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Felix Xu started his NFT art collection by purchasing a Chromie Squiggle, generated by an algorithm. Today, Xu, a 29-year-old Chinese tech executive, has more than 3,000 blockchain-based collectibles. But there is a hole burning in his crypto wallet that he would like to fill with real paintings. His budget stretches toward $500,000 and he is already on the wait-list for in-demand artists who use paint and moving brushes like Zhang Zipiao.

So in December, Xu, a founder and chief executive of the start-ups Arpa and Bella Protocol, ventured through the gallery booths of Art Basel Miami Beach, where dealers from David Zwirner and Pace Gallery tried bending his ear toward the contemporary art market.

In August, another of Calderon’s squiggle resold for $2.5 million.

Calderon is using a portion of his fortune to build a collection of drawings by digital art pioneers like Vera Mólnar, Manfred Mohr and Herbert W. Franke. And in October, he opened an exhibition space for his company in Marfa, Texas, where the NFTs are presented like framed paintings on the wall.

A recent town-hall meeting to explain Art Blocks became tense when traditional artists in attendance began questioning the NFT world.

Calderon said he remains positive about the possibility of a future where the NFT community and art world would coexist, and he was keen to continue buying more traditional art.

“I have said that I would trade my CryptoPunks for a Donald Judd or James Turrell,” he said half-jokingly.

NFT sales in 2022.

This is one of their most unique creations by Beeple with hybrid elements containing a human-sized structure made of components such as mahogany, polished aluminum, and a display through four video screens creating a total of 16k resolution!.

The high-resolution screen keeps on displaying human and humanoid avatars for years to come and that is nearly the USP of this NFT.

5) CryptoPunk NFT #7523 Sold For US$ 11.7 Million

Image source: crypto

DraftKings’ shareholder Shalom Meckenzie bought the CryptoPunk #7523 at US$ 11.7 million which is basically one of those 9 alien Punks with a red beanie, a gold earring, a facemask, and a rare alien skin.

6) CryptoPunk NFT #3100 Sold For US$7.58 Million

Image source: crypto

This CryptoPunk also falls in one of the rarest punk categories while created by Larva Labs.

Pak beeple whats next nft collectors edition

The NFT community, he said, is “looking for social engagement.” He suggested that Pace needed to learn how to “growth hack” its business model by starting community events, creating raffles, and offering merchandise, like free T-shirts — all techniques that drive buying frenzies in the NFT world. For dealers looking for the next generation of art buyers, wooing NFT collectors like Xu are a long-term investment that might not continue to pay off.
His taste is already evolving beyond the blue-chip artists in Pace’s inventory. “These days I actively look for emerging artists who carry on an avant-garde spirit and address critical real-life challenges.” So will the marriage between NFTs and the art world last? It’s already produced an unusual offspring.
Forsaking his furniture design and museum exhibitions, artist Tom Sachs has a pet art project called “Rocket Factory” where users can purchase three separate stages of a digital NFT rocket ship; once the ship parts are combined, the artist launches a physical replica into the sky. After it’s recovered, the replica is shipped to its owner in a custom display box and the online version is updated with metadata from the launch.

Sachs described the project as turning his studio into a “trans-dimensional manufacturing plant” where he is fabricating 1,000 rockets.
He has sold hundreds of rockets to art collectors and is working at breakneck pace trying to get everything completed.

“We have our development team in Portugal, which has contractors in South Africa and Germany,” he explained.

It was sold for 819 ETH or US$ 3.14 million and is one of the most expensive NFT Bored Ape that has been sold to date. It is one that has evoked envy in the hearts of traders and collectors alike.19) Meebit NFT #10761 Sold For US$ 2.7 Million.

After Larva Labs enjoyed wild success with their Crypto Punks series with some of them still featuring amongst the most expensive NFT sold on OpenSea, the Meebit collection debuted in 2021 as a follow-up to the wildly successful collection.

And it lived up every bit to the expectations of the creators and the fans.

