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  • Oscar nft

    They came to this conclusion after one user found a royalty-free license for the same model of Boseman’s head that can be purchased on CGTrader for $50. According to the general terms and conditions posted on the website of the 3D model marketplace, if the seller does not indicate any contradicting licensing conditions, the buyer has the right to distribute the artwork as an “incorporated product” in any rendered still or moving images.

    While Oshea was planning on auctioning his NFT of Boseman on Rarible, he took it down and released an official statement regarding the controversies surrounding his artwork. Calling the past week “a huge learning experience,” the artist said he will be redesigning the artwork and putting it up for auction later this week.

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    Digital artist Andre Oshea, 28, created a one-of-a-kind digital artwork featuring Boseman’s face which debuted the night of the 93rd Academy Awards as part of the “Everyone Wins” gift bags for Oscar nominees. According to Oshea, his Boseman NFT (non-fungible token) was meant to be auctioned off with half of the proceeds going to The Colon Cancer Foundation.

    While the NFT artwork wasn’t affiliated directly with the Oscars, the Academy and tribute drew criticism on social media when Boseman ended up not taking home the award for best actor.

    More:Chadwick Boseman NFT artist says he’s redesigning the artwork following Oscars best-actor shocker

    “Creating a Chadwick Boseman NFT and not even giving him a posthumous Oscar is the best example of everything wrong today,” one Twitter user wrote.

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  • User @RendyJones cited the trifecta of Boseman being featured last in the Oscars’ In Memoriam segment, the unusual positioning of the best actor award in the show’s final slot and the NFT before concluding: “This all feels wrong.”

    Sooooooo lemme get this straight:

    They rushed the ‘in memoriam’ section to get to Chadwick’s face last

    Changed the order of the winners to tease Chadwick winning last

    and then at the end of the night everyone gets an NFT of Chadwick’s head?

    This all feels wrong.#Oscars

    — Rendy Jones (@Rendy_Jones) April 26, 2021

    Further backlash came over the actual design of the art.

    “People (were) telling me that it didn’t celebrate life in the same representative manner that (Boseman) he did,” Oshea tells USA TODAY. “The piece felt a little lifeless even in his eyes.

    Oscar такси

    D artist Andre Oshea—is being auctioned on Rarible, with half of the proceeds going to the US Colon Cancer Foundation. Per the rules of crypto art sales, the winning bidder will receive a non-fungible token which acts as a certificate of ownership to Oshea’s work.

    The item capitalizes on the burgeoning crypto art market, where anything from a jpeg, a tweet, a video clip, or even a news article can generate huge sums from cryptocurrency-loving collectors. Advocates say that NFTs will democratize how digital assets are traded, but its enormous environmental impact has made the practice controversial.

    Apart from the nominee swag bags, celebrities can also accumulate free goods through a network of gifting suites set up at various hotels near the Union Station Los Angeles and the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, the two venues where the ceremony is being held this year.

    El pasado 10 de mayo se realizó el lanzamiento de la segunda colección de NFT del artista visual Óscar Olivares en la plataforma de Binance. En esta ocasión, la colección está basada en 29 especies de aves venezolanas y está compuesta por 49 NFTs, de los cuales 9 artes únicos son en formato GIF, siendo estas las aves más peculiares de la colección.

    Estas obras nacen de los viajes realizados a diversos lugares del mundo en los que las aves resultan ser un atractivo para la sociedad, mientras que en Venezuela puede ser algo común de nuestro día a día”, expresó el artista.

    Para el ilustrador, los NFTs ofrecen oportunidades infinitas, no solo en el mundo del arte sino en todo lo relacionado a la creatividad. “Es como si estuvieses viendo las primeras pinturas al óleo en toda la historia.

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    The original tribute never went to auction and Oshea announced he would be creating a new piece honoring Boseman without using his likeness titled “A Young Boy’s Dream.”

    “I wanted to create a world filled with wonder and legacy and soul,” Oshea says. “It was important to me that this piece empower and educate the youth, kids, into realizing what they can do when they believe in their creative abilities.”

    The redesign features a child walking through a museum of opportunity within the spirit realm of “Black Panther.” Each icon the boy passes represents Boseman’s legacy: A gavel for his role as the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, a baseball mitt for his role as Jackie Robinson and a cap and a degree from the actor’s alma mater Howard University.

    Basil shook Dorian off. “You frighten me, Dorian,” he muttered. “Why did you have to listen to that horrible Lord Henry? Why had you not simply taken ownership of the portrait and avoided taxes through valuation and auction scams like a normal person? I fear that you are close to madness.”

    “The portrait!” Dorian cried. “That’s it! I shall destroy the portrait, leaving the NFT the only trace of its beauty! That creates scarcity, which, according to my friends on Discord, is the only reason anything is expensive.”

    Dorian pushed Basil aside and, with a confident slash of his knife, cut the portrait in twain.

    Dorian and Basil stood there.

    “What was that for?” Basil inquired.

    “I figured it was the source of my everlasting beauty or something,” Dorian considered.

    “What are you, stupid?” Basil sneered.

    The Academy, which is putting on its 93rd Oscars this year, complained about the “less than wholesome” nature of some of the gifts and the negative press surrounding it. This year’s gift bag reflects the twin events overshadowing the ceremony — calls for social justice in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the outbreak of Covid-19.

    “We did want the bags to feel like they had a bigger purpose than just, ‘Here’s a bag full of free stuff,’” said Distinctive Assets 49-year-old founder Lash Fary, whose marketing company takes pains to make it clear the Academy has no association with the freebies.

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