Polana bears nft

In fact, the project sat at the top of the trading for those 24 hours for the entire OpenSea website, including Ethereum.

Okay Bears is changing the way people perceive Solana NFTs. This new project is a collection of 10,000 avatars representing a diverse and unique range of characters.

What’s more, owning one of these NFTs gives you access to an exclusive club called ‘The Park’. Here, Okay Bears owners will find member-only merch drops, outdoor campaigns, exclusive live events, and a community of friendly bears.

OpenSea officially began to list Solana NFTs on April 7th, and some were questioning if it would work.

Polana bears nft

To this point, there’s an ongoing acronym within the cryptocurrency space that means “we are all going to make it” – WAGMI. Okay Bears took another approach to it and created the WAGBO version, meaning “we are all going to be okay.”

Used as a kind of a slogan for the brand, WAGBO is quickly catching steam.


Holders will get priority access to future collections, community lo-fi, as well as a place to connect with other holders while also seeing potential art drops and so forth.

Centered around objectives outside the realm of visual art, Okay Bears also put together a collection of lo-fi mixtapes made by its community and published on Spotify.

The Park

The Park is a digital space – a middle ground in the Okay Bears universe, where everyone from the community can get together.

NFT collections, present drawn characters consisting of multiple traits. Each trait is limited, thus creating the possibility for extremely rare combinations.
The characters themselves are bears.

The traits are divided into the following categories:

  • Mouth
  • Fur
  • Eyewear
  • Hat
  • Clothes
  • Eyes
  • Background

Here’s what the top 6 rarest Okay Bears NFTs look like:

The number one rarest bear has a rarity of 0.0000000001562%.

Meanwhile, here’s are a few of the common ones:

The art seems relatable, and given that it’s main purpose is to serve as a profile picture (pfp), it’s easy to understand why the project received so much hype over the past weeks.

Okay Bears Floor Price: How it Started and How it Goes

The project minted out on April 27th, 2022.

The sale was over in an instant, and the mint price was set at 1.5 SOL.

Since then, both the popularity and the floor price of the collection have skyrocketed. At the time of this writing, the floor price sits at 250 SOL which presents an ROI of around 16,500% in less than a month.

Where to Buy Okay Bears NFTs?

Magic Eden and OpenSea are the two most popular marketplaces to buy Okay Bears NFTs.
In any case, you will need to connect a Solana-based wallet, and the most popular choice by far is the Phantom Wallet.

The process of buying an NFT is fairly straightforward, but if you’re new, you can read our comprehensive guide on how to buy and sell your first NFT on OpenSea.

Once you have your wallet connected, you will need to find the official collection.

Moreover, they plan on launching an incubator that invests in community initiatives through “The Honeypot.”

Who Created Okay Bears? The Team Behind

Staying true to the Web3 paradigm, the founders of Okay Bears are anonymous. According to the official website, the team consists of 12 people.

Kais and Suby are the project’s co-founders.

They also have digital artists, illustrators, concept artists, full-stack developers, motion designers, game developers, a writer, and a software engineer working on Okay Bears.

While having an anonymous team was considered very risky a while back, NFT communities have learned to embrace that, and most of the popular projects had unknown founders. For example, BAYC’s team was completely anonymous well after the collection exploded in popularity and before they eventually got doxxed.

The 10,000 NFTs were all quickly minted this morning at 0.02 ETH (about $41) each aside from the first 1,000 of them, which were free to mint.

The as-yet-unrevealed creatorsdonated about 20%of the Not Okay Bears mint funds (35.8 ETH, or $73,000) to the Mental Health Impact Index Fund via The Giving Block, according to a tweet from the crypto charity platform.

Now they’re selling on secondary marketplaces likeOpenSea, where they’re trading in droves as the floor price—or price of the cheapest available NFT—is rising quickly. As of this writing, the Not Okay Bears start at nearly 0.1 ETH (about $200), or five times the original mint cost.

Okay Bears is breaking records as a Solana NFT project, and it might signal a change in NFT culture. Things are changing after two years of almost complete domination of the NFT space by Ethereum projects.

The Solana project began life on April 26th, with a mint price of 1.5 SOL ($147).
The NFT collection quickly sold out, and now the price for one stands at almost 90 SOL ($8,850).

Okay Bears break OpenSea records

Over the last few days, these diverse bears have taken over OpenSea, breaking all previous records for none Ethereum projects. In the 24 hours following the mint of the 10,000 bears, OpenSea saw over 187,500 SOL in secondary trading, equivalent to around $18.5 million.

This is the most traded NFT collection in 24 hours for Solana ever.

In 1921, a group of hunters infiltrated PolanaLand and massacred several elderly Polana Bears. Ever since then, the Polana Bears were never seen again.
A brand new investigation was recently launched and UAV footage found that the Polana Bears have developed as a civilization and have biologically evolved to develop human-like features.

It is estimated that there resides 4,888 Polana Bears in PolanaLand. On January 8th 2022, we will release highly classified information on each of these 4,888 creatures in an attempt to gain a deeper understanding of the Polana civilization.
Polana Bears NFT mint – upcoming calendar.

Join our movement. Join our search.

OpenSea shows about $930,000 worth of secondary trading so far.

Granted, that’s still a fraction of how much an Okay Bears NFT costs on Solana: the cheapest available on leading Solana marketplaceMagic Edenis listed for 243 SOL, or $13,400. An NFT acts like a deed of ownership to an item, and often represents things like digital artwork, profile pictures, and collectibles.

woot! we did it! https://t.co/JQfqhdHsCF

— T◎lyxNFT, 🇺🇸 (@aeyakovenko) May 16, 2022

Okay Bears has yet to publicly comment on the launch of Not Okay Bears, let alone whether it plans to do anything about the project—such as, for example, issuing a DMCA takedown notice to marketplaces.

Let’s break it down.

The Bear Market

In a clever and perhaps somewhat coincidental wordplay (because we’re amid a crypto bear market in May 2022), the Bear Market represents “an ecosystem of web 3, web 2, and IRL (in-real-life) sales channels, exclusive for Okay Bears holders, built through robust partnerships with industry-leading brands.”

Some of these channels include:

  • Magic Eden (a marketplace on Solana)
  • Token-Gated eCommerce – access to exclusive merchandise through a Shopify integration for holders only.
  • IRL Okay Bears Pop – this represents real-life activations by means of flash pop-up stores in cities throughout the world and on certain conferences.


The workshop is where work gets done.

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