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Perfect persian cats nft

Trading cards have become NFTs. With 2022 zerocool VeeFriends, NFTs are now inspiring trading cards. This also happens to be the debut product for the zerocool brand.

VeeFriends is an NFT collection created by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, or Gary V. as he’s also known as. Each NFT represents a different characters. It’s those characters that are part of the trading card set.

2022 zerocool VeeFriends has a 235-card base set. Each standard card has a print run of 22 copies.

In addition to those are several parallels based on the type of foil used for the borders: Rare (/8), Very Rare (/5), Epic (/2), Bubble Gum (1/1), Diamond (1/1), Gold (1/1), Hologram (1/1) and Lava (1/1). Cards also have one-of-one autograph versions signed by Gary V.

The base set is skip-numbered with cards reaching #268. The remaining 33 spots are one-of-one Access Tokens chase cards.

Perfect persian cats nft

These glorious felines are known for their striking leopard-like spots, they are, in fact, a cross-breed between the Bengal Snow-Leopard and the domestic cat.

For the exotic pet lover in all of us, these hybrids are very alluring. Their greatest quality may also be their greatest drawback, their wild nature makes them highly active and need a high level of play.

These cats are well-suited as indoor-outdoor cats and are not the best breed for those living in small urban apartments as they need room to move.

2) Savannah

At number two, we have the Savannah, another hybrid breed that is a mix of the African Serval and the Persian housecat. These beauties have an insane price tag of up to $50,000.

Perfect persian cat nft price

Persians come in any color under the sun and included in that list is Tabby, Tortie, and Pointed (Himalayan in America & Colorpoint Persian in the U.K.). Pointed like a Siamese Cat with the lustrous coat of the Persian.
As you can imagine it will take some combing and brushing to keep your Persian’s magnificent mane in shape.


Despite the dour look that is on the Persian’s face they adapt easily to their surroundings and environment. Harmonious and easygoing Persian cats make a wonderful family pet.
Not a demanding cat, but rather willing to wait for you to show him the affection he so justly deserves. Generally soft spoken the Persian is not a chatty kitty.

Sympathetic Squid 232 Tasteful Malayan Tapir 233 Tenacious Termite 234 Tenacious Turkey 236 The Oak Monster 237 The World Has Plenty of Love Star Listening to It 238 Thoughtful Three Horned Harpik 239 Tidy Troll 240 To the Moon Meerkat 241 Tolerant Tortoise 242 Tolerant Tuna 243 Toronto St Louis 244 Tough To Beat A Worm From The Dirt! 245 Tremendous Tiger 246 Truculent T-Rex 247 Trusting Tarantula 249 Unwavering Urchin 250 Very, Very, Very, Very Lucky Black Cat

251 Vibe n Vampire 253 Warm Wolverine 254 Well-Connected Werewolf 255 Well-Rounded Warthog 256 When You Live for Their Validation You Aren’t Living 257 Who Was Born In 1997 258 Wild Wallaby 259 Willful Wizard 260 Wily Wild Boar 261 Wise Wasp 262 Witty Weasel 263 Woke Walrus 265 YOLO Yak 266 Your Poor Relationship With Time Is Your Biggest Vulnerability 267 Zealous-Zombie 268 Zestful Zebra

Access Tokens

33 cards.

Flame Blade

  • The Gold Betta
  • Doge Pal
  • Elite Fur Dog Race Club
  • Dust Sifter
  • Moonlit Butterfly
  • Art Lover Box
  • Madame Witch
  • Fantasy Token
  • Bitsy
  • Hive City
  • Couch Potato
  • Burger Bits
  • Crypto Potluck
  • Cyberboxer
  • Calm Crows
  • Crumbs NFT
  • Mint Chocolates
  • Atollon Coral
  • Dapper Dinos
  • Flame Cats
  • Addictive Animals
  • Alice Wonderland Frozen Carolers
  • Coin Dance
  • Giant Coin
  • Silver Lining Pixy
  • Headed Shark Attack
  • Ultimate League Of Paragon
  • Darker Clouds
  • Blue Mood Chip
  • Brush Point
  • Enthusiastic Elephants
  • Ultra Cool Dogs
  • Pink Sports Cars
  • Cool NFT Project Names

    What’s in a name? A lot, when it comes to attracting your target customers.

    While they are typically more sociable than other breeds, they can be a bit standoffish with strangers, which is understandable. With a price tag of approximately $3,000, you may think they are finicky or need a lot of care, but the Russian Blue tends to be solitary and can fend for themselves.

    6) Peterbald

    Coming in at number 6, the Peterbald, similar in appearance to the Sphynx, raises the stakes with an average price of around $5,000.
    The Peterbald, also hailing from Russia, is an extremely adventurous, curious, and intelligent cat. Though they appear hairless, at first glance, they have very fine “peach-fuzz” like coats covering their entire bodies.