The Meebit collection features 20,000 Voxel 3D characters which seem like they have logically evolved from the 2D pixelated Crypto Punks! The Meebit #10761 is one of the rarest of the collection since it is one of those ‘dissected’ Meebits with a ‘ghoulish’ appearance.

An early convert from the NFT community, Justin Sun, the tech entrepreneur and founder of the cryptocurrency platform TRON, bought a $20 million Picasso at a Christie’s auction last year. In November, he continued his buying spree at Sotheby’s with a $78.4 million purchase of a 1947 Giacometti sculpture, “Le Nez.”

It was Sun’s art adviser, Sydney Xiong, who handled the transaction by phone.
Xiong has helped the crypto billionaire assemble a collection of traditional and NFT artworks for his APENFT Foundation, a platform she has said will bridge the gap between the art world and metaverse.

“Before the auction, he didn’t know anything about Giacometti,” explained Xiong, who said the pair discussed the artist for three hours before placing a bid.

The painter Lucien Smith noted that the recent booms in cryptocurrency prices have given birth to a new class of potential philanthropists and art collectors. “What you have right now are these crypto-millionaires who are trying to create assets with the money that they’ve accumulated. One of the only ways they can do that right now is through the NFT market, because it accepts cryptocurrency,” Smith said.

The relationships NFT artists build with their collectors are also quite important for building their potential patron’s confidence in the medium.
Smith noted that while a relationship with a collector either be incredibly positive or incredibly negative, having relationships with collectors who are emotionally invested in one’s work has, “tremendous upsides.” Convincing collectors that an NFT is worth investing in is part of a successful crypto-artist’s job.

We just hired someone named CoolCat who — I don’t know her real name — has a key to the studio.” He has also tried to convince dealers and institutions to embrace the new technology. In November, the artist helped the Los Angeles County Museum of Art initiate its acquisition of an NFT from “Rocket Factory,” guiding the museum through the process.The origins.The word “metaverse” describes a fully realized digital world that exists beyond the one in which we live.

It was coined by Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel “Snow Crash,” and the concept was further explored by Ernest Cline in his novel “Ready Player One.”An expanding universe.The metaverse appears to have gained momentum during the online-everything shift of the pandemic.
Some experts claim that the appearance rendered it one of the most expensive NFTs sold at US$ 2.7 million.20) Solana Monkey Business NFT – SMB #1355: Sold For US$2.1 Million

The Solana blockchain gained popularity for NFT creation because of its low gas prices and faster transaction rates. Solana created its own flagship NFT series called the Solana Monkey Business or the SMB out of which the SMB #1355 gained the maximum popularity and became one of the most expensive NFTs sold ever.

The commanding price of 13027.00 SOL which is equivalent to nearly US$2.1 million at that time.

I tried to educate him and let him know how important the lot was and why we should have it.”

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In November, APENFT Foundation started a $100 million fund to cultivate the talents of digital artists. More than 30 people now work for the foundation, which has plans to exhibit its physical and digital collection in Shanghai.

Xiong said that the foundation is now considering minting Giacometti and Picasso NFTs on the TRON blockchain, a cryptocurrency platform also created by Sun.

In December, Sun said that he would retire from TRON to promote blockchain and crypto use in Latin America.

Many artists have moved into the metaverse with projects that straddle digital and physical elements. Often, the admitted goal is to convert the crypto rich into art connoisseurs.

It shows the photocopier in a cramped office space, the city lights in the background, a drafting table, a cat, a stock ticker, and a very intricately designed rug on the floor of the apartment.

You might be thinking what’s special is that the artist made nearly US$ 4.1 million in April 2021 in the Phillips auction. Here it is – the video version of the NFT plays retro synth tones while generating unique NFTs every 28 days, with the capacity of producing 180 to 220 unique NFTs that the collector can keep or trade!

17) The Original ‘Doge’ Meme NFT Sold For $4 Million

The DogeCoin is basically a meme coin that has curated a good amount of following.

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