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Phantom wallet nft

Remember at no point the developers or the support team of Phantom will ask you for your recovery phrase. Hackers main target is your seed phrase. Whoever has access to the phrase can access your funds. So keep it safe and secure.

Alright! Now that we’ve completed the Phantom wallet setup let’s see how to how to send receive tokens and NFTs? How to connect to DApps and how to interact with the Solana ecosystem?

How to use Phantom Wallet

After completing the wallet setup this is how the wallet looks.

Deposit SOL & tokens

First of all to start using the wallet you need some funds. Before you send any Solana (SPL) tokens to your Phantom wallet, send SOL – the native asset of the Solana blockchain. Because to perform any transactions on the Solana blockchain you you will need some SOL to pay for transactions fees.

Phantom wallet nft

But before that, you need to make sure that you have a Phantom account password or seed phrase details. If you are not sure about how to sign in, do the following:

  1. Open Phantom Wallet mobile application
  2. Else, launch the Phantom browser extension
  3. In the password field, type the password details
  4. Or you can also use the private key details to recover the account
  5. Get to the ‘Sign in’ button and click it to access the wallet
  6. Finally, you have accessed your Phantom Wallet sign in account

How to get Phantom App Solana Wallet?

Phantom can be used as Solana Wallet.
To do that, you can use the Phantom app on your Android or iOS device. Once you install the Phantom app on your mobile, you will be able to proceed with the wallet setup and sign-in process.

Phantom wallet nft not loading

There are even many play-to-earn Metaverse games on the Solana ecosystem.

To name some here are some of the popular projects on the Solana network.

Raydium, NFT Rarity, Serum, Solape swap, Solanart, Star Atlas, Ninja game, Aurory project and Solana Monkey Business.

So many companies, developers, gamers and artists are using the Solana ecosystem at the moment to build their projects. The reason is mainly because Solana is a highly scalable, fast and an efficient blockchain.

Now to access the Solana platform and to get involved with projects on the Solana ecosystem you need a Solana wallet.

Solana has many popular wallets like Solflare, Sollet, Solong, Slope and Phantom. But the best one is the Phantom wallet.

Phantom wallet nft transfer

Phantom has a much more vibrant and active community than Solflare.

The only thing the Phantom lacks when compared with Solflare is they haven’t launched an Android app. Phantom is currently in the process to launch its Android app.

When compared with all the scenarios Phantom wallet is a much better and more popular Solana wallet than the Solflare wallet.


Which is the best Solana Wallet for NFTs?

The phantom wallet is the best Solana Wallet for NFTs.

Almost all Solana NFT marketplace and self-hosted Solana-based NFT projects support Phantom wallet. Phantom wallet and its mobile app has been designed to accommodate all your NFT collectible.

Phantom wallet nft send

Download the extension

To download the Phantom wallet extension, you need to go to thePhantom websiteor can directly go to theGoogle Chrome extension storeorFirefox extension.

Click on theAdd to Chrome/ Add to Firefoxbutton whether you are in the Phantom website or Chrome extension store/ Firefox extension store.


Clicking the Add to Chrome/ Add to Firefox button will add Phantom Wallet Extension to your browser.

2. Click on Phantom Wallet extension

Now you’ve successfully added the Phantom Wallet Extension to your browser.

On the successful installation, the Phantom wallet window will automatically open in the new tab.

Phantom wallet delete nft

MetaMaskcan’t be used here. Here’s a quick look at how to set up a Solana wallet, load it up with SOL, and where you can then buy leading Solana NFTs.

1. Get a Solana wallet

As mentioned, your usual Ethereum wallet won’t work for buying Solana NFTs.

We’ve seen some anecdotal tweets about people attempting to transfer SOL into MetaMask and other wallets that would have ended disastrously—that’s a big reason why we’re writing this quick walkthrough, actually.

just saved another so(u)l 🤝 pic.twitter.com/8P9j3rF7NM

— 🧊 icy.tools – nft tracking (@icy_tools) September 9, 2021

Luckily, you have some good options when it comes to wallets—whether they’re browser extensions or dedicated apps—designed specifically for Solana.

Phantomis a popular option for an in-browser extension for Chrome (and Chrome forks like Brave).

Phantom wallet mint nft

Although OpenSea can temporarily freeze the stolen NFT and prohibit transactions and transfers, most of the methods adopted by the scammers are to directly accept the robot’s distance to the NFT. Offer below the floor price, and then transfer the obtained ETH to your wallet.

At the same time, the stolen NFT may have changed hands many times. Even if OpenSea freezes the NFT, it is not a liar who is punished.

In addition, some scammers will plant fraudulent websites in hidden links of NFT.

Some NFT creators put the source files of their works in hidden links, because websites such as OpenSea are often not displaying the original images of the works.

The creators put the source file storage links in the hidden links to hide them. Home can get the highest quality works.

But again, the low vigilance of NFT players gives scammers an opportunity.

Phantom wallet buy nft

Verify it fully before you click confirm to send the transaction.

If you are sending tokens using ledger then you’ll be asked to approve transaction on your Ledger Nano device.

Tip: While doing all this if your wallet gets locked then you can unlock it using the password which you set during the setup process.

Inbuilt DEX – Token swap

Phantom also has an inbuilt DEX (Decentralized Exchange) or token swap that lets you to swap two supported tokens.

To swap tokens that is for example if you wish to swap some of your SOL in your wallet to USDT instantly then here is how you do it.

Next to the NFT collectibles menu you have the swap menu. Open swap menu and select the tokens that you wish to trade.
Then enter the amount of token that you like to swap. The wallet will display the token rate and how much you’ll receive after swapping.

Phantom wallet remove nft

Он может дать вам доступ к развивающемуся миру Solana: dApp-приложениям, DeFi-инфраструктуре и NFT на блокчейне Solana.

Простота использования

У Phantom удобный и интуитивно понятный интерфейс, который сэкономит ваше время и позволит потратить его на изучение экосистемы dApp-приложений. Кошелёк предлагает простой формат для отправки, получения и обмена вашей криптовалюты (некоторые свопы могут быть сделаны даже в самом кошельке) и может легко подключаться к dApp-приложениям на базе Solana, чтобы ваши транзакции проходили без лишних сложностей.

Вы даже можете просматривать свои NFT в его интерфейсе.

Владение вашими приватными ключами

Криптовалюта приносит полную свободу, верно? Но это подразумевает и постоянный контроль над вашими активами. Поэтому одно из ключевых преимуществ кошелька Phantom — это то, что он некастодиальный.

Phantom wallet sell nft

Why? Because by staking FTT on FTX you’ll get free withdrawals on coins and tokens.

Okay, Once you acquire SOL from your favorite exchange go to withdrawal section, select withdraw SOL and paste your Phantom wallet’s Solana address which you just copied. Most exchanges auto detects the network. When transferring to your Phantom wallet just make sure you are transferring via the Solana network.
Avoid sending tokens to the wrong network.

After entering your wallet address, enter how much SOL you’d like to withdraw and click withdraw. After a while you’ll receive SOL to your Phantom wallet address.

Additionally the wallet also provides you an option to Buy SOL with MoonPay. You can easily buy SOL with debit, credit card or bank transfer directly from your wallet. Or you can transfer SOL and SPL tokens directly from your FTX.us account.

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