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Pixelmon nft meme

  • As such, the public has since learned:

    • The Pixelmons art is based on inexpensive 3D stock models and the project’s vision was ripped off from an existing Minecraft mod. (Here’s a more technical explaination of the art’s problems).

    • Syber hired an artist from freelancer platform UpWork for less than the price of a single Pixelmon mint and didn’t disclose the refining work would be for an NFT project.

    • The Pixelmon game demo may have been copied from an indie game developer’s project.

    • Worse yet, the Pixelmon NFTs that do exist today have completely centralized metadata.

    • Instead of returning funds to minters, the Pixelmon dev wallet spent 100s of ETH on other NFTs like Bored Apes, Azukis, and beyond.

Pixelmon nft meme

Syber”, one of the team members, revealed a part of his true identity as a 21 year old ‘Martin’; and said the team’s family’s lives were threatened because of the incident.

Promised Remedies

The Pixelmon team somehow made a case that the funds raised from the project were meant to create better NFTs, but remained apologizing for the poor quality of their assets. They also admitted that everyone was pressured to release the project, despite its incompleteness, and promised to make up for its shortcomings.
They promised to ‘spend another $2 million’ to improve the quality of their NFTs’ artwork, an effort that may be too late given the anger and disappointment in the community.

The team also announced that it has partnered with Magic Media, a game development studio, to create Pixelmon’s metaverse game.

Il prezzo minimo della vendita in stile asta olandese è stato fissato a 3 ETH, cosa che ha sorpreso e sorpreso molti nella comunità NFT. Ma la verità è emersa quando gli acquirenti hanno finalmente messo le mani sui loro NFT e sono rimasti inorriditi dalle loro deludenti opere d’arte.

Mentre il mondo NFT sa già che la bellezza di un’arte è soggettiva, i possessori di Pixelmon non possono dire lo stesso con i loro NFT.

comunità arrabbiata

I custodi, insieme all’intera comunità di NFT, concordano sul fatto che i personaggi di Pixelmon sono brutti e fatti frettolosamente, in altre parole, una grande battuta.
Inoltre, anche i fondatori di Pixelmon hanno ammesso che i personaggi pixelati erano davvero deludenti e si sono subito scusati con i proprietari e la community.

Pixelmon nft memeb

Te los dejamos aquí abajo para que te hagas una idea de por qué ahora son un total meme.

$70 MILLION LOOOOOOOOL pic.twitter.com/GAcfAuMlsS

— Cobie (@cobie) February 26, 2022

Si contextualizamos un poco, hablamos de un proyecto increíblemente publicitado, vinculado a un ambicioso juego. El equipo detrás del proyecto vendió la colección a través de una subasta holandesa, en la que el precio comenzó en 3 éteres (unos 9.000 dólares) y bajaba 0,1 éteres cada 10 minutos hasta que se agotara el último NFT.

El equipo recaudó más de 70 millones de dólares con la venta.

Pixelmon nft memes

Community Enraged

The holders, together with the entire NFT community, agree that Pixelmon characters are plain ugly and hastily made, in other words, a big plain joke. Moreover, even the Pixelmon founders admitted that the pixelated characters were truly disappointing and immediately apologized to the holders and the community.

The team said the fiasco stemmed from their unpreparedness for the collection’s rapid rise and the small number of people working on the project.

Stolen Artworks, Meagerly Paid Artists

Aside from the mounting rage of the Pixelmon holders, it was also discovered that some of the NFTs in the collection were used without consent from their artists, in other words, stolen.

It was also found out that the artists were meagerly paid for their creations, below the industry standards.

Pixelmon nft memed

You can read all about the disappointing artwork in this DappRadar coverage. For illustration purposes, here is one of the more notorious designs, which has now turned into a meme in its own right:

Why are collectors still investing in Pixelmon?

At first glance, it looked like the anticlimactic design reveal was going to level the Pixelmon project to the ground completely.
However, crypto Twitter took to having fun with the disappointing designs, keeping the buzz going for Pixelmon.

