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Компания Blizzard Entertainment изучает возможность включения NFT в свои игры. Несколько пользователей рассказали о том, что в опросе на YouGov участников спросили, насколько они были бы заинтересованы, если бы в продуктах разработчика Overwatch и Warcraft появились криптовалюты и невзаимозаменяемые токены.

Overwatch. Источник изображений: Blizzard Entertainment

В опросе также хотели узнать мнение респондентов по поводу межплатформенного мультиплеера, виртуальной реальности и подписных сервисов.

NFT — это уникальные невзаимозаменяемые блоки данных, хранящиеся в блокчейне, которые позволяют пользователям покупать и продавать цифровой контент, такой как внутриигровые предметы или произведения искусства.

Overwatch nft

Launching with a .123 ETH mint in mid-October 2021, Doodles recently hit a peak floor of around 24 ETH. It’s now come down to slightly under 20 ETH (over $40,000 USD).

A mastermind of Evan Keast and Jordan Castro two early CryptoKitties team members, Doodles is one of the first projects with a community generative roadmap. Similar to a DAO, all decision-making surrounding treasury and project direction runs through community proposals.
One Doodle equals one vote.

Recognizing that Web3 is as much IRL as it is digital, Doodles has taken a ‘phygital’ approach to community building. Through live events and partnerships with household name brands and musical artists, Doodles has extended its influence and reach to become a beacon of pop culture.

Gator overwatch nft

San Francisco Shock finished up winning their match against Houston 3-1 Most of these are in-line with the OWL power rankings and what we can expect from the teams.

In terms of the standings though this puts Shock fully on top with 4 matches played and 4 won. They went into the season with a pretty new squad from contenders. Their success so far could be the start of a great run for Shock.
On the other end of the spectrum, Vancouver has now lost four games. This puts them pretty firmly at the bottom of the rankings.

The second day kicked off with a bit of an unexpected result as London Spitfire took Boston Uprising 3-1. Spitfire isn’t the strongest team in the League but they’ve been showing some good performances this year.

Fran overwatch nft

There are a lot of unknowns heading into the season starting off in this side, and we can likely expect some upsets as teams adjust to the new game.

In the western side of the League, there are still some close matches to come. Gladiators against Spitfire should be an interesting match-up as both are pushing towards the top of the rankings so far. Shock v Vancouver will probably only go one way, but if you’re looking for an extreme upset then this might be a match to skip.
Boston against Dallas along with Gladiators against Atlanta will also give these teams a chance to recover a bit after the mistakes of the early rounds.

So far, the OWL 2022 season has been a lot of fun, and pretty unpredictable in places.

Overwatch artist nft

It seemed important to include this project in a list of the most expensive NFT collections, due to its staggering initial success. However, it’s still very young. As such, it’s unclear where Moonbirds will go from here. But with the social proof of PROOF Collective under its wings, Moonbirds will likely earn its right as a blue chip.


On January 12, 2022, a team of four 30-somethings behind the company Chiru Labs, launched Azuki into the world.
One of the first NFT projects with anime-style characters, the project quickly sold out. After an initial dutch auction mint starting at 1 ETH, Azuki’s price promptly exploded to a 13.3 ETH floor.

After the launch’s success, Chiru Labs brought on Arnold Tsang, an accomplished artist who leads character design for Overwatch, to help further the Azuki brand.

Overwatch 2 nft

So far things are looking equal, but we might end up with a really top heavy standings table within a few weeks of play.

Shock and Dragons might make early leads and a statement for season, but also kill all the fun.

Kickoff Clash Week 3

We’re heading into Week 3 for the Overwatch League’s 2022 season. There might only be two more weeks left before the Kickoff Clash gets to its bracket, but it looks set to be a busy week. This is where the Eastern matches are going to be starting off, so there’s a bit of an unknown heading into their season start.

Some of the key matches in that side of the League include Shanghai against Philadelphia, Guangzhou Charge against Chengdu Hunters, and Seoul Dynasty against Shanghai.

