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The most common one was by following the Psychedelics Anonymous twitter account and taking part in Twitter giveaways like the one below.


As we broke @discord with 40,000 + reacts, we will hold this raffle here, UNLESS, discord raffle suddenly starts working.

To ENTER: – Follow @psychedelic_nft & @BAYC2745 – Like, RT and Tag 4 friends below.

Raffle ends in 18 hours.

— Psychedelics Anonymous (@psychedelic_nft) December 21, 2021

Another way that people got on the Psychedelics Anonymous whitelist was through a collaboration with another collection such as The Doge Pound.

Of course, there were also whitelist giveaways from time to time in the Discord.

Public Sale

The public sale for the Psychedelics Anonymous NFT began at 7:00 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time on December 24, 2021.

Psychedelics anonymous nft opensea

I definitely look for with a project.

4 Kinds of NFTs

Psychedelics Anonymous is interesting in that it is offering four different kinds of NFTs:

  • 9,595 Genesis Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs
  • 9,595 In-Real-Life (IRL) Passes
  • 9,595 Metaverse Passes
  • 9,595 Component #1s

Each of these NFTs will be its own collection on OpenSea.

I’ll explain what all of these mean shortly, but the question is: Why is Psychedelics Anonymous doing this — splitting their collection into four distinct kinds of NFTs?

Well, if you look at their mint details page on their website, there’s this recurring theme of quantity and how they want to build a big community.

Under “Scale”, they say:

“To make a real difference, we need scale.


WE ARE THE NIGHT Beneath the daylight where we sleep, the orchestral avalanche of passing cars and the mechanical grind of the system that enslaves has left us haunted and empty.

As we push and pull, we rise and fall into the crowded noise like static – the constant clouding of our sunshine minds.

Mute days descend into tired months – the repetition of existence. Only the shroud of night offers salvation, the blackened blanket staving off the apocalypse of isolation.

At the zero hour, we gather in the darkness searching inner paths to outer worlds – an escape from the counterfeit dreams of our clockwork lives.

Psychedelics anonymous nft opensearch

It’s so niche and so many of the benefits of this project are tied to that niche that it may compromise demand for the project.

That said, I have attempted to get on the Psychedelics Anonymous whitelist. I believe that the Genesis PFP NFTs will do well and if I was able to get on the whitelist, I would probably mint. There is some hype for this project right now, which could at the very least make for a good flip.

But in terms of long-term potential especially in such a niche space, I do think that Psychedelics Anonymous has its work cut out for it.

I’m excited to see how the minting goes especially with this many items.

Psychedelics anonymous nft opensearch.xml

Genesis PFP NFT.

Component #1

Component #1s sold for 0.045 ETH (plus gas) each on mint.

They will provide access in the Psychedelics Anonymous minigame experience.

Psychedelics Anonymous Roadmap

The overarching theme of Psychedelics Anonymous is mental health, so mental health initiatives are all over the roadmap.

First thing on the roadmap is a donation to an organization providing psychedelic-assisted therapy, which they have done with their $25,000 donation to Mind Medicine Australia.

And then there’s the mint, which will happen this week, and I’ll tell you the details of that in a bit here.

And then they’re also looking to onboard community support members — I would hope these are professionals — to deliver mental health support to their NFT holders.

There’s also a gaming aspect here.

However, with only 6% of the collection up for sale it pays to not fall in love with one before you’ve selected the ‘buy now’ or ‘on auction’ filters before browsing to avoid disappointment.

How can you buy Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis NFTs?

The minting of the Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis NFT collection took place back in December 2021, so the secondary market is the only place to pick one up now. OpenSea and LooksRare let you either buy listed Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis NFTs outright at the price the seller demands or you can place a bid on the few that are put up for auction.

Once you’ve found a Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis NFT that you like (and checked it’s for sale), make sure your wallet contains the right amount of funds (plus the gas fee) and connect it to your exchange of choice.

Don’t let this fool you however – the sheer variety of design when it comes to these two clothing types has to be seen to be believed. And when you factor in the sheer number of different heads (111) and masks (186), the fact that there are only two clothing types and two types of design overall (masked and unmasked) doesn’t impact the variety.

How does the trait combination impact the price of the Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis collection?

From the sales that have taken place so far, it doesn’t seem that specific traits are more or less sought after as opposed to the overall rarity score. Neither of the two most expensive Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis NFTs sold to date have any traits shared by more than 0.78% of the collection, with many being far lower.

The 0.088 ETH Genesis collection, two passes – one IRL, one metaverse – for 0.06 ETH, and a “Component #1” NFT for 0.045 ETH.

Significantly there are 9595 of each of the four NFT collections.

Time Will Tell If The Project Reaches Its Goals

Some people have remarked on the resemblance between the Psychedelics Anonymous NFTs and another hyped 3D avatar project, Unc0vered. That project seemingly ended up being a rug pull. It hasn’t tweeted in over two months, and its current floor price on Opensea is 1/100th of its mint price.

While that may be true, it’s safe to say that this project is sincere in its goals.

This suggests that overall rarity is prized over selective traits.

Part of this could be down to the fact that individual differences aren’t all that important to the utility of a Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis NFT, in contrast to gaming NFTs whose traits are crucial because they can impact the odds of victory. However, with every Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis NFT having the same utility, it is likely that rarity of traits plus personal preference for the design have more of an impact on price.

How can you trade Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis NFTs?

Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis NFTs are available to buy and sell on OpenSea and LooksRare, where the floor price is 2.4 ETH.

PSY token and a DAO and metaverse and all the things.

So the roadmap is very robust — it has all the NFT buzz concepts (the token, the DAO, the metaverse, etc.), but one of my concerns is that it has ambitions that are sky-high but we don’t know a whole lot of details about what these things will look like yet.

How to Buy the Psychedelics Anonymous NFT

As of the time of writing, the Psychedelics Anonymous NFT has not yet launched, but here are the three ways that you can buy an item from this project in the future:

  1. Whitelist presale
  2. Public sale
  3. Secondary market

I’ll let you know how each of these works below.

Whitelist Presale

The whitelist presale for those on the Psychedelics Anonymous NFT began at 7:00 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time on December 23, 2021.

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