Passageways nft

passageways nft

Creator Fund.


  • The Mystical Festival Collection will start on Friday 20th at 1PM UTC.
  • 16 individual NFTs, created by 18 Japanese artists, will be for sale on The Sandbox Marketplace.
  • Four different bundles of NFTs will be for sale on OpenSea.
  • One experience including 81 NFTs created by the artists will be put on auction for 24 hours on OpenSea.

What is the Mystical Festival Collection?

Given the current situation we live in, a group of artists decided to team up and create a summer festival that people around the world could connect through and enjoy in the virtual world.

The Mystical Festival collection is an ode to the Bon dance* held every summer to express gratitude to the mysterious and sacred levitation power.

The NFTs make up a majestic world filled with various elements that can populate an experience on a LAND.

Passageways nft

The converted existing cottage serves as the main house and includes the dining room and kitchen on the ground floor. An artist’s studio is located on a mezzanine in the roof space. The mezzanine floor has been made into an open space above which a large dormer window has been integrated for natural lighting.

Above the kitchen, hovers the artist’s studio filled with a gentle natural light. Bold new openings were added to the existing structure, which was enhanced by adding insulation to both the walls and roof.

Big Sister. The extension becomes a private house and reproduces the roof slopes of the existing building, but with two full storeys. The ground floor integrates the garage and houses the main bedroom.

Upstairs are the girls’ quarters with, on one side, an office space overlooking the mountain and, on the other side, a boudoir and covered patio at canopy height.

Passageways rarity nft

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Text description provided by the architects. For this project of sixteen social housing units, the Atelier Gemaile RECHAK offers intuitive thresholds which address all levels of perception as well as the urban, intimate and landscape levels of the site. Exploration.


The first threshold is the confrontation between a violent and noisy main road and a project which fulfils its urban function.

The establishment of the construction and the dimensions of the two facades visible from the road maintain the link between a network of small houses and (closer to the town centre) buildings of up to five storeys. The variations of full and empty are thus reminiscent of the universe of a house and garden, all the while connecting the different urban scales of the site, from individual to collective dwelling.

This is called the “trait rarity score.” The trait rarity score is determined by taking the total number of NFTs within a collection and dividing it by the number of NFTs that possess a specific trait. Traits that appear less frequently among the digital assets are given higher trait rarity scores.

To calculate the overall rarity score of the NFT, the values of these traits are added up. Although other factors can be involved when calculating rarity and rarity checking tools are not always in 100% agreement about ranking, Rarity Sniper has proven to be a reliable tool for thousands of investors, collectors, and NFT fans.

How to check an NFT’s rarity?

If you’re considering buying into an NFT collection after it has been released, then you want to make sure you check the NFT’s rarity and how the price compares to others in the collection.

Built atop the vast, presumably immutable record of transactions of valuemarks – referred to by the Greatest Apes as “cryptocurrency,” due to its use of cryptography to keep the otherwise duplicitous Apes honest – entitled the blockchain, early projects fleshed out a series of unique innovations that bestow ownership of an original version of creation by a digital artist or developer. From the best of what I can gather, since this is hard for me to interpret, but in 2017, a rogue posse of feral felines entitled Cryptokitties momentarily took over one specific cryptocurrency entitled ethereum and compelled all who gazed upon them to collect them, mate them and trade them for ungodly sums. Thus did the NFT infestation slowly begin.

This burst of brief insanity did not last forever, but it [untranslatable] for what humans are undergoing today.

Sold by the NYC auction house Sotheby’s for 64 million terrestrial value marks, it made international headlines and introduced the innovation of NFTs to anyone who was otherwise unaware. They have buoyed the hopes of the artist caste for greater autonomy from the larger ecosystem where they find themselves disempowered and exploited. They have earned opprobrium from critics who consider them an environmental blight and a poorly designed attributional matrix destined to collapse.
And they no doubt may seem like horridly retraumatizing ZhSZZZssmmdds from the Age of Slawrbous Agony, such as the ones that almost decimated our population back when the Greatest Apes were still learning which side of the stick to cook with.

I assure you, however, that this Beeple monstrosity is merely a fascimile. It cannot take form and [untranslatable] as the ZhSZZZssmmdds did so long ago.

The “immense” sinkhole extended in excess of 629 feet down, 492 feet wide, and 1,000 feet in length, according to the Institute of Karst Geology of China Geological Survey’s senior architect, Zhang Yuanhai. Meanwhile, the volume arrived at 176 573 333 cubic feet.

On the off chance that the data gave are inadequate. Continue to peruse further.

Elements of the sinkhole:

The sinkhole included three inside caves created by disintegration once it is initially surfaced.
According to Lixin, the most dazzling part of Ancient Forest China Sinkhole was a completely protected early stage forest world, with in excess of 130 feet of ancient looking trees. At last, the travelers’ shoulders were shrouded in profound vegetation.

Notwithstanding, trees have not been the sole animals that occupy the void.

NFT, même si ce marché comporte de nombreux risques. En effet, il peut amener des usagers malintentionnés à s’enrichir sur le travail des autres, ou à long terme, à remplacer les œuvres physiques par des œuvres numériques. Néanmoins, l’heure est à la curiosité et à l’apprentissage.

Pour mieux cerner le sujet, nous avons demandé à Jérôme Pons, CEO de la société Music won’t stop, de nous donner son éclairage en tant que spécialiste de la blockchain appliquée aux secteurs de la culture.

Pouvez-vous expliquer le NFT a quelqu’un qui n’en a jamais entendu parler ?

Le NFT est un outil cryptographique permettant de lier un objet physique ou numérique unique, par exemple une oeuvre d’art, à une personne physique, par exemple un ayant droit comme son propriétaire.

Often, they find themselves going through interfaces and gatekeepers which rather arbitrarily inflate certain artists’ worth at events such as one in lower America best known for leisure imagination spaces and a curious sub-species of Greatest Ape entitled Florida Man. With NFTs, these artists continue to receive value from subsequent transactions and even sell ownership not just to one owner, but many different ones.

Finally, the fever broke through to the wider GA consciousness matrix this year, when several celebrated Greatest Apes entered into the marketplace, purchasing NFTs for all manner of tradable experiences, such as a prized moment of physico-athletic prowess (many different trading “cards,” the NBA TopShot being the most remarked-upon), digital lifeforms similar to the Cryptokitties mafia, animated art, musical compositions, &c.

As indicated by George Veni, the Karst Research and National Cave Institute’s leader chief, George Veni, who was not associated with the examination, those sinkholes might make a basic life’s desert spring.

Extra realities about Sinkholes:

Intermittent collapses in karst regions or areas where bedrock is inclined to groundwater dissolving are the wellspring of gigantic sinkholes, frequently called monster pits or dolines. As indicated by Xinhua, equivalent to Ancient Forest China Sinkhole, they are for the most part found in Papua New Guinea, Mexico, and China.

The technique karst takes a gander at the level might be fundamentally unique because of neighborhood environment, topography, and different variables.

In particular, private autonomous cars with level #4 or higher can also drive nonstop high-speed through dedicated passages.

All of these advantages have made it possible to commercialize autonomous cars, and autonomous driving has been realized with performance that exceeds the expected effect of completely autonomous vehicles.

This new transportation technology has many innovative structures and meticulous engineering designs to become large-capacity transportation, and can be found on YouTube and its website.

As an example, under The New York Line plan, citizens in Manhattan can travel at 100 MPH nonstop.

Details can be found on YouTube or the, and BT Co. Ltd.

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