself in at least one of these CryptoPunks.

“There are 6,039 male Punks and 3,840 female Punks. A total of 696 wear hot lipstick, while 303 have muttonchops.

En el momento del lanzamiento, en abril de 2021, sus creadores vendían los NFT por 190 dólares cada uno.

BAYC, entre cuyos propietarios se encuentra el jugador de la NBA Stephen Curry y el presentador Jimmy Fallon, es lo que se llama una “colección de fotos de perfil”. El objetivo principal de las imágenes es que se utilicen como avatar en Discord, donde se desarrollan la mayoría de los negocios de NFT, o en Twitter, Instagram o cualquier otro lugar, incluso en Slack. Sí, hay gente que paga 200.000 dólares por tener una foto de perfil de un simio dibujado.

Aisladamente, es una locura.
Pero si lo situamos en un espectro de cómo gastan el dinero los multimillonarios, resulta menos asombroso.

Esos criptomillonarios son los principales compradores de este tipo de artículos digitales, que son subastados como los mejores cuadres del expresionismo abstracto, los relojes edición limitada o los vinos de las añadas más míticas. Y al igual que estos objetos, los NFT son símbolos de estatus.

Por ejemplo, el Club Náutico de Monos Aburridos (BAYC, por sus siglas en inglés). Se trata de una colección de 10.000 NFTs de simios, todos con rasgos diferentes que hacen que algunos sean más raros que otros.
Los más raros se han vendido por más de un millón de dólares, pero las variantes comunes rondan los 200.000 dólares.

Type in how much you’d like to send to your Metamask wallet (or just click “Send All” if you’d like to transfer all your ETH).

8. Click on “Continue,” and your ETH should be sent to your Metamask wallet.

Buying a CryptoPunk NFT with your ETH

1. Make sure you’re logged into Metamask and go to Larva Lab’s website.


Click on “Allow access to Metamask.”

3. In the pop up window, click on “Next” and “Connected.” You’ll know you’re connected to the Larva Lab’s site because a tab will say “Connected to Ethereum.”

4. Click here to see all the CryptoPunks for sale. For this tutorial, I selected CryptoPunk #9366. I’m digging the blue eyeshadow and the tobacco pipe!


The world of NFTs is shook! The biggest ever Crypto Punk purchase in history has just been executed 30 mins ago as I report this story!

Crypto Punks are one of the most valuable NFT collections around and recently a Crypto Punk (#5822) has been sold for a record breaking 8,000 ETH, that equals to more than $23,700,000 at the time of writing this article

Who Bought CryptoPunk #5822?

Crypto Punks are a collection of 10,000 unique digital art characters and no two of them are the same. The buyer of Crypto Punk #5822 is the CEO of Chain – who goes by the name of Deepak.eth on the blockchain.

The record-breaking NFT purchase has been reported by the CryptoPunks Bots on Twitter.

CryptoPunks NFT” is a question on the minds of many, according to Google search trends, as people scramble to get their hands on one of the trailblazers of today’s explosive NFT movement: CryptoPunks.

CryptoPunks are a collection of pixelated avatars of eccentrics and oddballs that, just by looking at them, you’ll hear chiptune music playing in your head because they’re reminiscent of 8-bit video game graphics. Though the art may seem elementary and crude, some were sold for millions of dollars.

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What are CryptoPunks?

Four years ago, John Watkinson and Matt Hall, founders of software company Larva Labs, launched a software program that generated 10,000 pixelated, 8-bit-style avatars of eccentric-looking men and women.

T enthusiasts on Twitter claim that the sale is just a publicity stunt to gain limelight and attract new users.

Many others claim that the purchase was a ‘buy and give me back the money’ type of transaction. This sort of action will make it to the headlines and introduce new users to to CryptoPunk. In addition, the enormous amount will make it look larger-than-life in the eyes of the newly introduced people towards NFT.

A user casted doubt on the $530 million NFT sale and tweeted that the amount was paid back.
The user also detailed the steps on how the transaction was initiated from the start to the end.

”This is so good 🙂 – Flash loan as much as you can – List your punk for an insane amount of $ETH – Buy it – Other account gives you the ETH back – Repay,” tweeted Mariano.eth.

Moreover, CryptoPunks have a floor price and the lowest NFT can be purchased for 100 ETH.

Редкий NFT из коллекции CryptoPunks продали за 2501 ETH

Неизвестный приобрел невзаимозаменяемый токен (NFT) CryptoPunk #5577 за 2501 ETH (более $7,8 млн). Сделка стала третьей по величине в истории коллекции.

Punk 5577 bought for 2,501 ETH ($7,704,080.16 USD) by 0xcfc505 from 0x9c9113. https://t.co/AteVE6ihAt#cryptopunks#ethereumpic.twitter.com/s7B7xhPIfz

— CryptoPunks Bot (@cryptopunksbot) February 9, 2022

Пользователи Twitter поздравили с приобретением NFT основателя DeFi-протокола Compound Роберта Лешнера.

Yeehaw to you too, partner! Come on down to the saloon, we got a stool waitin’ for ya! pic.twitter.com/hB9ShZztYa

— Gunslingers 🤠 (@GunslingersNFT) February 9, 2022

Сам Лешнер прямо не подтвердил покупку CryptoPunk #5577.

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