In the meantime, Syber, the leading powerhouse behind the game, worked hard to figure out a way to bring Pixelmon back to life. The creator was busy pushing roadmap updates and plans to the Pixelmon Discord server.
Most importantly, he focused on shedding light on some treasury spending brought up as concerning on Twitter.


The pseudonymous Pixelmon team created such a hype with its promotional art, which was rather good, that it managed to raise $70 million on its NFT sales. However, what people expected to see is a heated battle with actual drops, best exemplified by this tweet.

Although that reality looks like a parody of some kind, it isn’t.

These misshapen NFT abortions sold for Ξ3 via Dutch auction, with a twist in which the price lowered by Ξ0.1 every 10 minutes until sold. As you would expect, they sold out within an hour. This speaks massively for the high blockchain P2E demand.

Altogether, Pixelmon raised just over $70 million worth of ETH from the super-hyped blind sale.

After the mass online ridicule ensued, Pixelmon’s creator Syber stated the obvious:

“This is unacceptable.

The Pixelmon team — which is fully pseudonymous — has also partnered with Magic Media, a video game development studio.

“No matter how long it takes, or how much FUD [fear, uncertainty and doubt] occurs, we are committed to delivering on our long-term vision and everything which was set out in our litepaper,” he tweeted.

The story doesn’t quite end there, though. The Pixelmon art reveal was such a public failure that it spawned an icon — or, at least, a meme — in “Kevin”, the turtle creature that became the face of the reveal.


Kevin” is the actual name given to him by Pixelmon developers.)

It’s not merely that Kevin has become a social media meme. Kevin has become an asset unto himself. The floor price of Pixelmon’s NFT collection — that is, the cheapest ones you can buy — is 0.39 ether ($1,140).

The floor price of Kevin Pixelmon is 4.75 ether ($13,900).

Then after getting the money, the big reveal showed images that looked like a child made them in paint…and not in an endearing way.

(Want to get caught up? Read about previous winners $RUG (December ’21) and $WTF (January ‘22))

Runner-Up Rugs – Lana Rhoades & Coinbase

Before going deeper into February’s winner, I did want to give honorary shout-outs to the 2nd and 3rd place rugs.

Coinbase ‘Rugs’ a White Hat with an Offensive Bounty Amount

First up, Coinbase absolute rugged a white-hat who found a huge loophole in the new ‘Advanced Trading’ feature. (Note – a white-hat is a ‘hacker’ who identifies errors in code and helps fix it instead of exploiting it). You can read the full description of Coinbase paying their largest bounty ever here.

The issue is you could manually change the ID of the coin and trade coins you didn’t actually own.


— Syber | Pixelmon (@Syberer) February 26, 2022

Una estrella llamada Kevin

A pesar de este clamor, una de las criaturas imaginadas por Pixelmon se ha convertido en una verdadera estrella en el ecosistema NFT.

Con su cuerpo deformado y estrabismo pronunciado, la tortuga Kevin simboliza a la perfección el fiasco de Pixelmon, así como los excesos que se observan regularmente en el mercado de tokens no fungibles. Y probablemente por eso se ha convertido en un meme recurrente en las redes sociales.

En solo unos días, se han creado muchas colecciones de NFT inspiradas en Kevin.
Tenemos debilidad por aquellos que fusionan las características de Kevin con proyectos conocidos como Doodles o CryptoPunks.

Many times, NFT roadmaps are all promises without any actual substance… like a beer that’s all foam.

Prayer Circle

prayer circle:


— 𝖕 𝖚 𝖋 𝖋 ❤️ nft (@PuffYatty) March 3, 2022

Lately, the NFT space has been riddled with scams and uncertainty. With the world and crypto market both in disarray, many have strapped themselves in for a wild ride over the next few months to a year. If this prayer circle has any chance of working, we’ll happily re-tweet.

ISO IRL Friends

When you’re deep into NFTs, it’s much easier to make friends in the metaverse than it is in real life. Never getting the chance to see your friend’s face or hear their voice isn’t something to be concerned about…right?

Never Stood a Chance

It happens all too often.

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