Orbs nft

These will be sold on the Gala Games platform for .303 ETH for the duration of the auction and will provide a limited version of in-game utility (i.e. soundtrack) across multiple Gala games titles.The Next Generation of Musical Innovation

The Orbs is a project with so many possibilities throughout the Gala Games ecosystem, and we’re excited about all the amazing ways that these multimedia NFT masterpieces could transform gaming experiences. It’s an honor to be working in partnership with a visionary like BT on this project to help foster new ways that multimedia art of all strokes can be appreciated.

Gaming is the intersection where different disciplines of creative expression come together to make one amazing experience, and we here at Gala Games see The Orbs as a creative triumph directly in line with that culture.

Orbs nft

We’ve partnered with BT to help bring you his latest project, The Orbs– the first ever collection of audio-visual installation NFTs that offer fully generative, unique soundtracks and animations that can be appreciated and engaged with forever.


Listen Forever

The Orbs are based around live synthesis generated directly on the blockchain. An Orb gives you an entirely unique score for your entire life that will never repeat. No two orbs are alike, and BT has worked tirelessly to instill each with its own musical identity and style.

The 3d art and soundtrack of The Orbs is audioreactive and a continually changing experience.
The Orbs will be minted as NFTs on Ethereum, but won’t be just snapshots of some under the hood generative process in BT’s studio.

Orbs nft 888

one Twitter user, @avarice_anon, tweeted.

More members of the NFT community joined in with their own take.

“Can we please all agree as an nft community to not mint that 888 cash grab bullshit? I know y’all will sell it out, but please,” @NFTwizzy tweeted.

Is 888 NFT Project a Scam?

While some were accusing the project of being a cash grab, others were outright calling it a scam.

A day after it went live, news that they were inflating their NFT sales broke, which only damaged the project’s reputation.

On the purchase page, it was indicated that 44 NFTs were already purchased, but according to some observant Twitter users, that was simply false.

Twitter user @theycallmeshwaz was among the first to notice this, writing, “hmm showing 44 sales even though there have been no new mints on the contract.

Power orbs nft

Finally it was decided by the Agency that the anomaly was a gateway, and that is when Lunya was called into action.

Gulliver was no more than 100 meters from the anomaly, and its ethereal music could now be heard even inside the pressurized cabin. The most peculiar aspect of this music was that it was always changing, as if it was being composed moment to moment by the anomaly itself. The bright and colorful lights of the anomaly coalesced into tendrils that seemed to reach out toward Gulliver as it continued its approach.

As the anomaly reached toward the Walker, Lunya felt a sudden surge of energy beyond the supposed capabilities of her machine. The Walker increased its speed with the overload of pure power.

The longest tendrils of the anomaly were about to make contact with the Voidwalker.

Shattered orbs nft

AO flashing histograms below the half-line indicated a sell signal for Ethereum.

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Possibility Of A Price Reversal?

Ethereum formed a falling wedge pattern on the one day chart. A falling wedge pattern in associated with a change in current price action or a trend reversal. At the moment Ethereum was on a bearish price momentum.

As falling wedge pattern was formed chance of the coin rebounding cannot be ignored.

In case of a northbound movement, first resistance was at $2093 and then at $2200 respectively.

Happy orbs nft

Poor organization where a messy discord server had to be closed and we had to move to another one

Coincidentally when staking & fractionalized art was trending, another project was announced (We are Eternals) to stake ownership of his art collection.

The last announcement was in this new discord was in Nov and now, another membership project is launched to expand to 80K members that’s distributed through 8 key realms (220E traded to date).

Surprisingly (or not) one of the realms is mark cubans backed project, NFT, that infamously shilled cash grabs + recently shut down.

There has been so little value provided to the current inner circle holders that to launch another membership for 80K is strange to me.

Spirit orbs nft

You’re welcome to check it out and try it for yourself.

🔹Right after the launch, top media sources featured the launch. Read more on: Bloomberg, Yahoo, Nasdaq.

Read all about it in the full blog.

Leading DeFi Protocols are Integrating their Platforms into the Open DeFi Notification App

🔹Right from the launch of the Open DeFi Notification Protocol, we already have leading DeFi protocols having their platform integrated into the Notification App! 🦾😎

Launch Partners:

Orbs, QuickSwap, TraderJoe, Dot.Finance, DinoSwap, Revault Network, WOWSwap, KogeFarm

Supported Networks:

Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche

QuickSwap Launches a Dragon’s Syrup Pool for Orbs

🔹One of the first Orbs integrations was with Polygon.

Pet orbs nft

With a sudden rush of devotion for her crew, she hoped they were all prepared for anything that would come next.

As the music and color increased to a level that was too great for a human mind to perceive, Gulliver was transported away from the bleak and gray world Lunya knew. While she could not explain or quantify the feeling, she could feel that world’s grip on her spirit slipping away, and that’s how she knew that the Voidwalker was in another place.

Then the lights and music were gone. With a sudden feeling of weightlessness, Lunya could tell that Gulliver was no longer underwater, but suspended in open space.
Through the viewing window, the expanse before them gradually came into focus.

It was a dark, starless sky, filled with strange, massive Orbs.

The fallout of the 100 crypto-year war — between the power of Satoshi and his fellowship of Crypto Prophets, and the dark warlock Furmalum — saw the Kingdom of Opulentos descend into financial chaos. The almighty Oracle of Opulentos, in all his wisdom, re-opened the legendary Crypto Arena to rejuvenate the Kingdom’s economy and begin a new era of peace and prosperity.

This is where your role in the yet to be told story of the Crypto Prophets comes in. Using the power of your Crypto Prophets in the Battle Arena, you can help restore the wealth of Opulentos and enrich yourself at the same time! Rising through the ranks, battling, trading and levelling up, you too can join Satoshi’s legendary fellowship.

The optics can show up as a cash grab.

If there was more solid plans before announcements were shared, there would be less overpromises & underdelivery as I’ve seen to date.

Based on these red flags, I’ve now sold all my passes as the values of the project don’t feel aligned to me.


Another Twitter account that addresses ethical issues in NFT collections also gave its take, coming just short of calling the project a scam.

“The below project minting today would rake in 21800-27275 ETH. Worst case: $80 million. Scammers know that people are getting smarter by the day.

Her sharp eyes were transfixed on the anomaly that was growing larger in the viewing window with every second as they approached. The powerful and exotic array of both weapons and supplies within Pria’s grasp may ease the mind of a taskmaster like her, but Lunya found no comfort in such preparation. The fact remained that their destination was a complete mystery, and the 18-person crew was now on a fated path completely out of their control.

Gulliver was the most advanced all-terrain vessel the world had ever seen, and at 6000 meters beneath the ocean’s surface it was showing its mettle.
After a rapid and successful descent, the crew had traversed the ocean floor until they reached the mouth of the cave in which the anomaly had been discovered just three months ago. Gulliver could walk, roll, swim and fly.

Orbs NFTs, with many terming it a ‘cash grab’. They were also accused of blocking or muting users who asked uncomfortable questions.

What is the 888 NFT Project?

This Project seeks to build a digital art marketplace. Dubbed 888 The New World, it was founded by anonymous crypto art collector 888.

According to the founders, the platform is built with artists’ best interest, with a flat commission rate of 8.88%, compared to much higher rates by other platforms.

The marketplace will launch on the Flare Network, a blockchain built to provide robust functionality compared to Ethereum, with under 1% carbon emissions, and much lower gas fees.

What is the 888 Inner Circle?

The 888 Inner Circle project is the second project from the so called 888 ecosystem.

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