    As an adventurous breed, the Peterbald tends to make friends with other pets quite easily which makes them a wonderful household or family pet.

    While dogs have been given the honorific of “Man’s Best Friend,” cats are perhaps the most luxurious and mysterious of the common domesticated house pets. They can be aloof at times and very affectionate with others.

    Cat-lovers know the many facets of the feline persona and we adore them all. We even dress and put on accessories like collars to them.

    And, even though we feed all the neighborhood strays, the ones we see outside at work, and even some of our friends’ cats. We just can’t get enough!

    In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in popularity of pet-related industries and, with this, a rise in the willingness of pet owners to shell out the dough for more and more exotic breeds.

    Wealthier cat owners put their money where their hearts are in their search for the best furry companion.

    Once you complete the order and forgo the box, you cannot go back and claim again.

    The boxes consist of 52 random collectible VeeFriends cards that are playable as a card game called VeeFriends Compete and Collect!

    How do you play VeeFriends Compete and Collect?

    The goal of the trading card game is to collect as many of the VeeFriends collectible cards as possible! Every VeeFriends character has a total SCORE made up of their AURA, SKILL, and STAMINA. Based on the card’s rarity, there is a multiplier applied to create their total score.

    To begin, two players prepare for gameplay with an equal amount of their own cards.

    Players will battle head-to-head with their cards, flipping them over one by one.


    Pietro della Valle imported the Persian cat’s ancestors from Persia into Italy around 1620, Nicholas-Claude FavridePeiresc was responsible for another of the cats ancestors being imported from Turkey to France somewhere close to the same time…from there it was only a short time before the Persian cat appeared in Britain. The Persian might be a cross between the Turkish Angora or the Pallas Cat; however it happened, what is known is that it took hundreds of years to give the Persian the flattened face that we know so well.


    The Persian Cat has the lions share when it comes to fur…long and thick not to mention very soft.

    They have a flat face or “squashed” face, short legs, large eyes, broad head, and the ears are set wide apart.

    While their general appearance may not make them a standout in the cat world, what is unique about these boutique kitties is their specialized breeding. Engineered to be non-allergenic through the process of disabling certain genes known to produce allergic effects in humans, the Allerca is perfect for those who suffer from the thing they love most. Their rare genetic make-up may be what makes these cats so expensive, but their energetic and fun-loving nature is what makes them good pets.

    Disclaimer: From this point on, the prices tend to go beyond what the average person can afford, but they’re so worth it!

    3) Bengal

    Okay, the first of our top 3 heavy-hitters has a price ranging from $10,000-25,000. At number three is the Bengal.


  • Innocent Iguanas
  • Camel Bale Clock
  • Love Painted
  • Smart Puppies
  • Cat-a-lot
  • King Amulet
  • Purrfect Dogs
  • Artefactual Analog Art
  • Blue Shadow Woman
  • Cheese Heads
  • Football Shirts
  • Bored Panda Club
  • Meebyte Me
  • Graceful Gazelle
  • Crypto Goldlock
  • Meteor Shower
  • Non-Objective Fusions
  • Expanse
  • Koala Walk
  • Oceanic Sunset Lights
  • David SuperHero Vampires
  • Gold Spyglass
  • Force Coin
  • Friends With Gorillas
  • Anime Stars
  • Rumble Kong Adventures
  • Car Sparring Club
  • Mysterious Moose
  • Quakey Volcanic Eruptions
  • Golden Goose
  • Jovial Jellyfish
  • Sparkle Sea Cows
  • Rainbow Shake
  • NFT Galaxy
  • Clash Of The Cube
  • 0r0ckR
  • Corgi Coinbiters
  • Ms.
  • King Of The Road
  • Reverser Tubes
  • Crypto Moose
  • 0NIKES
  • Crypto Bunnies – we go down the rabbit hole and…discover the bunnies!
  • Crypto Spaceships
  • Horse Moon
  • Kind Kittens
  • Koalafied Gaming
  • Crypto Fun Fair
  • Boots and Shoes
  • Art Cube
  • Spectrum Art
  • Tropical Tree Trunks
  • Oddball Egg Playground
  • Boost NFT
  • In The Storm
  • Shadow Arts
  • Swirling Wispy Winds
  • Peel Paintings
  • Bands of Love
  • Sluggish Sloths
  • Bedazzled Kids
  • Crypto Wildlife
  • Dizzy Dolphins
  • Crypto Pops
  • DotA2 Flame Rager
  • Crypto Canines – canines for everyone 🙂
  • Lion Police Dept
  • Conclusion: NFT Name Ideas

    Congratulations! You’ve now reached the end of our collection of NFT name ideas.

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