Popular upcoming nft projects

The project is a collection of 8888 unique and randomly generated NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. It can be seen that it is a combination of the art styles of Doodles and Cool Cats.

They have a welcoming and wholesome community. Owning Coodles will grant its owners several giveaways and many more. At 5%, 20%, and 35% sales the project held a giveaway of Doodles and Cool Cats NFT.

From the point of 40% sales, the funds that are raised from the sales will be put into Coodles community wallet and used for the further development of the project.

77. the littles NFT

This project is a collection of 10,000 adventure seekers and dreamers. The owners of the little NFT are in for a great escapade, making frens and a whole lot of fun.

Popular upcoming nft projects

The project has also donated to charities that preserve wildlife, the environment, and orangutans.

52. Apocalyptic Apes

The Apocalyptic Apes collection holds 8,888 NFTs. The idea was derived from the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The chimps that adorn these NFTs are of post-apocalypse theme that traveled back through time to avoid the future that they came from.
They have also launched a merch store where the lucky holders will receive gifts and prizes. They will also release endangered NFTs including Gorillas and Pandas, a free mint will be for those with three Apocalyptic Apes. The project will also launch their own coffee brand that will be hyper-caffeinated, a golden ticket NFT and a comic.


Top upcoming nft projects

Globally people have earned so much money via NFTs that makes others envy them.

The most compulsive thing about NFTs is that are proving to be endless and ever-developing. So, there is no doubt as to why NFTs are the hot topic revolving around the whole world.

The NFTs mentioned below are the ones which proved to be the most inspiring and versatile NFTs as 2021 progressed.

1. Bored Ape Yacht Club

Everyone has heard about this collection of NFTs, only the ones who have no idea about NFTs haven’t heard about these.
Beating all the other NFTs in terms of popularity and will probably hold the top spot for a long time. They are a collection of 10000 NFTs that exist on the Ethereum blockchain.

Top upcoming nft projects 2022

In the upcoming phases, Meta Triads will make its way to both Decentraland and Sandbox to improve its value.

6. Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is an upcoming Mobile role-playing game that claims to have more than 200k players on the waitlist. The play-to-earn game is owned by Immutable and is currently being developed by StepicoGame.

It will feature a rich world of dungeons, magic, orcs, elves, and more where you can be the true owner of your loot.
You can also trade your assets with other players in an open-world economy. Unlike most of the P2E gaming platforms you see today, you don’t need to pay money to enter the game. You can play for free and earn NFTs and tokens in exchange.

Guild of Guardians will be accessible on both Android and iOS devices.

Top upcoming nft projects on solana

Each one is programmatically generated with about 170 different traits and each one is unique.

The Bored Apes have different kinds of clothing, headwear, expressions that make some Bored Apes rarer than the others. Every Bored Ape grants its holder several benefits and exclusive experiences. The holders will get access to “THE BATHROOM” which is an exclusive graffiti board. The Bored Ape will also double as the Yacht Club membership card, the holders will also get the commercial rights and more utilities as the Roadmap progresses.

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2. Mutant Ape Yacht Club

This collection of NFTs is probably the most recent one that got so much popularity and value and there are about 20000 of them.

Top new nft projects

US$ 7.57 million as of the date when this article is being written.8) ‘Right Click Save As Guy’ NFT – Sold For US$ 7.1 Million

The ‘Right click save as’ is one of the popular jokes amongst the population that is not into NFTs. Their reason is that digital art can be copied and sent across without virtually any cost. So why are NFTs commanding so much value? Although it is true that the receipts associated with the art cannot be replicated, the art itself can be.

However, Snoop Dogg, one of the most popular figures who has taken a liking to everything in the Metaverse, crypto, web3, and NFT space, bought this particular NFT at US$ 7.1 million, and this NFT is landed on your most expensive list.

9) Ringers #879 NFT by Dimitri Cherniak : Sold For $5.8M Sale

Image Source: Opensea

It is a collection of randomly generated digital artworks by Dimitri Cherniak.

Top 10 upcoming nft projects

Due to the link between the Silks metaverse and the real world of thoroughbred horse racing, Silks players will have to house and maintain their digital horse, much like in real life. Virtual land plays a crucial role in this, as it allows owners to construct stables and horse farms where they can store their horses.

Finally, the Silks metaverse has been designed with long-term sustainability in mind, as new yearlings (1-year-old thoroughbred horses) will be minted and available to purchase through the Silks platform each year. Minting will occur in tandem with yearling auctions, ensuring each horse within the metaverse is linked to an actual racehorse.

Ultimately, this will allow Silks’ autonomous marketplace to thrive in the long term while providing avenues for players to benefit from speculation and value increases.



If you’ve heard about the Bored Ape Yacht Club then you might have some kind of idea about what are the mutant ones. Basically, they are the evolved form of the Bored Apes.

The Mutant Apes arise by the application of the “Mutant Serum” to the existing Bored Apes. One could also obtain it by getting into the minting of it.

Every holder of the Bored Apes was conferred with serums on the 28th of august. There were 7500 M1 serums, 2492 M2 serums, and 8 of the extremely limited M3 or Mega Mutant serums. The Mega Mutant serums have been selling for millions of dollars and the M2 serums also don’t fall behind in terms of value.

The evolved Bored Apes were one the most popular NFTs of 2021.

3. CryptoPunks

The project gave a head-start to the popularity of NFTs.

Popular upcoming nft projects ru

MSC will get integrated into Metaverse, and other benefits will get unlocked with roadmap activation.

Join Meta Survivors Club NFT Twitter Page

4) Atlantic Voyage Ape Club: Ape-Based Upcoming NFT Projects April 2022

AVAC is a titanic-themed Ape-basedNewest NFT Projects in 2022with a collection of 3300 NFT. The current roadmap allows NFT holders access to a Cabin or Stateroom aboard a virtual RAS Titanic that can be used to lease on OpenSea in the future. Set to launch on April 9, 2022, the collection is priced at 0.07 ETH on full sale plus whitelist.

Moreover, the team of AVAC intends to make donations for Ocean Cleanup as the roadmap progresses.

The team is also planning to step into the Metaverse believing it to be the future.

They will also give out 888 exclusive VIP GOLD PASS to the loyal and early supporters of the project. This pass will grant the owners an endless membership to exclusive perks and benefits.

62. Undead Pastel Club

This theme of this project has been derived and created by the owner of MAYC #17458. This is an NFT collection of 9,999 pastel apes that focus on the community that lives on the Ethereum blockchain.

These NFTs are algorithmically generated by the combination of over 140 traits like hats, eyes, etc. The project wants to give people the luxury of high-quality art at affordable prices. There is also a community fund with which the funding of future plans will be done.

The Genesis Kaiju will also grant its owner 5 $RWASTE per day. The $RWASTE can be used to name the Kaiju, even give it its own story. It will also allow the owners to create a Baby Kaiju by combining the DNA of two Genesis Kaijuz.

Baby Kaijuz will have their own traits and there will be a maximum of 6666 of the Baby Kaijuz. The project is also forming a DAO to form a community-driven development of the project.


Wolf Game – Wolf Pouch

With every WOOL Pouch there unlocks a WOOL inside to the owner over time. Owners can collect the WOOL from the wallet.

The WOOL has utilities only in the Wolf Game ecosystem. The Wolf Game developers do not offer WOOL pouch for sale and don’t provide a secondary marketplace for them.


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