Pet games nft

A majority of these titles were introduced with their utility and governance tokens which are also an integral part of their gameplay experience.

In most cases, the NFT titles redefine progressing through a game because every player’s experience is unique and they may even make some money while playing the game that they love. Here are some of the best NFT video games that exist currently.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity became the holy grail of NFT video games last summer. Previously, it was already popular in Apple and Google’s App Stores. However, it abruptly became the hottest NFT game after its Axis Infinity Shard (AXS) governance token increased in value by nearly 5,333%.

This game resembles Pokémon because the players can breed and collect digital pets named Axies.

Pet games nft

Is Duro Dogs going to launch before the Hash War trading game? If so, why?

Duro Dogs will be the first game to be released on the NFTY Jigs Platform this Fall. Hash War is an awesome game—we have been play-testing internally and cannot wait for its release, but designing a well-balanced card game is a difficult task. We wanted to make sure that Hash War is released when it’s ready but also wanted to create an application for NFTY Jigs that is fun and ready to go sooner.

Duro Dogs helped us get a game out there sooner which has incredible potential to grow prior to Hash War’s release.

Duro Dogs are unique—how is the uniqueness/randomness generated? Will there be different rarities for different dogs?

Each Duro Dog will be one-of-a-kind, making it rare in its own right.

Pet games nft game

These games give rewards when you have a collection of cats with unique features. You are also welcome to play puzzles and catfights with cats in this game.


CryptoKitties holds a record of being the first game to establish on the Ethereum blockchain. Traits of cats are the real game-changer NFTs in NFT will sell ERC-721 for millions of dollars.


No, CryptoKitties is not a free-to-play Non-Fungible-Token game.
You have to buy a cat to start the game, and every cat has a different worth depending on its traits. You also have to pay some bucks as a ‘gas fee’ to keep it ongoing.

Splinterlands is described as a trading card game that is designed with a play-to-earn model where winning matches earns the players rewards.

While this game is free to play, players have to make at least one or two deposits to speed up their journey. This game’s in-game currency, Splintershards, is listed on several crypto exchanges and it offers daily quests that reward the players with Splintershards once completed.

Players have to assemble decks with various combinations to complete some of the challenges. There are also in-game tournaments that the players can readily join for their opportunity to earn even extra rewards.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play NFT card game where the players have to buy cards from other gamers to complete their collection or win PvP matches to gain access to more cards.

These serial numbers can be interpreted to add additional traits over time, by us or by third party games.

Ultimately, as the open metaverse expands, we see the potential for these different physical traits to represent different skills across other games. As time goes on, Duro Dogs will only become more differentiated from one another.

Will users be able to view their Duro Dogs in the HandCash wallet?

No. Displaying information relevant to the NFTY Jigs ecosystem is a very different challenge than what the current HandCash UI is designed to solve.

At first, Duro Dogs will only be visible within the Duro Dogs app.

But before knowing what are NFT games, first, have a look at what is NFT?

NFTs are digital collectibles based on blockchain technology; they can relate to the arts, such as paintings, photos, songs, or tweets. Each NFT holds a different identity and is completely encrypted. Many NFTs are worth a million dollars, and you can buy, sell and trade them.

Games based on NFT are popular due to the fact they are a part of income for many people.
In games, NFTs are of any kind like in-game items, characters, weapons, and much more. So, you can earn a pretty great amount of money while just playing the game.

NFT based games are the future of the blockchain industry, so you must give it a shot.

The Top 17 Best NFT Games

There is a list of NFT games for your guide. Have a look below to know about them.


The evolution of video games and online video games has been incredible. But just how long have they been around? Some of the first video games date back to the early 1950s. These were one or two-player games that had to be played on the same computer.

As computers and computer networks evolved, so did video games.

Arguably, the advent of the internet was a game-changer for the video game industry. It allowed players to play and compete with each other around the globe. From those early rudimentary games, few imagined that they would lead to a multi-billion dollar industry.

The video game industry continues to evolve and expand. The gaming market was valued at over $170 billion in 2021, up more than 14% from 2020. The market is expected to exceed $314 billion by 2027, equating to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 9% from 2022 to 2027.

Talking about the inspiration for MetaSpets, the Wise Balance team expressed: “The COVID 19 pandemic has changed everyone’s daily routine. We started to stay at home more, spent more time on our phones or computers, and also looked for opportunities to increase income through the Internet. MetaSpets is set up to bring a new experience to Game-Fi users, especially in taking care of pets, as well as developing the player’s interaction and their NFTs, thereby opening up chances to earn additional income from in-game activities.

MetaSpets has joined the NFT market when the Game-Fi trend is going to suffer a slight downtrend with so many projects entering the market, but just a few of them show a great sense of attractiveness and retentiveness to investors.

Understanding this issue, the MetaSpets team is also taking thorough research steps from previous experiences to create a reasonable earning and vesting mechanism, creating opportunities for players to make a steady profits, without losing the tokens’ value.

MetaSpets’s tokenomics is also very well-planned. Even in the unfavorable time of the market, the chart is still standing strong. It was created for the benefits of the community and not for big venture capital. With each new engaging and fun features to be released at each milestone, the MSP token will reach new heights every time.

The MetaSpets team has worked tirelessly and developed a very detailed and specific plan to fight against token and NFT inflation at the most optimal level, ensuring long-term values for the assets that players hold in the game.

You can earn rewards in SLP (Smooth Love Potion) which serves as ERC-20 on any cryptocurrency platform.

Each token has its very own unique identity, so they are safe to trade as well. You have the privilege of exchanging these tokens with other Ethereum tokens.


No, Axie Infinity is not a free-to-play game, and you at least need 3 Axis to start playing the game. All the Axis vary in price depending on the traits they have to offer.

Total Traded:

Axie Infinity is currently the most expensive NFT project so far in 2021.

It has projected sales of $1 billion with a market cap of about $42 million in sales this year, making a new record.

2. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained has incredibly changed the typical and traditional card game by infusing many NFT components into it.

Vmates, considered by most people as a great innovation of blockchain game, finally launched its alpha test last week. The goal of this closed test is to get as much feedback to improve the function of the game. This version allows players to truly experience the process of raising pets on the blockchain.SponsoredSponsored

Vmates Bank has started the trail running and launched the BSC mainnet.

The bank now can be accessed here and tokens can be staked. The MATE token rewards have started generating on Jan. 20.


As a new kind of P2E (Play to Earn) game, Vmates creates a metaverse for our digital pets. Players need to feed their pets every day and play with them.

Our pets can obtain MATE tokens through various activities such as working, fighting, exploring, and making friends.

Through MetaSpets, the Wise Balance team will revive the community’s trust in the GameFi.

SINGAPORE, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In recent years, the trend of Game-Fi or NFT Game has become one of the world’s popular keywords, especially in Southeast Asian countries. This is considered a money-spinner job and financial stability during the pandemic.

However, currently, the Game-Fi is declining in terms of both communities’ satisfaction levels and trust because of these problems: low game quality, unbalanced in-game economy, and inefficient technology and security.


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