Cool Cats

After a July 2021 launch by co-founders Colin Egan, Evan Luza, Tom Williamson, and Rob Mehew, Cool Cats were all the rage. Similar to BAYC, celebrities flocked to Cool Cats in droves. Mike Tyson made one his Twitter profile picture and even tried to buy Andrew Wang’s famous Cat for over a million dollars. Driven by the cute, blue artwork, Clon’s inspiring founder story, and celebrity endorsements, Cool Cats sales exploded. The Cats that once sold for around $150 steadily grew to a floor of more than 10 ETH.

During this rise, the slogan “We like the Cats” became a fun way to justify the purchase which had no real utility at the time. It ended up becoming the project’s unofficial motto.

However, you can also earn five tokens per hour of live OWL broadcasts and official replays that you watch.MORE FROM FORBESOverwatch League Fans Can Earn Free OWL Tokens By Watching 4K Streams On YouTubeBy Kris Holt

On YouTube, you’ll need to connect your Battle.net account (which every player now should have after Blizzard switched on cross-play). Go to the Connected Apps settings on YouTube, select Battle.net and log in to your account. You’ll then see a message reading “accounts connected.” The next time you watch a live OWL broadcast, you should see an icon that says “connected” just underneath the video panel. Then you know you’re earning tokens.

It’s worth noting that YouTube’s smart TV, console and media streaming device apps don’t support rewards.

This list appears in no particular order.


A collection of 24×24 pixelated punky-looking images, CryptoPunks is arguably the most important and historically relevant project in the NFT space. Launched in 2017 by Larva Labs, and acquired by Yuga Labs in 2022, CryptoPunks has grown alongside the popularity of the Ethereum blockchain, serving as one of the first projects to showcase the potential of digital ownership. Now with NFTs going mainstream, Punks have become one of the most sought-after digital collectibles (and status symbols), with celebrities and high-net-worth collectors shelling out millions of dollars to be part of the community.

In December 2021, the CryptoPunks floor was flipped by Bored Ape Yacht Club, signaling a larger passing of the torch in mainstream NFT adoption.

Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim

Rascal is one of the top Overwatch players of all time because of his versatility. He is rightfully judged as one of the best flex players out there. Rascal can shift from DPS to support easily, getting both kills and heals.

He is a fantastic utility for any team to have. Rascal has an excellent understanding of the game that allows him to switch between roles easily. This kind of approach is vital.

He was part of the SF six that dominated the 2019 and 2020 seasons. He’s now moved over to Fusion.

Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim / Fusion


Hyo-bin “ChoiHyoBin” Choi

Choihyobin is another player for San Francisco Shock who stands out as one of the best Overwatch players in the world.

He is particularly adept at picking up players, functioning as a fantastic tank for his team.

Mei uses her Blizzard ability, the area of effect is about an 8 meter radius.

Splash Damage – Some weapons can hit multiple enemies at once with a single projectile’s splash damage. Here is the full list of weapons that do splash damage in Overwatch:

  • Pharah’s rockets
  • Pharah’s Concussive Blast
  • Soldier 76’s Helix Rockets
  • Tracer’s Pulse Bomb
  • Junkrat’s Frag Launcher grenades
  • Junkrat’s Concussion Mine
  • Junkrat’s Rip-Tire
  • Junkrat’s Total Mayhem (death bombs)
  • Winston’s Jump Pack (once he lands)
  • Zarya’s Charged Particle shots
  • Bastion’s Tank Form
  • D.va’s Self-Destruct

Counter – When a particular unit or strategy is more powerful than another unit or strategy.

Hard Counter (sometimes called Strong Counter) – When a particular unit or strategy overpowers another unit or strategy.

Overwatch is likely going to catch up only if OW2 brings a lot of new changes to the production quality.

Updates and Growth

So far looking at is Valorant better than Overwatch, there are things working in both games’ favors. However, how these factors will change in the future is a big decision. Players looking at a competitive game typically need some reliance that the game is going to last for a while.

No one wants to invest time and energy into a game that will disappear soon enough, so how do Valorant and Overwatch player count and popularity look for the future?

Valorant is still very much alive. Its esports scene is growing, and the game is updated with new chapters regularly. New agents, abilities, and mechanics are added in all the time.

Essentially, Valorant is still in its build-up stage. Overwatch is a bit of a different story.

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